Go Mona Go

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Mona struck a nerve with Rush during his Tuesday, June 3rd show. She challenged him. She asked what are we (conservatives) doing? What can we do in politics – today? All Rush did was to pull an Obama on her. He sold her hope!

Who cares more about the American people? You answer the question: a person that talks or the person that talks and runs for president.

Rush claims to be a leader and that he has the top crusader spot for constructivism. If that’s the case leaders play the game, they don’t just talk it! Rush refuses to play the game.

Rush says he doesn’t want to take a pay cut. The financial reality of becoming president means mega amounts of money for speaking, writing and advising post-presidency. (ex. Bill Clinton is worth 150M today). Of course during the presidency room, board and transportation are compliments of the American people. Rush is entering the “excuses are us” fantasyland with that justification.

Rush had his chance to lead during the primary season and chose to sit back. He probably figured Hillary was a lock and that would be great for his self-serving self.

Rush claims that ignorance is the most expensive commodity in the U.S. True, but what is he doing about it? Talking on the radio to followers about his “operation chaos” and bad mouthing Obama isn’t combating ignorance in the U.S. A president could influence all of public education, not just target the expansion of the conservative base.

Rush is talking to the home crowd. Obama is talking and playing to all the people during primetime because he cares about people. Rush is proving to be just another rich entertainer. Mona is right.

Ronald Reagan talked and ran for president. He became a great president because he could articulate conservative ideas to all the American people, not just the conservatives. Mona was proud of Reagan. She called Rush her hero. Who do you think she respects more?

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