Black and White

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Obama recently made a ridiculous charge linking “judicial activism” and the Supreme Court. At first, many of us thought he was talking about ‘Roe vs. Wade’. As his babbling continued, his split personality was called for a charging foul.

Those of us that know how liberal activism works realize Obama’s charge is about white racism. He hates his black self so much that he endeavors to humiliate the mostly white Supreme Court.

Obama’s non-elected white self wants to rule against the will of the whites that he and Reverend Wright hate. His black self celebrates the thought of non-elected white judges serving his bidding. Causes like abortion on demand and the Defense of Marriage Act exemplify his white arrogance and black hypocrisy.

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Obama’s white side thinks the public is too stupid and has no memory of previous examples of his black side’s judicial obstruction. But when his white side’s self-righteous, above the law thinking refuses to defend the Constitution his black side swore to protect and defend, he dribbled his way to a microphone. There his white side stumbles through a blunt, Chicago-style attempt at coercion and cheap shots at his black side’s ideological opponents.

Obama is acting like odumbo. His black side studied the Constitution in order to figure out ways to get around it. His white side is trying to intimidate anyone, including Supreme Court justices, who get in the way towards taking over one-sixth of the US economy. Is there any doubt why both white and black voters are rejecting odumbo’s white and black sides? It’s simply a slam-dunk case of black and white.

ABO, ABO, ABO, ABO and finally ABO


As President, The Beginning

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If I was running for president of the United States, the following posts would be a chance for you to get to know me and my philosophical positions. I believe electing a candidate to represent you is about trust. The more you know about me the more you can trust me at my word.

While campaigning for the office of the President of the United States, I will not make any campaign promises that can not be kept. I believe promises (campaign or otherwise) are at the core of a person’s character. Most candidates for public office lie throughout the election process. We have had too many liars in public office especially at the highest levels, the president and congress.

The president should be a leader. Presidents should be a model for future leaders. Can you imagine a president saying “I didn’t inhale”, or “Read my lips, no more taxes” or “I promise an open and transparent government” and trust him at his word?

In the past voters have rationalized voting for someone based on their ethnicity, the way they talk or the way they look. Other historical considerations were what candidates promise to give voters like money (unions), power (party contributors), favors (illegals) or antiquated party alliance.

Past presidents have had their own self-interest at heart. Consequently, they had no consistent, discernible decision-making moral code or philosophy. Their loyalties were to ideologies of others, mainly large contributors. Present and past presidents will lean towards any philosophy that promises reelection. These candidates, when elected, have been manipulated by powerful people with money and specific ideologies to the determent of the average American citizen.

I want to change that prospective. I want to govern from the prospective of an average American citizen. When a specific issue or situation arises, I will ask, ‘what direction would benefit the average American in the streets’. I would forsake the ‘common good’ philosophy for the ‘good for the common individual’ viewpoint.

Most past presidents have not been leaders but followers of grand schemes to accomplish specific one-size-fits-all goal. Most recent presidents seem hell-bent on turning the U.S. into a collective type, socialistic country. History has shown presidents from the early 1900s have set the foundation for today’s stretch run to complete socialism.

Future posts will be topic-specific, philosophy positions of what I will advocate as President of the United States. Get to know me through these posts. Apply the same criteria to all the candidates. VOTB – Vote Out The Bums and let an average Citizen’s prospective take a shot at running the country.

VOTB – vote for a better future for you and your family. Remember electing someone to represent you in government is about trust.


Summer of Rage

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These headlines scream rage.

‘I was scared for my life’…
Poet ‘Da Real One’ Gunned Down In Front Of Miami Poetry Cafe…
Violent crime explodes in Myrtle during Black Bike Week; 8-hour hell…
Rib Fest At Rochester beach turns rowdy
Riot On Long Island…
Urban Melee In Charlotte…
Chaos causes DNC concern for convention…
Unruly urban crowd shuts down Nashville water park…
Drudge Headlines 5.31.11

Fights broke out among rival gang members on Carson Beach in South Boston yesterday and spilled out across the city, triggering a massive law enforcement response from at least five agencies to stem the violence.

Current street rumblings are just the beginning of a Summer of Rage. One has just to read between lines of recent headlines. Add in long-term unemployment with home foreclosures and a rage formula takes shape. Mix in inflammatory and polarizing talk from all sorts of political and media outlets and the rage formula bubbles over into the streets.

Conspiracy theorists will say that Obama’s goal is to create an environment of rage to provoke riots. Then the government can declare Marshall Law and the supreme socialist, BH Obama, will be at the top dictating orders. We may be a few more summers away from major rioting across the U.S. But if BH gets reelected, Vegas will have odds on when and where there will be riots during Odumbo’s second term.

U.S. rage is being previewed in the Middle East. There the basic rage formula (unemployment, popular ignorance and corrupt political leaders) is materializing into the present civil unrest. The Middle East has a ‘dark ages’ mentality, their existence bordering on the uncivilized. The Middle East has relatively no home ownership, no easy credit and no media, no entertainment outlets except beheadings. Their Summer of Rage has already begun.

The U.S. is becoming more uncivilized in the Middle East model. Should Obama continue in his ideologue way, U.S. rage will fundamentally change American culture to the disliking of Constitutionalists that once made the U.S. the land of opportunity.

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Can anyone blame U.S. citizens from becoming full of rage? When corrupt politicians want to cut social programs but continue to extend foreign aid and tax breaks to the billionaires (tax-exempt foundations) and multi-national corporations (like GE paying no income tax in 2010), they feel that there is no justice only stupidity in Congress.

Congress Mulls Cuts to Food Stamps Program amid Record Number of Recipients

Dismissing concerns over possible links between Libyan rebels and al Qaeda, the Obama administration has notified Congress it is providing $25 million in nonlethal aid to the rebels’ effort to drive Col. Moammar Gadhafi’s regime from power.

How about spending this $25 million and the other foreign aid/uncollected tax billions on Food Stamps?

Summer rage gives the people on main street something to do. There is no work. There is no affordable housing for the unemployed. Fueling summer rage is the simple fact that there is no hope for earning the American Dream for over 90% of American citizens. (No hope for illegals) Since the U.S. already exemplifies confusion and stupidity in the White House and Congress, chaos will spill over into the streets in the form of rage. Rage is the answer.

VOTB: Vote Out The Bums. Any elected official with a “D” is a socialists follower as indicated by their voting records. The U.S. needs less socialism and more individualism!

Ahmadinejad: ‘A Mideast Without Israel and America Now Possible’
Ahmadinejad then said: “Behind this attractive appearance lurks the same old criminals, professional and typical thieves, those same slave owners and colonialists and this time their aim is to once again save their own banking system and imperialist interests.

What does Ahmadinejad know that the American people don’t? Maybe he watch and listened to the video “Inside Job”.


Random Thoughts

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Obama is a confused man. He’s torn between two faiths, brought up with a ghetto mentality and preached full of racism. Confused men are putty in the hands of their managers. Their goal is to defeat the U.S. the only way possible. They are attacking the dollar and using a confused Obama to that end.

By the world’s standards, everyone in the U.S. is rich! ‘The Rich’ is defined by politicians as taxing every, hard working Americans. Here’s your proof. Obama wants to eliminate the Bush tax cuts. The group hardest hit will be the people making the least amount of money. Their tax rate will go up 50%. The highest earners’ rate will go up less than 40%.

‘Facebook’ Obama is spending more time fund-raising than leading the country. The U.S. dollar is tanking. The congress is playing the blame game with the budget and deficit. They are lining up to point fingers at each other. And the leader of the free world is off socializing like a prostitute whoring for money.

Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate
Can’t figure out why people in power don’t care about this. This is just another reason people around the world are laughing at the people of the U.S.

‘Drill baby drill’ is a meaningless statement. The current spike in oil prices is not an aberration. It is not because of events in Libya, or Syria or Bahrain or Egypt. It results from the built-in pricing problems of the market itself.

Oklahoma will win the NBA championship. The league will do everything possible to stop the Heat. The league wants to curb any thoughts of independence by players trying to form super teams like James, Bosh and Wade did.

24 Signs of Economic Decline in America

VOTB – vote out the bums is the battle cry for 2012

Happy Easter – He IS Alive!


Encouraging Terrorist, Again

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Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Stupidity is repeating the same mistakes. What the U.S. is doing in Lybia today is both insane and stupid. Radical Islamic, anti-US regimes are the future of the Middle East, if today’s corrupt politicians have anything to say about it.

Remember when the U.S. was HELPING the civilian Arab insurgents against the Russians in Afghanistan during the 1980’s. This insanity and stupidity rearmed those poor civilians as al-Queda and the Taliban. They returned our helping hand on 911. Now, the U.S. is repeating the same mistake. Only this time control of the Middle East oil supply is at stake.

Oil sales have indirectly funded terrorism through several existing Middle East nations. Now corrupt U.S. politicians want the money to go directly to terrorism organizations. Connect the dots.

Dot 1
A U.S. Treasury Department official said Libyan rebels would not be subject to U.S. sanctions if they avoid entities linked to Gaddafi’s regime, which would allow them to sell oil under their control.

Dot 2
Intelligence on the rebel forces battling Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has shown “flickers” of al Qaeda or Hezbollah presence but there is still no detailed picture of the emerging opposition, NATO’s top operations commander said on Tuesday.

Corrupt politicians are more interested in fundraising for their campaigns than remembering how al Qaeda was formed. Late in 1979 the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. Thirty plus Islamic nations condemned the soviet intervention. The United Nations passed a resolution protesting the Soviet invasion. The U.S. subsequently provided Afghanistan Arab civilians assistance – Charlie Wilson’s War!

Charlie Wilson’s War to “save the Afghanistan civilians cost the US government at least $6 billion (some estimates range as high as $20 billion) worth of arms, training and funds to prop up Arab factions including Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda. Al Qaida leaders, including Osama bin Laden, have repeatedly confirmed that they planned and carried out the September 11 attacks.

U.S. May Supply Gaddafi Rebels With Weapons
Who are the insane politicians that want to repeat the Afghanistan mistake? They are stupid for wanting to repeat the same type of Afghanistan failures.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

The Taliban movement/al Qaeda developed and was formed from orphans or refugee children of the Soviet-Afghanistan war. What anti-US regime will be boosted or created from the latest U.S./NATO Middle East intervention. More importantly, how strong will they become with Middle East oil resources?

The Unites States should let the Muslims sort out their own problems. If they are ever ready for a civilized society, democracy will prevail. If an anti-US, militant Islamic regime prevails then one clear national enemy will emerge, like those of World War II. Then the free world can bomb them back to the dark ages.

We will all breath easier when the corrupt politicians in Washington finally open up drilling in the U.S. Brazil has figured that out. Petrobras, which is majority owned by the Brazilian government, purposely services local oil needs first.

How much insanity and stupidity is it going to take for the U.S. citizens to wake up and vote out all the corrupt politicians?

VOTB: Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election.

Return sanity to and remove stupidity from the U.S. political scene.


The Great American Giveaway

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Corrupt politicians and blockhead, uninformed voters are playing a loser’s game – the Great American Giveaway. This game has been played by politicians for the past 50 years. Obama’s 2011 state of the union address confirms the game as he circumvented how corrupt politicians have failed to protect America – the land of opportunity.

Obama tried to conjure up a plausible vision of an America left behind after globalization changed the rules ‘overnight’. He bemoaned the loss of a blue collar lifestyle bankrolled by a decent paycheck and benefits. Sorry B.H. but globalization didn’t change the rules and it definitely didn’t happen overnight. Corrupt U.S. politicians systematically exterminated American employment opportunities and allowed societal changes while playing the Great American Giveaway game.

The bipartisan Great American Giveaway is as simple as A, B, C, to understand and reverse. Below are several key political decisions over the past 50 years that have expedited the Great American Giveaway.

A. Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, ‘If you control the oil you control the country……’ Kissinger knew what he and Nixon were doing. They gave Middle East oil producing countries control over U.S. energy supply. Future politicians compounded the ‘giveaway’ by not developing oil reserves in North America. Obama is continuing in their footsteps by closing down oil drilling in the Gulf.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

Obama carried on in his speech, “The rules have changed. In a single generation, revolutions in technology have transformed the way we live, work and do business.” Then he noted that rising powers like India and China were now highly competitive. They are competitive because of the Great American Giveaway.

B. When Bill Clinton and Al Gore came to power in January 1993, the United States was at the apex of its power. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) was then a minor player on the world’s stage, both militarily and diplomatically. For the first time in American history, a U.S. administration (Bill Clinton and Al Gore) made diluting American power and strengthening her potential adversaries the centerpiece of its national-security policy.

Bill and Al opened the floodgates for our technology to flow into Asia. Now these two bozos are relaxing in their cushy retirement lifestyles, while the rest of us are in a recession.

C. For the past 50 years, immigrants, mostly illegal, and social progressives are not assimilating established American traditions. These groups are using corrupt politicians and the legal system to radically modify traditional beliefs and values. To compound matters, they are ignoring the Constitution that made America truly a land of opportunity.

Obama’s commented that “We need to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world.” Obviously, Obama does not know that immediately after World War II, the United States of America was the most innovative, educated and built up country in the world.

Obama speaks like a historical ignominious. If he really wanted to out-do the rest of the world, he would do three things. He would put a tariff on all goods coming from Asia to the U.S. He would drill for oil in North America. And he would put constitutionalists in judgeship positions at all levels of the judicial system.

He does not want a strong America, because he will not do any of those things. That’s why he and the rest of the corrupt politicians in Congress need to be voted out of office – every incumbent, every election.

VOTB – Vote Out The (America giveaway) Bums. Don’t give any politicians a chance to play the Great American Giveaway game again. Vote out every incumbent, every election. Make sure there are no more Great American Giveaways.

“Without debate, without criticism… no republic can survive” John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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A Question of Respect

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Legal immigrants respect the blood, sweat and tears shed by our forefathers. Illegal immigrants not only disrespect our forefathers’ memory but are acting like parasites. Disrespect on the streets is not tolerated. Disrespect is not only tolerated by corrupt politicians but is encouraged in the forms of demonstrations and the blame game. Below are two blame game examples.

Meg (loser) Whitman’s former lead spokesman is starting to speak up. He’s shouting about the need for Republicans to stop the demagoguery over illegal immigrants. The loser’s spokesman is blaming and pitting Republicans against illegals.

“Who killed the Dream Act? – the Tea Party did”, read the headline on KFI-AM radio’s web site on Tuesday, December 21, 2010. The Dream Act would give illegals (mostly Mexicans) United States citizenship. Again corrupt politicians through the media are playing the blame game pitting illegals against citizens who respect the traditions of our forefathers.

In reality, Mexicans’ have killed their own dream by immigrating to the United States. If Mexicans or any other peoples want a better life, they must fight for it in their own countries. Whether through conflict or voting, illegals should convert their own countries into lands of opportunity.

Instead, illegals are disrespecting American traditions, history and sacrifice and acting like parasites. They want to forgo the hard work of reforming their own country and want to live off the benefits from others hard work. Illegals feed off (like parasites) opportunities that many others have provided through the sacrifices of war and social reform.Illegals are disrespecting the memories of every U.S. fallen soldier and social reformer.

What the illegals coming to the United States are really saying, “we do not want to make our country a land of opportunity. We want what you have but we will not fight for it.” Parasites live like that.

Corrupt politicians are putting out the word that the tea party and the republicans are anti-immigrant. In reality, all those opposing illegal immigration are protecting the heroism of battles fought for freedom. Opponents of illegal immigration are respecting the memories of all who fought in every American war and social battlefield. Opponents of illegals immigration favor legal immigration and the respect these people give the memories of human sacrifice for American freedom and opportunity.

Many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence lost everything – land, families and even their own lives. Many soldiers died so that American remain free and become the land of exceptional opportunity. Many social reformers brought equality to women and minorities. Many legal immigrants came (and are still coming) and built the United States of America into the greatest world power in the history of civilization.

Now, we have a bunch of law-breaking, whining parasites that claim they deserve American citizenship. They and their forefathers have sacrificed for nothing. They bring their flag and their language refusing to assimilate into the national culture. These whiners are taking the easy way out. They are playing the liberal progressive politicians like a fiddle. Unfortunately, corrupt politicians have been listening and taking up their cause for the last several decades.

The stance politicians should take on illegal immigration is, to tell illegals to go back to their country and reform it into a land of opportunity. Sacrifice, as other nations’ heroes have, to live in a country with freedom and opportunities. Quit disrespecting American history and the sacrifices legal citizens have made in the United States.

Removing corrupt (disrespecting) politicians from office is easy – VOTB.

Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election. Get rid of the incumbent parasites in government and the illegal parasites will go back to reform their own countries.


The Robin Hood of Transparency

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The current Julian Assange-Wikileaks story is about more than saving face. Today’s story concerns pride, ignorance and misuse of the people’s power. Corrupt politicians are up in arms about being bested by Wikileaks. Wikileaks has and will continue to publish government documents, to the fury and embarrassment of corrupt politicians.

Under the pretexts of national security, corrupt U.S. politicians are pressuring other governments and financial institutions to punish Wikileaks and the organization’s leader, Julian Assange. This waste of resources represents corruption so deep in government, the people are beginning to cheer on this present day Robin Hood of Transparency.

Wikileaks has made some of the inner workings of government transparent. For this, the bowels of government corruption are taking revenge.

Wikileaks’ transparency is taking off the clothes of these ‘emperor-like’ politicians for everyone to see their butt-naked hypocrisy. Seedy, corrupt politicians have promised ‘transparency’ in government (Obama and the likes). When Wikileaks gives the people this promised ‘transparency’, all hell brakes loose. Bottom line, corrupt politicians don’t want their lying, cheating selves exposed in any way, shape or form.

Wikileaks is being perceived by some as the Robin Hood of Transparency. No matter how hard corrupt politicians try to shut down the people’s desire for truth in government, they will fail. Freedom means freedom. Freedom lives in the hearts of people. Even the power used by corrupt politicians to manipulate government agencies cannot erase what is in the people’s hearts. Wikileaks is striking a blow for freedom of information. Corrupt politicians always play the people for suckers with their promise of government transparency, but Wikileaks has produced.

Corrupt politicians operate under the principle ‘embarrass me and I will use any means available to hurt you’. Embarrassed politicians are more dangerous than a wounded bear. They have government minions in a variety of agencies willing to carry out their misguided revenge. Where is all this zealous energy to fight the real evils in the world?

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

Instead of chasing after Wikileaks, governments should be focusing on stopping such international catastrophes as sex-slave trade, narcotics trafficking and finding terrorist groups and their leaders.

The difference between Wikileaks and the above is those organizations involved with these tragedies do not actively embarrass corrupt politicians. Also, they have the physical power to fight back ie. 9/11. Most corrupt politicians take the easy way out and make excuses for not fighting these organizations aggressively. Some are bribed to look the other way. They back off to concentrate on making themselves and their friends rich at the people’s expense.

Corrupt politicians are underestimating the power of the nerds.
Wikileaks has become more than just about leaking documents; it has become a (cyber) war ground, the people versus the government.

Supporting this Robin Hood of Transparency movement is a loose knit group called Anonymous. They claim their intentions are an ongoing peaceful campaign for freedom. “Anonymous is peacefully campaigning for freedom of speech everywhere in all forms. Freedom of speech for: the internet, for journalism and journalists, and citizens of the world at large. Regardless of what you think or have to say; Anonymous is campaigning for you.”

Time magazine says Wikileaks “could become as important a journalistic tool as the Freedom of Information Act.” In the final analysis, corrupt politicians fighting Wikileaks are against government transparency and freedom of speech. These politicians do not deserve to be reelected. EVER!

VOTB: Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election.

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TSA and Progressive Feudalism

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Progressive feudalism finds the cracks in free societies to gradually enslave people. The current crack is airline travel safety. To our rescue ride the corrupt politicians from the government.

Those who believe in progressive feudalistic-governing concepts see airport security as an opportunity for more control over the peasants. Using the transportation security administration (TSA), the political/financial aristocracy is tightening control on the peasants and their travel. TSA and progressive feudalism are about controlling peasant travel.

Alert citizens have been angered at being treated like potential terrorists. They know about the 4th amendment. ‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized’.

There is NO PROBABLE CAUSE to pat-down anyone but muslins. They are the only ones targeting planes for terrorism.

In the name of public safety, government aristocracy has devised the most cumbersome, intrusive methods aligning to progressive feudalistic principles. Instead of pre-screening like other nations, or issuing a fly list with fingerprints and/or retina scans for added security, they instead opted for making all law-abiding citizens potential criminals. The real criminals are the corrupt politicians overseeing this mess. Needless to say, these government aristocrats’ do not have TSA in their pants. Right Nancy!! They use tax-payer funded private jets or skip airport security altogether.

Fast-forward the affects of the new government guidelines for airport security. Like the frog in the pot of water getting hotter and hotter, so has the progressive feudalistic concept of controlling peasant movement progressed deeper into airline travel. In the name of public safety and through TSA’s authority, the aristocracy is clamping down on peasant movement, voluntarily or through intimation.

Citizens have been curtailing traveling plans. ‘Gate Rape’ charges are becoming common place. Rational thinkers reason, why travel by plane? Let’s drive! Of course the aristocracy has got that angle covered. Government motors (GM) is making expensive electric cars that will go a whopping 40 miles on a single electrical charge.

TSA’s negative publicity will cause citizens to rethink the value of traveling by airplane. Some will choose to travel by car, motorcycle, train or bus. Others will choose not to travel at all. Limiting citizen mobility is a characteristic of a feudalistic society.

Anger and disputes in the screening areas will only allow the government to flex its muscle against citizens. When TSA offenders are prosecuted, they will be treated as terrorists should be treated. They will receive maximum sentences and harsh punishments. The state driven media will exaggerate TSA offenders and attack their characters. All in all, monkeys will be placed higher on the evolutionary chart than TSA offenders.

Average citizens know that airport security in the U.S. is one step behind terrorists. Aristocratic politicians know this. It is the same game they play with the law, most of them being lawyers. They are always exploiting the law for their benefit. Rangel’s family investments, Water’s husband’s bank, Pelosi’s husband’s business, Reid’s property dealings, and the list goes on. All play the ‘one-step’ ahead of the law game. Too bad these corrupt politicians can not figure out how to stay one step ahead of airline terrorists and only worry about getting richer themselves.

This type of corrupt politician knows how to follow the lobbying money. USA Today reports that the companies with the biggest government contracts for body-scanners doubled their lobbying cash over the last five years.

Between the lobbying monies and lack of accountability, corrupt politicians are following the progressive feudalism plan. Lack of citizen mobility is a characteristic of a feudalistic society. What began as casual airport screenings has morphed into intrusions of private body parts.

Taking the step towards ‘touching private parts’ has put TSA in a bad light with citizens. Next thing you know, perverts will scramble to become TSA’s front-line screeners. “Misdemeanor offenses of harassing and stalking” do not disqualify a person from being hired by TSA.

The goal is less mobility for citizens. Lack of mobility is the characteristic of feudalism that keeps the peasants in a hopeless, benign state of mind. The end goal is for all the peasants to be dependent on the aristocracy of government.

VOTB: Vote Out The Bums backing the all invasive TSA. Bring common sense into the travel/terrorism security mix.

VOTB: vote out every incumbent, every election. Incumbents are part of the aristocracy that needs to be tumbled. Voting them out of office every election limits government from patting-down every citizen, every day.

Visit the VOTB store and support the VOTB idea.

Epilogue: Put TSA agents on the border with Mexico.

Aristocracy of government in action. Check this out!


Circus of Deception

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Politicians claim to recently have had an epiphany. The message they heard from the people is cut spending and take aim on the deficit. Their ‘knee-jerk’ post-election reaction proposals are no more than a ‘circus of deception.’ These deceptive proposals include curving up entitlements, eliminating the mortgage-interest deduction and the customary raising taxes. While playing up to the circus-like political atmosphere, politicians deceptively target the shrinking middle-class for extinction.

Cowardly politicians have no heart for re-examining why the deficit is out of control. Everything from the way government operates to constitutional limits already in place on government should be examined. Instead, the media will enable politicians to début this Circus of Deception to divide a blind society.

Below are ideas you will not see getting much attention. The true budget reform lies in the ideas below. After the circus leaves town, the problems below will still be around.

Get rid of the Federal Reserve. Without the Federal Reserve, there is no interest to pay on the national debt. Why are we paying a bunch of PRIVATE bankers interest on money THEY say we can print? We can print money without their permission and not pay interest to anyone! Just ask Ron Paul or Abraham Lincoln or JFK.

Eliminate the tax-exempt foundations used by the wealthy to shelter billions of dollars every year. The corrupt politicians consistently look to the middle class for tax money. When they say tax the rich, they are really saying ‘tax the middle class suckers.’ The wealthy should be made to cough up their fair share of taxes on every nickel they earn. They should not be allowed to stash away money tax-free no matter how philanthropic their claims may be. These tax evaders can always donate their AFTER tax dollars, philanthropically.

Halt all government waste. The U.S. government and state administrations account for multi-billions of dollars wasted each year. Some polling estimates push the percentage of dollars wasted by government to 53%. Even if the real percentage is only half, waste of this magnitude is totally unacceptable and outright criminal. During a recession everyone (especially the middle class) should be picketing government to eliminate waste.

Freeze government hiring and pay increases. When private sector earnings become equivalent to government jobs, then reevaluate hiring and pay situations. The number of federal workers earning $150,000 or more a year has soared tenfold in the past five years and doubled since President Obama took office, a USA TODAY analysis finds.

Fight wars with drones not soldiers on the ground. Bomb the enemy into submission. Major advantage here is we could employ the unemployed to make drones and bombs with sayings on them like ‘welcome to hell’ or ‘remember 9/11’.

Close the borders. Illegals working in the United States are causing unemployment to be higher then it should be. American citizens are looking for work and will even pick grapes, work as short order cooks or day laborers. All these jobs were filled by legal citizens before illegal immigration became common place. The bonus before illegal immigration was there were not as many violent gangs and the massive drug activity we see in today’s society.

Repeal obamacare. Across the board, obamacare is bad for the United States and attacks every ones pocketbooks. Middle-class America is becoming extinct under government takeovers like obamacare.

Stop all foreign aid. Foreign aid is unconstitutional and must be stopped. “The U.S. government provided $12.9 billion in official development assistance last year, most of it through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), and has spent hundreds of billions in aid since World War II.” Unofficially, multiply that number by 100.

How stupid can these politicians get? Try this reasoning on for size. The U.S. politicians borrow money from our trading partners (China owns us) for deficit spending and then sends the money back out of the country in the form of foreign aid. All foreign aid should be stopped. And a deaf ear should be turned to all the bleeding-heart liberals spewing humanitarian B.S. Charity begins at home during recessions. Better yet, let those against this idea send their ‘after tax’ dollars overseas. The rest of us will spend our money at home.

Foreign aid is the black hole of American politics. Foreign Aid costs every tax-paying American citizen thousands of dollars every year. Here is one outrageous example. The complete total of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel for fiscal 1997 was $5,525,800,000. God only knows if that number hasn’t tripled by now.

“Each year, as Americans struggle to earn more, the government invents new ways to increase its share,” This cycle of deceptive practices must be stopped. Thomas Jefferson said, “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.” We have both, bad and too much government.

The 2010 election served notice on bad, too much government. To blindly march on like true-blue socialists insults the intelligent. Let’s cut the fat off the budget first before hacking up the sacred cows of entitlements and raising taxes on the over-taxed middle class. Easiest spending rule to follow is – only spending allowed by the constitution is valid. Don’t let the escalating ‘Circus of Deception’ continue.

The American citizens have two years to monitor politicians that are supposedly representing them. If they don’t measure up Vote Out the Bums (again) – VOTB.

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Epilogue: The United States is not the ‘goose laying golden eggs’ anymore. Industry has left the country, workers are unemployed, the tax-base is shrinking and the general population is getting dumber by the minute. Ideologue socialists (Pelosi, Reed and Obama want-a-bees) understand this concept and know civil unrest is next. They want rioting in the streets to secure their takeover. Then they will live like Czars, the peasants will survive on scraps and stories of the grand ‘middle class of the 20th century’. As the Circus of Deception continues so the U.S. marches on towards Feudalism.

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