Citizens need Friends in High Places: Vote Out The Bums

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Multi-term, incumbent politicians distance themselves from us everyday citizens. While in office, politicians acquire new friends and make lots of acquaintances within their circle of power. Distancing themselves from the citizens that elected them seems to be a prerequisite for entering the political ruling class and forgetting your old friends.

Citizens need friends in government. With the “Vote Out The Bums” strategy, every politician, every election will be fresh from the trenches of everyday survival. When they finish their term, they will go back to their pre-politician environment, unlike today’s politicians. They move on to their mansions far from the everyday friends they had before running for public office.

“Vote Out The Bums“ strategy will elect politicians that are friends of the citizens because they are fresh from the pain of everyday living. These same politicians will be motivated to eliminate the pain because they will soon be private citizen again!

A huge pain today is inflation. Politicians will need to review the monetary system and government budgets. They will need to apply common sense to both these situations. The Federal Reserve System appears to be a black hole. It needs investigative light exposing its inner workings and profits. Politicians will need to monitor the budget. Every citizen would like to see local, state and federal governments live within their means. Politicians must treat budgets, as every citizen’s dollar is precious. 

As a friend of citizens, these new politicians will revisit priorities. At the federal level national security, foreign aid, infrastructure, monitory policies, social spending and political correctness traditions need ongoing review and revision. At the state and local levels, politicians will have to wrestle with education, safety, health and social services. Friends would modify them as needed to help streamline government and all its agencies.

“Vote Out The Bums “ strategy would bring a fresh look to the budget process. The newly elected politicians would be eager to cut the excesses and better utilize the funds. The toughest problem they would have to tackle would be the transfer of wealth among citizens.

Friends in high places realize that it’s unfair for the federal government to mandate policy to the states without funding the mandate. Friends will make the federal government pay for all mandates they pass on to the states. A good example occurs in education. Today’s Fed sends education mandates to the states regularly. The state and local school boards must figure out how to pay for these mandates. Friends don’t put friends in difficult financial positions.

We need politicians that are in touch with citizens on a fixed income. Inflation is pinching their lifestyle. Some citizens need two or three jobs to make financial ends meet for them and/or their families. These are the citizens keeping the unemployment rate down. 

Friends in high places would serve as representatives for free. Politicians serving for “3 squares and a cot” would earn the respect of all citizens. They would become modern day heroes.

Competition would start from the beginning of “Vote Out The Bums” strategy. Each term’s politicians will try to reform government better than the previous group. That’s what friends in high places do for the citizens. They compete for the betterment of all concern. The competitive motivation will be healthy for all the citizens.

Politicians need to serve with other politicians equally. With no legislator having seniority, all will be free to vote for their citizen’s and not for the party’s ideology. Without seniority, all politicians will be contributing member on committees, equally. None will have anyone telling them how to vote if they want to be appointed to this or that.

Today’s politicians act like a bunch of groupies for their party’s leaders. They have abandoned common sense, critical thinking and independent thought. Politicians as friends of citizens would personalize government. “Vote Out The Bums” so we can get friends in high places.


  1. Charmed said,

    June 6, 2008 at 3:44 am

    Hey, I would vote for any canidate that would drastically lower gas prices! Whats up with that anyway? How does gas go up 10 cents in one day??

  2. Administrator said,

    June 6, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Long answer: “Follow the money”! Short answer: We’re heading back to Feudalism.

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