Immigration Laws of MEXICO

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The current immigration laws of MEXICO!

1. There will be no special bilingual programs in the schools.

2. All ballots will be in this nation’s language.

3. All government business will be conducted in our language.

4. Non-residents will NOT have the right to vote no matter how long they are here.

5. Non-citizens will NEVER be able to hold political office.

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6. Foreigners will not be a burden to the taxpayers. No welfare, no food stamps, no health care, or any other government assistance programs. Any who are a burden will be deported.

7. Foreigners can invest in this country, but it must be an amount at least equal to 40,000 times the daily minimum wage.

8. If foreigners come here and buy land, their options will be restricted. Certain parcels including waterfront property are reserved for citizens naturally born into this country.

9. Foreigners may have NO protests; NO demonstrations, NO waving of a foreign flag, no political organizing, NO bad-mouthing our president or his policies. These will lead to deportation.

10. If you do come to this country illegally, you will be actively hunted and, when caught, sent to jail until your deportation can be arranged. All assets will be taken from you.

If it’s good for Americans to obey Mexican laws, then it’s good for all. United States immigration law MUST be enforced or there is no more country.

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The GOP Needs…..

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The GOP needs traits from all four primary candidates. That person would have 70% of the country marking election day as America’s newest Independence Day.

These are the abilities I would bring to the table.

The ability to shame Obama in a national debate. This ability would carry over into exposing the lies Obama and his administration are telling on a daily basis. (Newt Gingrich)

The ability to curb America’s moral decay. This ability comes from one concept, ‘treat others as you want them to treat you’. (Rick Santorum)

The ability to manage America’s business. This ability wisely chooses business friendly policies and eliminates government’s minority policies from the likes of EPA (environmentalists), PETA, NOW, ACLU, etc. (Mitt Romney)

The ability to speak to the country with the reassurance of a wise grandfather. This ability comes from years of experience and a basic knowledge of human nature. (Ron Paul)

These abilities come complete with repelling obamacare, strengthening while modernizing our military and cutting national spending including foreign aid, size and scope of government’s bureaucracy and revising the tax code.

These are the abilities the GOP needs to make Obama a one term president and to right the once proud USA.


Rush – All Talk, No Go

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Believe it or not, Rush gets marching orders just like the suit in the Whitehouse. If you don’t think I’m right take note. Rush gives lip service to conservative ideas. All he does is talk the talk and he collects a big fat paycheck for doing it.

He has never run for public office. He will never endorse a true conservative early in the nomination process. His excuse is that they may not be electable. Or they don’t have the organization or money. Bottom line, he gets paid off with an inflated salary just like the rest of the establishment voices for creating political polarization.

He allowed John McCain to be the republican candidate last presidential election by not speaking out before the media chose the Republican nominee. He held off endorsing anyone early because he knew the establishment wanted a loser like McCain. Once McCain was the shoe-in nominee, he immediately switched his audiences’ focus on Hilary. That was a great example of misdirection. Bottom line the establishment wanted a loser to run against Obama.

The coming presidential campaign Rush will be used in the same way. The establishment wants Romney. They definitely don’t want Newt. He’s a loose cannon in the mold of JFK, Lincoln and Reagan. They all got shot. One lived. This proves the establishment is not perfect and can be beaten!

Newt can out debate Rush. Newt is a student of history. Newt knows Washington’s power centers. Newt is willing to buck the establishment. And he knows that if elected, he won’t be protected as well as Obama. Newt is willing to risk his life for ideas that will make the United States of America great again.

Newt’s “paycheck vs. welfare” argument needs to be yelled from every street corner in the U.S. His argument is about self-esteem vs. no-esteem.

Newt is the only true leader willing to risk everything. His visions can only be matched by those of our founding fathers.

If I were running for president, I would drop out and support Newt Gingrich.


My Foreign Policy

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My foreign policy would get to the root of the world’s problem. Some of the world acts civilized and some of it does not act civilized. My foreign policy philosophy would be to spread civilized behavior before talking about spreading democracy. There can be no democracy without civilized behavior.

I believe that in a civilized society, peaceful solutions to problems can be established, like rules for a game. The most difficult part of playing any game is enforcing the rules. Rules enforcement is another issue. First, the need for worldwide, civilized rules of behavior must be made and agreed upon by all. As of today, no such rules have been agreed upon.

Religion or lack of it seems to be today’s biggest threat to peace. In civilized societies, the forcing of ones religion upon an entire population does not make for peace among people. Each person has the right to his or her own spiritual beliefs. That is as long as those beliefs do not infringe upon another person’s rights.

With that in mind, I would encourage comparative religious studies be established in appropriate learning centers in the United States and around the world. I feel that the knowledge gained from such centers would lead to understanding and respect. I know that respect for individual freedom of choice is the basis for interpersonal and international respect.

In civilized societies, each human being has the same rights as every other human being. Societies that do not allow for such equal rights are, by definition, uncivilized.

I feel that private rights organizations should call worldwide attention to human rights issues and abuses. Several organizations come to mind.

Women’s rights are of no importance within some cultures and religions. The National Organization for Women should evolve into the World Organization for Women. They should attack such everyday practices as polygamy, forced pregnancies, forced dress codes, spousal assault, pedophilia, sex-slave trade and a host of other abuses against women worldwide.

Zero population information has kept the birth rates down within civilized societies. However, some cultures proudly advocate taking over a countries population through higher birth rates. Where are the zero population advocates? They believe that the world’s resources are finite. If so, when the uncivilized win the population war, what do they win? They take over a world without natural resources. Sounds like a recipe for going back to the dark ages.

The National Woman’s Suffrage Association should be a worldwide organization. In many uncivilized cultures, women do not have the right to vote.

Cultures with a class system, do not afford equal opportunities for all their people. The opportunity to better ones-self is basic to intellectual human growth. There can be only despondency within entire population groups without the possibility for individual advancement within one’s culture. This hopelessness leads to generational poverty and/or creates a pool of potential terrorists.

I advocate a worldwide culture of civilized rights for all people. Those peoples oppressed by force or by religion make up the uncivilized world. This uncivilized world is destroying peaceful existence among the peoples of the world. One of my jobs as president of the United States will be to usher in a climate of civilized behavior throughout the world.


Obtuse Debates

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The Republicans are eating themselves – again. They act as if the recent primary debates are being held to prep the Democrats for the 2012 election. Instead of attacking the current destructive policies of B.H. Obama’s administration, they are picking off layers of electability from each other.

If I were in these debates, I would focus my answers on attacking Obama and lifting up my fellow Republicans. As everyone knows, when the debate moderator asks a question, the responder answers whatever fills their personal agenda. I would make sure that all my answers qualify as encouraging ABO (anybody but Obama) gets elected in 2012.

The questions that should be asked include everything wrong with the Obama. Being a decent speech presenter is Obama’s only positive. What he says is open for much debate and should be the center piece of all Republican primary debates.

Why are you better qualified that Obama to be president? Most people that have managed a business are better qualified that Obama to be president. They have accepted responsibilities of organizing, planning and carrying out a business plan. They have taken responsibility for hiring personnel. They have met the responsibilities of payrolls, of planned promotions and marketed their ideas to the general public. Most importantly, they understand the market place and the majority of people that live on main street.

Most coaches of major college and professional sports teams are better qualified to be president than Obama. These understand the game, surround themselves with winners who also understand the game and play the game within the rules. Obama’s politics are played like old-style politicians. His deals are made for him behind closed doors. His job is to sell these collectivism ideas to the public in the form of speeches. What a joke. No wonder he’s content on being a one-term president. He has no skin in the game.

I have been both a business owner and a coach. I would run the U.S. like no other, today. Just ask me to debate the real issues.

What will you do to fix the health care problem in the United States? Obamacare is not the answer that people thought it would be. Obamacare kills the delivery of medical care as we know it. The quality of health care will suffer. Its availability will diminish for Medicare recipients and the hidden taxes will take money out of the pockets of middle class Americans.

I will repeal Obamacare. I will open interstate competition for medical insurance companies. I will eliminate Medicaid fraud. These ideas are just starters.

What will be the centerpiece of your foreign policy? Obama’s policy favors the advancement of the Muslin religion.

I favor a economic leadership philosophy for the United States. The concept of individual freedom would anchor any foreign policy actions.

How would you change the divisive politics that continue to compromise unity in the United States? Jews see the destructive direction of Obama’s administration. Blacks are beginning to realize Obama is only half black. His white side is still keeping them down. Hispanics are being hurt by Obama’s economic politics so much so that illegals are returning to Mexico where the unemployment rate is under 5%.

I would eliminate class envy. I would address the entire country without regard to race, ethnicity or economic status. I would moderate a class envy seminar for my administration.

How will you create an environment for job creation in the United States? Jobs continue to leave the United States for the sake of corporate profits. Obama has no concept of how the economic structure of the United States has created a secure and profitable environment for individuals in the past. I would tax imports to levels that make U.S. goods competitive! I would also create ‘tax free zones’. (see previous post)

What philosophy would your administration take with United States foreign aid? Try “charity begins at home”!

I would debate my primary opponents on Obama’s policies. I would not debate opponents with a ‘me vs. you’ judgmental attitude. The American people deserve to know how conservative ideas are better than Obama’s.

Epilogue: One talk show host called these Republican debates entertaining. Sadly, entertainment is the only outlet for Americans watching the country crumble around them.


No Rioting – When I am President

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Of the many excuses for riots, the real reason is ‘in your face’ – frustration from unemployment. Working people find no value in rioting. Frustration accompanies unemployment as with the London rioting and ‘flash mobs’ in Philadelphia. Frustration fueled with jealously and envy is the root of rioting.

There have been 563 people arrested and 105 charged so far in the violence and arson attacks that have rattled the northern part of London and have now spread to other British cities, London’s Metropolitan Police Service said Tuesday.

Mayor Michael Nutter today announced a tighter weekend curfew in the Center City and University City regions of the city, as he continues grappling with the threat of “flash mobs” in Philadelphia.

The media talking heads dance around the causes, but one truth is evident. Working people do not riot. Unemployed people, feeling that they have nothing to lose, make up the rioters core base. A resident of London area spells it out but apparently nobody is listening.

“Tottenham is a deprived area. Unemployment is very, very high … they are frustrated,” said Uzodinma Wigwe, 49, who recently lost his job. “We know we have been victimized by this government, we know we are being neglected by the government,” said another middle-aged man who declined to give his name. “How can you make one million youths unemployed and expect us to sit down?”

As President, I will attack the root causes of unemployment. I will drop unemployment below 2% when my agenda is passed by congress. The creating an environment for employment coupled with eliminating wasteful government spending will put people back to work. Riots will be a thing of the past.

The United States is a consumer oriented country. I would start with the philosophy that we do not have enough people in the U.S. to make all that we consume.

I will also identify and blast anyone that uses class envy to stir up election votes. Class envy has historically been used by the Democrat party even though most Democrat politicians are millionaires. Class envy stirs up jealously, then frustration, among the people.

Instead of being jealous of the rich, the masses need to be enlightened. The tax-paying rich pay for all their entitlement like food stamps, Medicaid, primary education, etc. If people do not like the amount of government handouts, they need to better themselves through education, invention or seeking a better paying job. Destroying the rich destroys the poor’s source of funding, it’s that simple!

Within 60 days as president of the U.S. my office would begin to air a TV reality show. The title would be ‘America – back at work’. This show would feature examples of previously unemployed people working at their new jobs.

We must break the taking and taking cycle. The taking cycle goes something like this email being circulated.

The folks who are getting free shit,
Don’t like the folks who are paying for the free shit,
Because the folks who are paying for the free shit,
Can no longer afford to pay for both the free shit and their own shit.
The folks who are paying for the free shit,
Want the free shit to stop.
And the folks who are getting the free shit,
Want even MORE free shit on top of the free shit they’re already getting!
The people who are GETTING the free shit have been convinced by Democrats in government (class envy) that they need to HATE the people who are PAYING for the free shit. Because the people who are PAYING for the free shit, are mean, prejudiced, and racist.

When in reality, the people paying for the free shit are out of money. You want a riot, try telling the free shit people there is no more money. The solution: the free shit people need jobs.

Government’s spending priorities need to be revised to create those jobs. You want me to stop the riots coming to your neighborhood, let me revise our spending priorities. Let me put Americans back to work. Let prosperity blossom again in the U.S.


The Deficit Mess

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Deficit spending became unmanageable under Republicans Regan and the two Bushs. In their ignorance and with Democrat complacency, the U.S. as an economic world power, is figuratively being placed in a coffin. Obama and he ideologues are nailing the top of the coffin shut.

The above message is simply about the truth. Facts do not lie. The chart below is worth 1,000,000,000,000,000 words. While running for president I would refer to this chart as an example of political spending gone wild.

Unmanageable Spending

Unmanageable Spending

Both the Democrats and Republicans represent a complicit acceptance of “fiat” currency. The U.S. dollar ‘fiat currency’ is based on the full faith of the U.S. government and its ability to back its value through taxation. Both the Republicans and Democrats have bought into the fiat currency system. Therefore, both parties believe in taxing citizens as necessary to maintain the dollar’s creditability.

In most cases, a fiat monetary system comes into existence as a result of excessive public debt. When the government is unable to repay all its debt in gold or silver, the temptation to remove physical backing rather than to default becomes irresistible. This was the case in 18th century France during the Law scheme, as well as in the 70s in the US, when Nixon (a Republican) removed the last link between the dollar and gold.

As president, I would reverse the ‘excessive’ public debt spending. I would lead by making the tough decisions about entitlements, government waste, foreign aid, import taxes and revamp the antiquated taxation system.

Since the 1960’s, mistrust of the U.S. government has risen proportionally to the national debt. This mistrust is rooted in what the control freaks in Washington were doing then and continue to do now. Check out just one statement made public by a revered statesman. The attitude and perverted value system behind this statement indicates why government mistrust is at an all time high.

“The Greek people are anarchic and difficult to tame. For this reason we must strike deep into their cultural roots: perhaps then we can force them to conform. I mean, of course, to strike at their language, their religion, their cultural and historical reserves, so that we can neutralize their ability to develop, to distinguish themselves, or to prevail; thereby removing them as an obstacle to our strategically vital plans in the Balkans, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East.” – Henry Kissinger 1974

Change the term Greek people to the United States people and you have what has been happening to our country. The strategic plan is to melt the U.S. into a world economy indistinguishable from any other country.

Understanding this simple truth, I would strengthen our cultural roots. Mistrust of government will not fade away unless people can believe in what our country is doing. How government spends our money sparks the perfect starting point for my presidential campaign.

I can speak for the average tax-paying citizen. The government is wasting our money. Our citizens’ spending priorities are not the same as the governments. The U.S. tax-payer is the foundation for the world’s piggy bank. The people know the concept of ‘fiat’ currency, doing financial business – as usual – is not economically healthy for this and future generations.

Old-guard Republicans and Democrats favor taxation to continue floating our ‘fiat’ currency. No matter what they say, look at the chart above again. Facts are facts.

My campaign promise is to cut spending to what the constitution allows. This may take a century or so, but an old Chinese proverb states that ‘a long journey begins with the first step’.

I would work hard at gaining the trust of the American people by managing our nation’s debt problem. I would not allow the concept of ‘fait’ currency rule our taxation mentality.


Compromise, The Art

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If I am elected President of the United States, I will be the most compromising president in history. Compromising is an art complete with grace, wisdom and discernment.

A Starting Position

Each side of the potential compromise must have a starting position. This is a position based on an ideology or philosophy. The boundaries of this position are based on a moral code of ethics. The position ideology and moral code must be made obvious by the bill’s presenters. The need for any bill must consider all citizens, not only special interest groups.

Today’s political parties call for compromise without even proposing a plan. This silly tactic plays to the ignorant electorate but not to me. I would demand a plan. I would compare it with my plan. The opposition’s rational must be honest and truthful before even considering a compromising position.

The Process

With respect to all concerned, ideas are emotionally void entities. The process should be approached logically and unemotionally. Hysterical, doomsday chatter is unacceptable.

While discussing ideas I would view their potential effect on the citizens of the U.S. Juries engage this process when weighing the merits of a courtroom case. While this could be time consuming, the thoroughness of this process explores every aspect of the case. Every compromise must be examined as if this were a matter of life or death.

Today’s politician views the effects of their actions through the eyes of special interest groups. A fantastic example happened recently in California.

“This new law covers private funding; governor signals he may also favor expanding public Cal Grants eligibility” (to illegals).
This means that Captain Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, is setting up a competitive atmosphere between U.S. citizens and illegals for educational funds. Not surprisingly, even illegals have their own special interest group. “For Brown, signing Cedillo’s bill was a gesture of goodwill toward Latino voters, who helped elect him in large numbers last fall.”
The Results

Compromise is a gray area. Nobody is ecstatic and nobody is suicidal. Life goes on. Everyday citizens must be the beneficiaries of any legislation.

Let me give you some examples where no compromise was employed.

Abortion is an issue that figuratively went from 0 to 160 mph in a blink of time. Only the Supreme Court postured for the abortion issue. The general public was caught flatfooted. This is an example of a no compromise situation. Abortion should have been a states rights issue and debated at length. Instead since 1973, we have over 50 million less tax payers and many millions of depressed post-abortion individuals.

Obamacare was rushed through the majority Democrat congress without significant debate or compromise. Every Republican compromise to make the bill better was ignored and dismissed. No compromise!!

The Democrats comically do not want to compromise on Obamacare, abortion or any of their bills, however they want significant compromises to Republican bills like deficit reduction or a balance budget amendment

The art of compromise begins with base positioning. It continues with informed bargaining, unemotionally and rationally. Finally, the compromise is a give and take for both sides.

As president I would lead with the following characteristics. Researching, understanding with common sense and educating the public. Only then after listening for the needs of our citizens would I be in a position to exercise my ‘art of compromise’.


In Control

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Obama is threatening to hold up social security checks if he does not get his way with the debt limit issue. This sounds like he is taking a page out of the Wisconsin Democrat playbook. He is telling the fiscally responsible Republicans he will not play and that he is taking his ball home. This stance is very immature and very childish for the supposed leader of the free world.

As president, I would never make such a claim. In fact, if there were any questions along those lines with social security, I would throw the full weight of the Presidency behind guaranteeing that those checks will go out on time.

Obama is out of control. Or better stated Obama has lost control. He is claiming to be a victim of the mean Republicans. Be definition all victims’ loose control of their circumstances. That is why they are victims.

Obama is playing the blame game and that cements his victim status. He is nothing more than a victim of the Republicans. They will not raise taxes on Americans. Take notice that the Republicans are still in town, not like the Wisconsin Democrats.

As President I would never claim victim status. I would maintain control over the economy, especially the spending part. During these debt limit talks, I would simply recommend a 10% reduction in spending to all government functions. When the agencies grumble, I would tell them that there is more then 10% waste presently in their agencies so go out and fine it.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

I would never play the blame game aimed at scaring old folks with loss of social security. Scaring senior citizens is just another form of hate speech. Obama and the Democrats HATE the Republicans so much that they will lie to the n’th degree to get their way. To me that sounds like they have lost control not only of the economy but of their civility.




Economy Part 1: Tax Free Zones

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If I were elected President of the United States, my first priority would be the economic security for all American citizens. Part of my economic security plan revolves around private sector, job creation.

I believe economic security is earned, not given. For all to have economic security all people must be willing to work. My plan will create employment environments through out the United States.

I propose creating experimental ‘Tax Free Zones’ (TFZ) for increasing employment. If these TFZ prove successful, they could be placed in as many locations as needed.

Within these ‘zones’ there would be no federal income tax for employers and employees. Employers would be encouraged to build facilities that employ a minimum of 1500 U.S. citizens. The land for these facilities would be leased from the federal or state government for $1 per year for up to 100 years. The size of the land would vary depending on accessibility and proximity to resources.

States wishing to participate would file an application with my TFZ office. Applications would be due within six (6) weeks of my announcement to be considered for the initial experiment. States would be put on a priority list based on specific criteria as stated in the application process. Twelve (12) states would be initially chosen. Any state chosen that immediately faces any legal challenges would be replaced by the next state on the priority list.

The states will have to agree to a freeze of all home and land values to the 2010 level for surrounding 100 miles. Also they would have to freeze all state taxes to 2010 level.

Employers would go through a four (4) week application process. The criteria would be spelled out on the application. They must be willing to build their own facility without taxpayer dollars. Depending on the size of the TFZ, more than one employer may be considered.

The major qualifications for these TFZ employers would include no unions, comparable wages to the surrounding area, provide employees with medical and dental coverage, offer a 401K plan with 3% matching funds by employer.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

This idea is not borrowed from the Chinese. They have experimented with ‘employment zones’ that incorporate self-contained towns. That means there are stores and housing within the Chinese ‘zones’. I feel that the area surrounding my TFZ should be open to capitalist non-speculative private business endeavors. The Chinese do not operate this way.

The Chinese have proposed placing ‘employment zones’ on U.S. soil. I am not in favor of this colonizing scheme. Note the following articles:





The Chinese are taking a page out of Great Britain’s colonizing history. To allow any foreign nation access to U.S. soil for any reason would be an assault on American freedoms. Has anybody read the story about a Trojan horse? Needless to say I would be against any foreign country trying to establish an international law environment on U.S. soil.

Economic security for all American citizens is achievable. American citizens have always been willing to work. My plan, the ‘Tax Free Zones’ idea, will create an environment for employment through out the United States and the start of economic security for all.

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