Consider the reality of ideas. In the big picture
IDEAS rule people. That reality lives in politics
and religion. Mythoughtsescape is the place to
vent thoughts about ideas that are ruling us and
governing our behavior.

We all have original ideas that dictate our
thoughts and feelings, but rarely do these
govern people. Only a small minority of people
(dictators, the extremely wealthy, communal
socialists) have their ideas rule behavior,
ultimately governing it.  

Within religion, God and the god-like ideas can
govern behavior depending on the amount of
faith and trust involved.  

The frustration that our ideas are not
considered by people we respect can be
depressing. I feel your pain! I'm done e-mailing
people my ideas only to be ignored. Here at
mythoughtsescape, my thoughts can escape.
And they are being consumed all over the world.

Should you want to contribute, check out my
blog. You can follow Mythoughts on tweeter.

Keep your ideas brief and to the point. My
delete button is for everything else.

Thanks for sharing. And, keep using your God
given reasoning powers!
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