Vote Out The Bums

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The words revolt or revolution are being heard often in this election cycle. That’s no surprise. The wretched group primary candidates nauseates even the most harden electorate.

American citizens need a positive election mandate. They need to be motivated to increase their participation in the election process. They need a simple way to get meaningful, long-lasting reform in government. They need an election strategy that will work to take back their country from pathetic career politicians

“Vote Out The Bums” strategy aims to vote out every incumbent, at every level of government, every election. Are all incumbents bums? No, but in order to get meaningful governmental reform, all incumbents must go every election.

The founding fathers never envisioned the career politician. Career politicians have turned into a ruling class of out of touch, pampered, elitists. They are insulated from all the processes average citizens go through during everyday life. They are globalizing government towards socialism and funding it with an ever-increasing burdensome tax structure.

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Critics of the “Vote Out The Bums” strategy will be the devious career politicians, the big money behind them and all pork-barrel recipients. They will use words like continuity, experience and world leadership/prestige. The answer to these critics is “you’ve made such a mess out of government and the electoral process that only about 25% of the American people vote anymore”.

Even the most inexperienced voter came be effective with the “Vote Out The Bums” strategy. Every voter just has to vote for the candidate who was NOT in that office before. If all the candidates for the office are new, choose the one that is least connected to the outgoing politician and government in general.

Does this mock the electoral process? No, U.S. citizens are saying that we are sick and tired of career politicians becoming a parasitic ruling class. The career politician takes from every citizen. They plant the seeds of class envy all the while mocking citizens of every class. They bribe the poor with promises and welfare checks. They entice the rich with tax loopholes then extort campaign contributions from them. They amused the vanishing middle class with entertainment and the illusion of participation in the political process (example: the Democrat’s primary process).

We’re tired of career politicians taking us to war with phony reasoning camouflaged in the word freedom. We’re tired of them selectively enforcing our laws. We’re tired of them ignoring the will of the people by appointing activist judges. We’re tired of them politicizing every individual, national and international tragedy. We’re tired of having a rollercoaster economy. We’re tired of inflation, partially brought on by government policies. We’re tired of ever rising food, health care, education, transportation and insurance costs.

We don’t like the evolved career politician. Our first elected leaders were volunteers. They met for several months every year. They worked in the private sector, making their own living. We now have what essentially is a vocational path to become a career politician. This path skips making an honest living and having a servant’s heart.

We’re not going to take it anymore. When politicians are in office for only one term, they won’t have the time or experience to wreck what little real freedom we have left in the U.S. “Vote Out The Bums” – period.

Every politician should have JFK’s quote as a personal motto: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

Benchmarks need to be met before “Vote Out The Bums” strategy is victorious. In the coming months many benchmarks will be detailed.


McCain Confirms Military Problems

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In a rebuttal to Obama on May 22nd, McCain exposed politicians’ suspicions. Those suspicions are that the US military is becoming a less favorable option for the American youth.

McCain and the White House expressed opposition to the $52 billion 21st century G.I.Bill. Their reasoning being the benefits would lure soldiers and sailors into the civilian world and hurt military retention. Let’s analyze this idea after making one obvious observation. McCain and the White House see war as a solution, not the problem.

With this bill, the U.S. will have less soldiers/sailors, is what McCain is saying. Why does he want more? More soldiers/sailors mean we can take on causalities and still have a fighting force. A military option for solving global problems would still be looked on favorably. A continuation to this answer is McCain is a hawk and wants to fight wars.

The general public is beginning to realize something McCain can’t come to grips with. Defending our country has nothing to do with more soldiers. It has everything to do with more high tech surveillance, intelligence gathering and big-payload rockets. Don’t tell me that you need soldiers to do these things. Soldiers are trained to break things and kill the enemy in a close up, personal way.

Why would this bill “lure” soldiers and sailors into the civilian world? Part of the answer is that they came from the civilian world that has been hard hit by inflation. These were civilians before joining the military. Their most probable reason for joining the military was economic in nature. You could record many scenarios that would draw civilians to join. Most of them have to do with opportunity for economic gain, the G.I.Bill one of them.

What happened to the notion of serving our country? The concept of patriotism is foreign for most college age citizens and non-citizens. Our kids know that fighting for freedom has invoked nightmares for veterans. Can anyone say Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan or Iraq? Or how about PTSD?

“The stress of repeated trips to combat zones like Iraq and Afghanistan is having an effect on American troops, as mental health professional expected. Currently, for every soldier killed in combat, at least one is sent back to the United States because of severe PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and several others are treated in the combat zone for less severe cases. During World War II, PTSD was an even more serious problem. In the European Theater, 25 percent of all casualties were disabling PTSD cases. In the Pacific Theater, the rate varied widely, depending on the campaign. In some of the most intense fighting, like Okinawa in 1945, PTSD accounted for over a third of all wounded. In Iraq, less than ten percent of the wounded are PTSD.” http://www.strategypage.com/htmw/htmoral/articles/20080424.aspx>

Young citizens can read about the U.S. fighting other people’s war. Who cares about a stable Middle East more than Israel and Europe? The U.S. has nothing to gain, particularly not cheap oil!! The politicians being used by international idea people have been globalize. They have bought into the idea that the U.S. military should be the international police force!

Politicians also cry wolf about terrorism. For all you ball-less politicians out there, big-payload rockets used correctly, stabilizes an enemies position faster than soldiers getting shot at running door to door looking for terrorists.

Understanding McCain’s fears about the 21st Century G.I.Bill is to ask: Why would anyone want to risk their lives becoming a soldier or sailor? The answer is, only those willing to take an economic gamble. Someone should tell these kids that their odds of coming out a winner are better in Vegas.

The politicians are hoping the economic incentives motivate kids to take on the risks of war. For the young citizens willing to risk life and limb to grab the brass ring – the vanishing American Dream, God be with you.

Sidebar: Hillary (the most dangerous) Clinton’s march for power motivated by greed is exposing how her husband Bill (slick willy) is rubbing off on her. With her June statement about Bill’s California primary and Robert Kennedy’s assassination, she must really think she can get away with murder!

Sidebar: Why is Rush pretending to stir up the democrat’s primary process? The self-serving one realizes that his audience size is directly proportional to the amount of political discontent. While offering no real solutions, he preaches the something as Obama – HOPE. Keep you head up Rush, Hillary will be divorced someday and all yours.


Obama Talks with Muslin Leaders

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Have you ever moved into a house and the former owner tells you the neighbor is a bad person? Then you find out later that the former owner was the butt-hole and the neighbor is a good guy. Use that analogy with Obama as the new house owner and Muslin nations as the next-door neighbor. It is possible that US foreign policy for the past century puts them into the butt-hole category.

Obama’s approach should be not to take the word of previous administrations. Otherwise it’s business as usual. That business mimics that techniques used by the Crusaders centuries ago. Neither the Crusaders nor the United States will defeat the idea Muslins as terrorists.

Obama wants to find out first hand about our Muslin neighbors and exchange ideas. He’s not taking the word of the former politicians. After all we know how straightforward and honest the Clintons and Bushs are! In fact, why not meet with as many foreign leaders as possible. After all everyone knows, the U.S. has more missiles than any other nation or terrorist group. Helping them see beyond those missiles is sound public relations.

Former presidents have taken an elitist (we’re bigger and better than you) approach to foreign relations negotiations. Their pseudo-bully approach says that we’ll meet with you only if…. You fill in the blanks. Putting qualifications on people before meeting with them is no way to start a positive relationship.

Critics of Obama’s wanting to talk to other nations say he is elevating the others
status. That’s a real elitist attitude. As President of the United States, Obama is acting as a servant of the people. Elevating anyone status has nothing to do with learning to live with our neighbors.

The recent Bush-Clinton-Bush’s foreign policy has made the U.S. a pseudo-bully. Sending our ground forces to Iraq (or anywhere) is stupid. A better way to be a real bully would be to use a “multi-missile” philosophy. A real bully would say, you piss us off; you can expect a rain of missiles on your valuable assets – period. Sending in ground soldiers is sooo – Crusader-like!!

Obama’s main objective in meeting with Muslin nations should be to find out one thing. How motivated are they to join the civilized world?


Obama Wins Presidency

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Why – because the democrats are energized, motivated and organized. Some are predicting a huge lose for Obama. Actually, the shoe is on the other foot. Good ole’ boy McCain will get beat just like Bob Dole. McCain (the Waffle Hawk) can’t relate, isn’t a good public speaker and needs a dose of Geritol just to smile!

The primaries have energized the democrats as never before. Both Obama and Hillary resonated with different segments of the voting population. When you combine these populations, you come up with a large enough cross-section to beat McCain.

With Hillary losing the primary, her backers have no-where to turn. (Just like the Republicans, they’ll hold their noses and pull the lever.) They won’t stay home because they have an agenda to move forward. Conspirators theorize that Hillary will sabotage Obama so she can run in 2012. That’s not going to happen. The democrats are happy to be rid of the Clinton’s and their baggage. She’s so self-serving that the longer she stays in the primary race, the more she thinks she’s damaging the democrats bid for the presidency. Besides, she will have lost her impact and her dirty laundry will still be around. Someone should tell Hillary this isn’t the movie “Primary Colors”.

Should Hillary take the VP position, two things will happen. The democrats will win by a landslide and Obama will triple his security.

The democrats are motivated behind two major ideas. The ideas are the two loudest messages coming out of the primaries: “no more war’ and “greed needs equalization”. (These are specifics within the economy concerns of many citizens).

US citizens are tired of war and war spending. Common sense citizens are screaming, “we are fighting someone else’s war”. If Europe or anyone else wants a stable Middle East, let them send their sons and daughters to war! We’re not falling for the “national security or spreading democracy B.S.”

We need a different strategy when fighting those wanting to do us harm. Today’s wars are not against countries. They’re against people within countries with strange ideas.

Class envy is woven into the fabric of the democrat party. The greedy making lots of money should pay more taxes. And they will because the democrats are united behind this idea. No matter who we voted for in the primaries, the voters will move on and back Obama.

The democrats have the grass roots organization to back their candidate. Obama will benefit from years of groundwork laid by previous campaigns. The Hispanics, Blacks, Whites, blue collars, senior citizens, unions, loyal socialists, illegals and the dead will all vote for any democrat.

Side Bar: Rush is still stirring the Hillary pot. He wants her in the white house in the worst way. His actions speak louder than words. Encouraging the Florida and Michigan delegations with negative disenfranchising comments helps Hillary’s slim chances. Making fun of the women libbers backing Hillary only encourages Hillary. Rush and Hillary – Self-serving with actions and out-of-touch with real people!


Hillary, the most dangerous, Clinton

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Why is Hillary the most dangerous presidential candidate? She will end the American way of life as our fore-fathers envision it. She is blindly committed to a socialist/communist ideology. Her socialism translates into her controlling everything from the economy to education to social engineering. Bottom line: She sees herself as a turning point in US history.

Hillary is far and away the most prepared of all the candidates to become our next president. She has been dreaming of ways to implement her ideology for many years. She knows the system. She has mapped superhighways through the bureaucratic maze that is our federal government. She is agenda-rehearsed and ready for stage center. Some of the dangerous points of her nature are listed below.

Hillary will do anything to win. That makes her dangerous.

Hillary rivals the mob when it comes to intimation. Ask David Hale, an Arkansas businessman. She tried to use him for financial gain at the beginning of Whitewater. When the deal fell apart, four people were sent to jail. All four people took the “hit” for the Clitions. They were pardoned by Bill at the end of his second term. This is a mob-like situation right from the streets of New York.

Ask the partners are the Rose Law Firm. She strong-armed them as recently as early 2007. She sent them an email warning “attorneys not to speak to the media about her” (Politico).

Hillary beat a $60,000,000.00 Whitewater investigation. Beating that rap ranks with the most dangerous criminal minds of all time.

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Travelgate was Hillary’s first mass federal firings. She lied about her role but there was insufficient evidence to prosecute (she beat another rap). If Hillary becomes president mass firings at all bureaucratic levels will be the norm. She has lists (Filegate). She will deploy people with her socialistic/communistic philosophy everywhere presidentially possible. Like the mob, she will have spies everywhere.

Remember Vincent Foster? He initiated Hillary’s hiring at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas. He also held the documents connecting the Clintons to the Whitewater scandal. Immediately after Foster’s death, the documents were given to Hillary. Why? Lets say all the original Whitewater documents will never see the light of day because they implicate Hillary as a lawbreaker. Five investigations into the Vincent Foster death concluded that he committed suicide. Why did it take five investigations? Obviously, there were suspicious circumstances. Many mob hits have been investigated but never prosecuted.

Obama may be more liberal than Hillary, but he doesn’t have the political expertise to do as much damage as Hillary. McCain (the Hawk) will keep the military-industrial people happy. He doesn’t care about taxes and social engineering like Hillary. Obama and McCain can’t hold a candle to Hillary’s preparedness.

Hillary is the most dangerous presidential candidate because she has practiced “I don’t recall” so many times. In some ways she is more slippery than her husband “Slick Willy”. Finally, she cries like a girl when she’s in trouble!

Disclaimer: Mob guys please don’t take offense to my comparing Hillary to uses-guys. It’s just that President Hillary will be more dangerous for the American way of life than you ever were.


Exporting Democracy

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Should the United States be exporting Democracy? Exporting Democracy seems to be the rational for war these days. As in the Middle East today, a democratic country would stabilize the region.

The requirements for a Democracy include a civilized population willing to pay the price with the courage to stay committed to the ideas of freedom. Should any country, let alone the US, try to export Democracy all three requirements must be met.

The naive among us (including politicians and academia types) think a mission for the US is to export Democracy around the world. Truth is Democracy has been around longer than the US.

Why isn’t Democracy more prevalent around the world? The answer is that there have been very few civilized populations. Respect for others is key to a civil behavior. Respect comes in many forms. Killing, maiming, mind control (religious in some cases), greed and the quest for power are some of the over riding non-respect factors blocking Democracy. Where you find these factors you see a form of government other than Democracy.

Examples of non-Democracy can be seen as close as south-central LA or around the world in places such as Africa and Asia. The lack of civilized behavior in these areas precludes any form of Democracy. The rule of law is power. Simply, the group with the most guns rules. There’s no mutual respect in guns. Guns control using fear not mutual respect.

The US began paying the price for freedom with a war. The enemy was the terribly civilized
British. A war between civilized peoples (now there’s an oxymoron) resulted in the birth of the US. The US exporting Democracy in the 21st century involves war between or among the uncivilized. Whether it is the Middle East, Africa or Asia, the enemy is uncivilized. The uncivilized will never accept Democracy.

The US is hardly an example of the Democracy it is trying to export through war. Can anyone say that we are 100% committed to the ideas of freedom the country was founded? We have presidential candidates today that clearly advocate socialist (sometimes boarding communist) philosophies.

No, the US should not be exporting Democracy. Peoples and countries wanting Democracy should pay the price and fight for their own freedoms. Then they will gain the respect for personhood necessary to have a true Democracy.

Those uncivilized people that want to play with guns and rule people through fear should be isolated. The civilized world should cut off all money, food and weapons from the uncivilized. Strategic missile hits on the headquarters of the uncivilized would send a message that uncivilized behavior is not acceptable.

Hasn’t anyone with power figured out that the uncivilized are no more than children with guns!


Rush’s Gamble Pays Off

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The old Rush relied on the qualities of human nature for commentary. His “operation chaos” is a step back in time for him. From his knowledge of Hillary and her past track record, Rush gambled on her human nature. He gambled that she would not concede defeat in this year’s primary no matter how bleak things looked. His gamble received backing from Reverend Wright. His gamble paid off and he’s elevated himself to commander status.

Granted Rush attacks absurdity with more absurdity, but he never goes far enough to get real change. He’s making fun of the Democrats. He’s making the primary process entertaining. He’s done everything he can to derail Obama. He’s creating fun for some of his followers, making them feel useful in voting for Hillary. So what? Is any of this helping improve our country? Even if McCain is elected because the Democrats are fumbling in this primary, so what. Are we becoming a more conservative country because of his gamble? NO!

Sure he wants a conservative government. Sure he claims to be educating people about conservation. Maybe he even converts a few liberals to conservatives. So what has changed in our government? NOTHING!!! Real change can only happen with real leaders. Rush is not helping the American people find and back real leaders.

The US government is more liberal today then when Rush entered the media. He’s been a prominent media member since the late 80’s and what has he accomplished? He made lots of money for himself. Has the government grown smaller? Has education improved? Has political corruption been curtailed? NO!

Hillary and Rush display the same qualities of their human nature. They are both self-serving, controlling power mongers. They would make good bedfellows. Is this what “operation chaos” is all about – bedfellows?