The Oil Catch -22: VOTB

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“Drill Here: Drill Now” could triple the price of gasoline in the U.S. Initially, the thought of drilling for our own oil might sooth the pocketbook worry, but the downside consequences could bring on more inflation than we have already.

Citizens don’t realize that part of our national debt is tied directly to oil. Politicians that know this aren’t talking. Their only concern is lining their pockets and becoming fixtures in America’s ruling elite. (VOTB)

The top five foreign buyers (trade balance adjusted) of our national debt include OPEC, Canada and Mexico. These oil-producing countries are buying U.S. treasury notes with a percentage of the oil profits they make from us gasoline buyers. If we stop importing oil from these countries, they won’t have the money to invest in the U.S national debt. What happens to the value of the dollar? Science fiction inflation could occur, where a jar of strawberry jam would cost $235. (What movie?)

The other two of the top five foreign buyers of our national debt won’t let science fiction inflation occur. They have the power to cause it though. But, inflation of the U.S. dollar wouldn’t be in their best interest, today. But some inflation might be beneficial for future financial leverage. (Amero?)

Politicians are selling out the U.S. by overspending. U.S. citizens are paying the price at the pump. Several countries are buying the U.S. Oil is the common dominator.

Are politicians so blinded by their quest for power and money that they have lost their economic curiosity? Why aren’t they figuring this out? Would these same politicians overspend their family fortunes then borrow money from foreign creditors and pay them interest? Of course not, but they’ll do that with our money. What else would you expect from a bunch of self-serving politicians? Many of them are attorneys that have no clue about economics except what goes into their bank accounts.

The price of oil will never come down unless dependence of oil producing countries investing in our national debt is reduced. And of course, the national debt has to be controlled. That means the national budget has to be less than the money we raise.

The ratio of GNP to our debt argument is the political smoke screen. Politicians spend and increase our national debt saying that we’re ok because our GNP is higher than the debt. That’s code for we’re going to make ourselves and our friends rich on citizens’ backs. Some of them may even become wealthy, Rockefeller style.

The citizens that feel voting is a meaningless endeavor need to come out as a group. The non-participating electorate (75% of eligible voters) must get involved.

There is something we can do. We can all “Vote Out The Bums” every election cycle. Then we’ll get their attention. Then politicians will do something about our national debt.

Wake up America. The cry should be – VOTB – every incumbent, every election, not Drill here: Drill now!!


Killing US Softly with Promises: VOTB

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Politicians have been killing Americans with election promises for years. This picture of a sign on a Septic Tank Truck symbolizes politicians’ election promises.

septic tank

Politicians have totally ignored the truism; a man (or woman) is only as good as his word. If a man or woman says they are going to do something and s/he doesn’t, s/he is a liar. That’s the black and white of it. If you can’t deliver, keep your hole shut!

Historically, politicians will say anything to get elected. This is another reason to “Vote Out The Bums” every election. We’ll exemplify this point with a few political “promises” that have had colossal consequences.

Philippine-American War exemplifying U.S. Empire Building started in 1899. Republicans pledged that the fighting in the Philippines would die down of its own accord within sixty days after the election. William McKinley, a Republican, was reelected on November 6, 1900 and his promise vanished. Unofficially the war ended in 1902. The military conflict with the gorillas continued until 1913.

Woodrow Wilson, a Democrat, promised to keep the U.S. out of World War I. In fact, his campaign slogan was “He kept us out of war”, referring to avoiding conflicts with Germany or Mexico in his previous administration. He set up to break his promise with his acceptance speech challenging Germany’s U-boats. Germany obliged and Wilson broke a promise he never intended to keep.

In the 1928 election, Republican, Herbert Hoover promised to end poverty. Not only did the Great Depression begin on his watch but he rejected legislative relief advice in 1929. Then he signs the Smoot-Hawley Act which deepened the depression. Hoover broke his promise with a stubborn ignorance!

In the 1932 election campaign, Franklin Roosevelt pledged balanced budgets and decreased government spending. When elected, he expanded governmental social services like no other president since. Only the Supreme Court was able to stop him. In the 1940 election, he promised to keep the U.S. out of World War II. Both promises up in smoke!

Roosevelt’s campaign lies included the Democratic platform advocating “immediate and drastic reductions of all public expenditures,” “abolishing useless commissions and offices, consolidating bureaus and eliminating extravagances reductions in bureaucracy,” and for a “sound currency to be maintained at all hazards.” Does this sound like our candidates today or what?

Lyndon Johnson, Democrat, promised to win the “war on poverty” in the 1964 election. Johnson’s “Great Society” programs made things much worst according to economist, William L. Anderson. In 2004, African-American economist Thomas Sowell stated, “The black family, which had survived centuries of slavery and discrimination, began rapidly disintegrating in the liberal welfare state that subsidized unwed pregnancy and changed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life.” Another hollow “war” promise.

Republican Richard (tricky dick) Nixon promised a quick end to the (Vietnam) war and peace in the Pacific. In his memoirs, he wrote that he had no plan to end the war. This is just another empty political promise given to the U.S. Citizens.

George H.W. Bush, a Republican, in the election campaign of 1988 said “Read my lips: No new taxes”. He lied and raised taxes to reduce the national debt. He should have learned from his conniving father Prescott that the national debt can never be eliminated because of the privately own Federal Reserve situation.

William Clinton, Democrat, promised a middle class tax cut. The Revenue Reconciliation Act of 1993, shortly after being elected, raised taxes on everyone but the poorest American Citizens. How could anyone believe a stupid promise like that coming from a Democrat?

G.W. Bush, a Republican, promised that the military would not be used for Nation Building. With this lie, he admits the military has been used for Nation Building. How naive for any voter to believe that over 150 years of Nation Building would stop. The U.S. has approximately 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries. There are another 6,000 bases in the U.S. and its territories. G.W. is definitely the dullest thorn on the Bush political tree and a liar – Iraq and soon Iran will join Saudi Arabia in Middle East Nation Building.

A Joke

A busload of politicians was driving down a country road when, all of a sudden, the bus ran off the road, and crashed into a tree in an old farmer’s field.

The old farmer, after seeing what had happened, went over to investigate.

He then proceeded to dig a hole to bury the politicians.

A few days later the local sheriff came out, saw the crashed bus, and asked the old farmer where all the politicians had gone.

The old farmer said he had buried them.

The sheriff asked the old farmer, “Were they all dead?”

The old farmer replied, “Well, some of them said they weren’t, but you know how them politicians lie.”

The farmer should have used the contents of the Septic Tank Truck to bury the politicians. Since lying politicians are bipartisan, vote them all out. The 75% of the voters not participating in elections are free to be heard. Tell the SOBs we don’t believe their lies. We’re going to Vote Out The Bums. VOTB – every incumbent, every election.


It Takes Two: Vote Out The Bums (VOTB)

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We’ve all heard a friend’s divorce story. Most of us realize that as one sided as the story is, the other partner’s story may be just as bad or maybe worse! Apply that idea to the U.S. and Global politics.

Why would Hugo Chavez call President Bush “the devil”? Why was his U.N. speech met with applause? The people applauding knew that Bush’s America tired to oust President Chavez in the 2002 coup. Chavez mentioned Noam Chomsky’s book Hegemony or Survival: American’s Quest for Global Dominance in his speech. That gives the other side of the story. Gustavo de Greiff, a constitutional law expert at the Colegio de Mexico, said Chavez’s ouster was “a coup that followed a model we have seen very often in this region.” He was talking about a U.S. model.

Bipartisan Empire Building efforts have been around for more than a century. Recent presidents, as righteous as they seem are just as guilty. Presidential cabinet positions find their way to corporate America. Whether it is the oil companies, infrastructure building engineering/construction firms or consumer corporations. All are globally motivated by greed for the few. This same corporate America has branded every U.S. citizen as an Ugly American.

The following must-read list will open your eyes and begin to give the other side of the U.S. Global politics story. Two things the reader must realize. Corporate America owns the media. And the U.S. state department or any other governmental agency will deny everything and anything alluding to negative U.S. Global politics.

Read these books. Check their sources. Google the ideas stated. You will enter a world of deception, manipulation and corruption that reads like an encyclopedia of intrigue.

What are the Bush’s ties to terrorists? In the John Perkins book Confessions of an Economic Hitman you’ll find out. You can YouTube Perkins name for shorter versions. Topics covered include how money is funneled from the World Bank or the IMF to huge corporation and financial families – the three pillars of Empire Building: corporate, banks and politicians.

Lindsey Williams only touches on our oil foreign policy. But you’ll hear Kissinger’s name mentioned again. This is an eight (8) part series with each part about 10 minutes long. There is some repetition, but he gives new information in each part. Be patient and you’ll begin to understand why gasoline and the price of oil are skyrocketing.

How are George W. Bush and Harken Energy connected? Or how the Bushs made a fortune in oil.

Smedley Butler’s book, War is a Racket, explains how profits are recorded in dollars and losses counted in lives. He says that war is conducted for the benefit of a very few at the expense of the many. He concludes that out of war a few people make huge fortunes.

For a recent history of Empire Building read the article by Professor James Petras. His piece called “Military or Market-Driven Empire Building: 1950-2008” was published April 29, 2008. It is lengthly and indepth research. It can be found at this web site.

Shooting the Moon by David Harris exposes the lies surrounding the 1898 invasion of Panama. “Just once in its 225 years of formal national existence has the United States ever invaded another country and carried its ruler back to the United States to face trial and imprisonment for violations of American law committed on that ruler’s own native foreign turf.” In large part, Shooting the Moon is the tale of the creative investigators and lawyers who made the case against Noriega.

Most of us are not “Ugly Americans” but we are naive about the history of our foreign policy. We should know both sides of the story.

We are also innocent of the international atrocities done in the name of the U.S. We didn’t pollute the Ecuadorian Amazon region. We didn’t form coups to overthrow governments in Venezuela, Indonesia, Cuba or anywhere else. We don’t exploit the peoples of developing countries. We don’t have any grand oil scheme. Our government or corporate America did and does!

American citizens are guilty of electing politicians that allow national and international atrocities to happen. Politicians bloated with power and allusions of building a Global Empire allow this mayhem to continue. They allow corporations, financial institutions and mercenaries to blackmail and control countries and their leaders. When these control options fail, politicians send in our Armed Services under the guise of defending our freedoms. That freedom excuse couldn’t be further from the truth. (Just listen to Rush. He tells you how we’re losing our freedoms everyday!)

A way to stop this insane Global ruse is to Vote Out The Bums. Vote out every incumbent, every election. Corporations will loose their strangle hold on presidential cabinet positions. The World Bank, IMF and other financial institutions won’t be able to bribe for political influence. Most importantly, we’ll stop loosing our soldiers in manufactured wars. VOTB

VOTB and tell the rest of the world that we the citizens of the U.S. don’t approve of what politicians and corporate America is doing to their countires.


Just Another Picture: Vote Out The Bums

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Let’s put the picture takers and framers to work. Vote Out The Bums, so we need to change pictures of our elected officials hanging in state and federal building every election cycle. Some of those pictures have been up on walls so long and are so dusty that even the flies won’t land on them.

The cowards in those pictures are sending women to war. As of 11/2/07, 92 women have lost their lives fighting in our Armed Services. http://cmrlink.org/WomenInCombat.asp?docID=312

Our Armed Services use gender equalization scores to qualify women to serve side by side with men. Very few women, if any, could pull a Forest Gump type rescue saving lives by carrying them to safety in combat. So, if I’m a young adult thinking about joining, I ask myself this question. “Who do I want in a firefight or in hand to hand combat next to me?” Politicians don’t care who’s in there with you. All they care about is being politically correct. Cowardly politicians don’t care if you live or die as long as none of their family has to fight.

Our politicians should not ask anything of the U.S. citizens that they haven’t done themselves. Name one politician’s daughter serving in harm’s way. The Armed Services serve at the pleasure of politicians. Frankly, they are cowards for hiding behind the skirts of the 92 women killed.

Our politicians are being influenced by special interest, social engineers. Our cowardly politicians, some of whom have never served (ex. Bill or Hillary Clinton), wouldn’t send their daughters (ex. Chelsea) into land combat. If you disagree argue with the relatives of the 92 dead women.

Jessica Lynch served in combat and was captured. Read her book. She was manhandled, raped and abused. (By the same enemy these cowardly politicians don’t want to torture) The politicians that ordered the military to use women in combat should go through the same cruelty. Maybe then they’d think twice about gender equalization.

McCain, President Bush and the politicians know our military is in trouble. We can’t recruit enough men as mentioned in a previous blog. Why, because we’re fighting someone else’s war under the pretence of our freedom.

Why do we need women to fight? They can’t handle the extremes of hand-to-hand combat. Look up the mission of the infantry. Show me one politician’s daughter who has join up and fights for the U.S. Realistically, the political ruling class has their daughters attending Ivy League schools or working in some cushy corporate job.

Men have done the fighting for thousands of years. Gorillas fighting in Africa and Asia put guns in the hands of women and children. If the shoe fits!! Vote Out The (cowardly) Bums. Guaranteed, when we change their pictures often, we won’t be sending women to war. We won’t be fighting someone else’s war, either.


Citizens need Friends in High Places: Vote Out The Bums

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Multi-term, incumbent politicians distance themselves from us everyday citizens. While in office, politicians acquire new friends and make lots of acquaintances within their circle of power. Distancing themselves from the citizens that elected them seems to be a prerequisite for entering the political ruling class and forgetting your old friends.

Citizens need friends in government. With the “Vote Out The Bums” strategy, every politician, every election will be fresh from the trenches of everyday survival. When they finish their term, they will go back to their pre-politician environment, unlike today’s politicians. They move on to their mansions far from the everyday friends they had before running for public office.

“Vote Out The Bums“ strategy will elect politicians that are friends of the citizens because they are fresh from the pain of everyday living. These same politicians will be motivated to eliminate the pain because they will soon be private citizen again!

A huge pain today is inflation. Politicians will need to review the monetary system and government budgets. They will need to apply common sense to both these situations. The Federal Reserve System appears to be a black hole. It needs investigative light exposing its inner workings and profits. Politicians will need to monitor the budget. Every citizen would like to see local, state and federal governments live within their means. Politicians must treat budgets, as every citizen’s dollar is precious. 

As a friend of citizens, these new politicians will revisit priorities. At the federal level national security, foreign aid, infrastructure, monitory policies, social spending and political correctness traditions need ongoing review and revision. At the state and local levels, politicians will have to wrestle with education, safety, health and social services. Friends would modify them as needed to help streamline government and all its agencies.

“Vote Out The Bums “ strategy would bring a fresh look to the budget process. The newly elected politicians would be eager to cut the excesses and better utilize the funds. The toughest problem they would have to tackle would be the transfer of wealth among citizens.

Friends in high places realize that it’s unfair for the federal government to mandate policy to the states without funding the mandate. Friends will make the federal government pay for all mandates they pass on to the states. A good example occurs in education. Today’s Fed sends education mandates to the states regularly. The state and local school boards must figure out how to pay for these mandates. Friends don’t put friends in difficult financial positions.

We need politicians that are in touch with citizens on a fixed income. Inflation is pinching their lifestyle. Some citizens need two or three jobs to make financial ends meet for them and/or their families. These are the citizens keeping the unemployment rate down. 

Friends in high places would serve as representatives for free. Politicians serving for “3 squares and a cot” would earn the respect of all citizens. They would become modern day heroes.

Competition would start from the beginning of “Vote Out The Bums” strategy. Each term’s politicians will try to reform government better than the previous group. That’s what friends in high places do for the citizens. They compete for the betterment of all concern. The competitive motivation will be healthy for all the citizens.

Politicians need to serve with other politicians equally. With no legislator having seniority, all will be free to vote for their citizen’s and not for the party’s ideology. Without seniority, all politicians will be contributing member on committees, equally. None will have anyone telling them how to vote if they want to be appointed to this or that.

Today’s politicians act like a bunch of groupies for their party’s leaders. They have abandoned common sense, critical thinking and independent thought. Politicians as friends of citizens would personalize government. “Vote Out The Bums” so we can get friends in high places.


Go Mona Go

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Mona struck a nerve with Rush during his Tuesday, June 3rd show. She challenged him. She asked what are we (conservatives) doing? What can we do in politics – today? All Rush did was to pull an Obama on her. He sold her hope!

Who cares more about the American people? You answer the question: a person that talks or the person that talks and runs for president.

Rush claims to be a leader and that he has the top crusader spot for constructivism. If that’s the case leaders play the game, they don’t just talk it! Rush refuses to play the game.

Rush says he doesn’t want to take a pay cut. The financial reality of becoming president means mega amounts of money for speaking, writing and advising post-presidency. (ex. Bill Clinton is worth 150M today). Of course during the presidency room, board and transportation are compliments of the American people. Rush is entering the “excuses are us” fantasyland with that justification.

Rush had his chance to lead during the primary season and chose to sit back. He probably figured Hillary was a lock and that would be great for his self-serving self.

Rush claims that ignorance is the most expensive commodity in the U.S. True, but what is he doing about it? Talking on the radio to followers about his “operation chaos” and bad mouthing Obama isn’t combating ignorance in the U.S. A president could influence all of public education, not just target the expansion of the conservative base.

Rush is talking to the home crowd. Obama is talking and playing to all the people during primetime because he cares about people. Rush is proving to be just another rich entertainer. Mona is right.

Ronald Reagan talked and ran for president. He became a great president because he could articulate conservative ideas to all the American people, not just the conservatives. Mona was proud of Reagan. She called Rush her hero. Who do you think she respects more?


Experience leads to Corruption: Vote Out The Bums

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The experience factor keys the “Vote Out The Bums” strategy. Experience is the cornerstone of political manipulation. Without participating in government for extended periods of time, elected officials wouldn’t have the personal knowledge to manipulate the system. The end produce of manipulation is corruption. The “Vote Out The Bums” strategy aims to eliminate the experience factor leading to political corruption.

Experience in sports competitions is valuable. Having been there and done that before helps win the competition. Politics isn’t a competition; it’s about serving people. But we can use the experience similarities for discussion purposes.

Only an experienced referee could have fix games as in the 2007 NBA playoffs. Only an experienced player could throw a game without anyone suspecting. A rookie in each case would have a hard time doing either.

The same experience that corrupts professional sports players also corrupts professional politicians. Pet-project legislation is the fuel that powers a politician’s re-election. Enter the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” idea. Now the system is being manipulated for the benefit of a few citizens and the politician’s pocketbook. Dare the word lobbyist appear?

Imagine if every politician had only one pet-project or demanding lobbyist. The game begins with these guys lining up supporters. Promises and IOUs abound. Legislation that benefits a few becomes law. So goes the cycle for the experienced politicians.

Experience means having to payback favors. The longer politicians are in office, the more favors they have to payback. Politicians love the power and prestige associated with being a legislator. Politicians corruptly manipulate the system to stay in power. Corruption is part of the process.

Corrupt politicians are the same all over the world and have existed throughout time. They have brought down ancient and recent world powers. The same cycle is at work in the U.S. We can do something about it in the U.S. “Vote Out The Bums” before they can continue giving favors to the precinct captains, vote delivering organizers, large donors, billionaire sponsors, other politicians and lobbyists.

A classic example of corrupt politicians is the Clintons. They’re mantra is “we will win”. They obsess for power and money. They’re motivational greed is more obvious than most politicians. But motivational greed sits deep in the human nature of every politician.

Politicians un-cage this motivational greed when they run for office. Ask yourself these questions. How can these career politicians begin with little money and retire with millions of dollars? They didn’t make that money from their salaries. If any of us regular citizens were to do that, we’d have the IRS on our back like white on rice! Or why would a millionaire run for an elected office and take a pay cut?

Bottom line: experienced legislators have become self-serving while pretending to serve the people. Their ruling class status enables their out-of-touch life-style. The more experienced they are, the more they crave royalty! They sell themselves to the highest bidder becoming more corrupt every term. Their soul selling is the norm in politics. “Vote Out The Bums”!!