Just Another Picture: Vote Out The Bums

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Let’s put the picture takers and framers to work. Vote Out The Bums, so we need to change pictures of our elected officials hanging in state and federal building every election cycle. Some of those pictures have been up on walls so long and are so dusty that even the flies won’t land on them.

The cowards in those pictures are sending women to war. As of 11/2/07, 92 women have lost their lives fighting in our Armed Services. http://cmrlink.org/WomenInCombat.asp?docID=312

Our Armed Services use gender equalization scores to qualify women to serve side by side with men. Very few women, if any, could pull a Forest Gump type rescue saving lives by carrying them to safety in combat. So, if I’m a young adult thinking about joining, I ask myself this question. “Who do I want in a firefight or in hand to hand combat next to me?” Politicians don’t care who’s in there with you. All they care about is being politically correct. Cowardly politicians don’t care if you live or die as long as none of their family has to fight.

Our politicians should not ask anything of the U.S. citizens that they haven’t done themselves. Name one politician’s daughter serving in harm’s way. The Armed Services serve at the pleasure of politicians. Frankly, they are cowards for hiding behind the skirts of the 92 women killed.

Our politicians are being influenced by special interest, social engineers. Our cowardly politicians, some of whom have never served (ex. Bill or Hillary Clinton), wouldn’t send their daughters (ex. Chelsea) into land combat. If you disagree argue with the relatives of the 92 dead women.

Jessica Lynch served in combat and was captured. Read her book. She was manhandled, raped and abused. (By the same enemy these cowardly politicians don’t want to torture) The politicians that ordered the military to use women in combat should go through the same cruelty. Maybe then they’d think twice about gender equalization.

McCain, President Bush and the politicians know our military is in trouble. We can’t recruit enough men as mentioned in a previous blog. Why, because we’re fighting someone else’s war under the pretence of our freedom.

Why do we need women to fight? They can’t handle the extremes of hand-to-hand combat. Look up the mission of the infantry. Show me one politician’s daughter who has join up and fights for the U.S. Realistically, the political ruling class has their daughters attending Ivy League schools or working in some cushy corporate job.

Men have done the fighting for thousands of years. Gorillas fighting in Africa and Asia put guns in the hands of women and children. If the shoe fits!! Vote Out The (cowardly) Bums. Guaranteed, when we change their pictures often, we won’t be sending women to war. We won’t be fighting someone else’s war, either.

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