Experience leads to Corruption: Vote Out The Bums

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The experience factor keys the “Vote Out The Bums” strategy. Experience is the cornerstone of political manipulation. Without participating in government for extended periods of time, elected officials wouldn’t have the personal knowledge to manipulate the system. The end produce of manipulation is corruption. The “Vote Out The Bums” strategy aims to eliminate the experience factor leading to political corruption.

Experience in sports competitions is valuable. Having been there and done that before helps win the competition. Politics isn’t a competition; it’s about serving people. But we can use the experience similarities for discussion purposes.

Only an experienced referee could have fix games as in the 2007 NBA playoffs. Only an experienced player could throw a game without anyone suspecting. A rookie in each case would have a hard time doing either.

The same experience that corrupts professional sports players also corrupts professional politicians. Pet-project legislation is the fuel that powers a politician’s re-election. Enter the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” idea. Now the system is being manipulated for the benefit of a few citizens and the politician’s pocketbook. Dare the word lobbyist appear?

Imagine if every politician had only one pet-project or demanding lobbyist. The game begins with these guys lining up supporters. Promises and IOUs abound. Legislation that benefits a few becomes law. So goes the cycle for the experienced politicians.

Experience means having to payback favors. The longer politicians are in office, the more favors they have to payback. Politicians love the power and prestige associated with being a legislator. Politicians corruptly manipulate the system to stay in power. Corruption is part of the process.

Corrupt politicians are the same all over the world and have existed throughout time. They have brought down ancient and recent world powers. The same cycle is at work in the U.S. We can do something about it in the U.S. “Vote Out The Bums” before they can continue giving favors to the precinct captains, vote delivering organizers, large donors, billionaire sponsors, other politicians and lobbyists.

A classic example of corrupt politicians is the Clintons. They’re mantra is “we will win”. They obsess for power and money. They’re motivational greed is more obvious than most politicians. But motivational greed sits deep in the human nature of every politician.

Politicians un-cage this motivational greed when they run for office. Ask yourself these questions. How can these career politicians begin with little money and retire with millions of dollars? They didn’t make that money from their salaries. If any of us regular citizens were to do that, we’d have the IRS on our back like white on rice! Or why would a millionaire run for an elected office and take a pay cut?

Bottom line: experienced legislators have become self-serving while pretending to serve the people. Their ruling class status enables their out-of-touch life-style. The more experienced they are, the more they crave royalty! They sell themselves to the highest bidder becoming more corrupt every term. Their soul selling is the norm in politics. “Vote Out The Bums”!!

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