Reverend Wright’s rebellion speaks to many Americans

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Reverend Wright’s liberation theology taps into an underlying discontent/rebellion in America. (Does anyone remember the 60’s? The generation that birthed THE CLINTONS and the current generation of media types?) Today’s discontent hero is Reverend Wright. In between we’ve had so many dissenting groups, that they are too many to count. Tomorrow it might be code yellow or some smiling group of six debating the dangers of mercury in dental materials!

Dissension will always be with us. Today, the Reverend vocalizes his discontent in terms of black history. Let’s change the media’s script and vocalize discontent in terms of middle class survival.

How many middle class citizens cursed America when
*they write out checks to the Internal Revenue Service (a home bred terrorist organization)?
*they see politicians send billions of dollars in foreign aid to corrupt governments and their countries?
*they see politicians transfer money from the middle class through social programs?
*they watch politicians get rich while and after spending time in public office? (ex. the Clintons – all 109M)
*they fill up their cars with gasoline or pay their winter heating bills?
*they see politicians cower to environmental groups?
*they see activist judges create law without a people’s majority or input?
*they watch liberals rewrite history through their control of academia?
*they watched AIDs become the first politically protected contagious disease?
*they can’t qualify to buy a home. (or realize the “American dream”)

When Wright talks about 911 being revenge for America’s terroristic activities, how many citizens remember what the CIA did prior to the 1970’s. Does anyone recall the CIA’s “one-bullet” foreign policy philosophy? While effective, this philosophy terrorized many a dictator or diplomat. This philosophy didn’t win friends or influence people around the world.

Will the government “sunshine” all documents about their chemical and biological warfare? If they don’t, how does anyone know for certain that the Reverend isn’t right. AIDs showed up out of nowhere, never before on the planet in humans. Name another contagious that has showed up out of nowhere to infect humans in such a deadly manner. Remember it was the government that gave up such wonderful drugs as LSD and speed (amphetamine).

Can anyone say that the hearts of all men are pure and not prejudice? Wright is putting a face on what he believes is black oppression. Today’s he has the media’s attention. And Obama’s!!

Is there anyone out there to speak for and defend the middle class?


Entertainingly stupid things about the 2008 elections

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Clinton claims to be a better candidate than Obama having won the larger states democrats need to win the presidential race. How stupid! Most everyone voting for either of them will vote for the other in the general election. Who else would they vote for, a Republican!!!!! It matters not who wins each state’s primary. Only the illiterate or stupid would fall for Clinton’s argument. She’ll to anything to get the nomination.

Rush claims his self-serving “operation chaos” is working. For any fool that believes that, I have a bridge for sale. Rush claims he cares about the American people more than Obama. More stupid election-time talk. Obama is running for president. That means exposing himself to all sorts of criticisms. Running for president also means lots of work and minimal amounts of sleep for Obama and his wife. Rush would never put himself through the rigors of a presidential race. If he cared about the American people like he claims, he’d be running for president like Obama! End of story: Rush, no excuses, all you care about is your pocketbook.

On Earthday, Rush ordered his “troops” to make fun of people driving hybrid cars. (Blow your horn and speed past them!) His offensive, law-breaking orders expose that Rush is out of touch with the average person’s basic finances. (Rush has lots of money.) An average person’s gasoline expenses have doubled in recent months. An average person shopping for a car would strongly consider a hybrid. Contrary to what Rush said on his show 4/24/08, some hybrids get 60 miles to a gallon of gas. Roughly twice the MPG he mentioned on his show. He self-servingly pushed a GM car getting roughly 30 MPG.

Truth be known, Obama is just as surprised at his early showings as anyone. His strategy was to give a few “hope-filled” speeches and get known around the U.S. He’d come in second and possibly become the V.P. on the democrat ticket. He never dreamed he would tap into mainstream people’s need and would actually rise like shooting star.

When Obama became a star he (and Michelle) thought about coasting through the nomination process!! All he’s doing now is going through the “oh shit, what do I do now” stage. If he’s smart, he’ll get some professional advice from someone who’s been there. His strategy should be to (powerfully/confidently) expose the “politics as usual” crowd. Hillary and McCain are a couple of recycled political hacks. He needs to start giving examples of when and how they’ve used whatever tactic in the past to deceive the American public.

Finally, the most stupid thing to date is the teaming of the Clintons, Rush and Republicans (North Carolina Ad) to go after Obama. God forbid a newcomer get the Democrat presidential nomination and become president. JFK did it. Obama can do it too!


Is Hillary ahead of her time?

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Hillary stands for socialism/communism. Basically, she wants an all-powerful, controlling government. She is on record as saying in a recent San Francisco fundraiser that “we will all have to sacrifice.” This is if she has her way!

Social conditions conducive to Hillary’s ideas of socialism/communism include class envy and lack of economic opportunity. History shows that the working class (today the middle class “earners”) must feel oppress and hopeless for the revolution that will usher in Hillary and socialism/communism.

Hillary and like-minded politicians have tried to create class envy. They have stereotyped people. We have racial, age and gender groupings just to mention a few. As the present economic downturns continue, economic divides become wider between earners and the rich. Politico just posted as article on this very topic. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0408/9623.html

While economic opportunity is slipping away because of inflation and other things, citizens can still earn an honest living. Those earning a dishonest living are creating an enormous underground economy. A sign that socialism/communism is near will be when the underground economy spreads to the earners. They will keep as much money they can by any means possible. We’re not quite there yet.

Most could argue that Obama has the same type of socialist ideas as Hillary. So, what’s the difference? Obama is not as committed to his ideas as Hillary. Obama appears to be a change agent. He’s definitely a better speaker than Hillary. (So were Hitler and Stalin.) He doesn’t seem as serious as Hillary when it comes to pushing socialism/communism ideas.

The main difference is that Hillary is trying to manufacture the social conditions where Obama is just a product of them. People don’t want to be manipulated, but they can be lead! Obama will lead societal conditions more towards those necessary for another Hillary-type some 50 years from now!

Social conditions are not right for Hillary’s socialism/communism ideas. Even if she makes it to the White House and tries to ram socialism/communism down our throats, she won’t succeed. Only a revolt will produce socialism/communism. We’re still several generations from revolt.


Rush For Hillary

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Rush is for Hillary

Rush is a closet Hillary supporter. His “operation chaos” has bolstered Hillary’s elect ability. He claims to be causing the democrat party to eat their young. But his real mission is to get Hillary as the presidential candidate. He would rather attack a woman because of his deep-seated female psychosis. He is jealous of Obama’s charisma and the hope he brings to the political process.

This week Rush’s program has turned into a bash Obama marathon. Obama’s comments about people clinging to religion and guns shows how in touch he is with Americans. What would Rush rather people cling to in recession (bordering on depression) times? A belief in God is eternal salvation. That idea trumps anything Rush and the rest of the self-serving media would what people to cling too.

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Rush and those who are critical of Obama are showing how out of touch they are with the plight of the average American. Inflation is killing the average person’s paycheck. The American dream of owning a home is disappearing for those in their 20s and up.

The REAL elitist in this story is the criticizing, self-righteous media. They have no clue how the price of energy, food or housing today is effecting the average person. Rush and those types are insulated from the average folks by their entertainment paychecks. Those paychecks are allowing them to spew distorted, self-serving rhetoric.

Someone needs to come out with a bumper sticker “Rush for Hillary”.


Un-United States of Two Peoples

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Un-United States of Two Peoples

Ideas that once made the United States a great nation are no longer cultivated by all. These ideas may not have been shared by all, even in its formative years. But for most of its existence the majority shared these ideas. Today this is not the case.

Former leaders dominated by ideas such as a “nation under God”, a united spirit of freedom, traditional values, politicians as servants and basic differences between right and wrong are gone. Diversity, tolerance, progressive thinking and a compromising thought process have replaced them with the help of today’s politicians. (Note I didn’t call them leaders because they are nothing more than polltakers.)

When the nation was founded the common idea of freedom from tyranny and oppression ran through the veins of most citizens. Sure there were some greedy people around. They saw how a new country would benefit them, but most saw more benefits in freedom for all. The freedom most saw was to carve out a life-style they wanted.

The greedy have exploited this united spirit of freedom. Consequently, the idea that there are “two peoples” in the United States today is alive and growing. The first are people making money to exist and prosper (earners). The second are people trying to live off the people making money (spenders).

Earners making money and trying to exist and prosper have had it good. We are living far above the world’s poverty level. We are being entertained. We have the means to travel. We have given our kids the best a middle class existence could afford. This group includes minimum wage earners and millionaires. Earners are the backbone of the United States. This group is declining in numbers.

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On the other hand, the number of spenders living off the earners is increasing. Social programs are at an all-time high. When the laziness of the human nature kicks in, getting something for nothing seems like a great idea. (Can anyone say universal health care?)

Today’s politicians, bureaucrats and government workers are included in the spenders group. Take the Clintons for example (all $109 million worth). They represent many who have figured out how to make a living off the earners. These politicians and bureaucrats are sucking the living dollars out of the earners (mostly middle class) through taxation, transferring money through social programs and for their own personal comfort.

Today’s presidential candidates are advocating more social programs. Does this surprise anyone? The irony of it all is these candidates are rich far beyond the middle class. And they are the people advocating taking money from the middle class earners and distributing it to everyone else including themselves. As part of the “takers” group, they have been insulated from inflation and taxation because they are spending our money.

Today’s politician is supporting the un-uniting of the United States. They are supporting the “two peoples” idea. They are breaking the backs of the earners through the tyranny of taxation. They are supporting the ideas of diversity, tolerance and their own personal greed. The United States will never by united again if their personal comfort’s have anything to say about it.

The first thing that should be done to slow down the “two peoples” idea is to take the politicians out of the equation. They should serve without pay, expense accounts and perks. They should pay taxes on all money raised for campaign purposes. (preferably at the highest rate charged every other citizen) They should not be allowed to use personal money from their wives, husbands or family for campaign purposes. They should live on their own earned money while serving in public office. They should even pay to maintian government buildings and property they use. Finally, they must have 20 years experience as an earner before holding any elected public office.

As time will show, the spenders will not earn anything, especially the respect of the earners. So will they continue the un-uniting of the states.


Rush Rebutted

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Rush is trying to take all the credit for increased voter registrations in this year’s primaries. Two things come to mind.

Voter enthusiasm builds around a candidate or candidates with a vision. The Democrats have two candidates. One has a vision of socialism for all. The other’s vision is hope for the future. Contrast that with a Republican candidate that stands for the status quo. This combination is the stimulus for increased voter registration, especially on the Democrat’s side, not Rush.

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Rush’s listeners are acting like mind-numbed robots with “operation chaos”. For years he has prided himself in not asking listeners to phone or write people supporting his point of view. He’s left calling and writing to listener’s initiative.

Now, Rush is trying to make himself relevant in the primary process after failing to do so on the Republican side. He’s giving “marching orders” to his ditto-heads to vote for Hillary in the remaining democrat’s primaries. Why – because he secretly wants Hillary to win. Why – because he’s more comfortable criticizing a white woman than a black man. Rush has learned his lesson with the McNabb/ESPN incident. Everyone knows that Rush’s mouth is a huge bulls-eye for the media.

Can Rush say, “Republicans for Obama?”

Or Can Rush say, “Roman Catholics for Obama”?


Uncage your Ideas

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Uncaged your Ideas

Example – the United States has a two party system. The republicans and the democrats want you to believe you have to vote according to their parties’ ideas.

Not true. If you are tired of wars, inflation and greed, think out of the cage. Break away from thinking party ideas and think anti-establishment. Vote for the person who is least attached to the establishment. This means you never vote for an incumbent. And when two or three “rookies” are running for office, vote for the one that’s not endorsed by someone presently holding office.

The rational for the anti-establishment idea is simple. New faces bring fresh ideas. If every citizen were to vote this way, those elected would know they have only one term to do something constructive. And better yet, one term isn’t enough time to learn how to manipulate the bureaucracy. Bureaucrats would become the protectors of our freedoms and rights, not politicians.

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Uncage your ideas by changing your prospective and goals!