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The cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz lacked the courage to act in the face of fear. He proclaims that courage is “what makes a king out of a slave”.

Politicians act like the cowardly lion. While roaring verbiage in front of TV cameras, they lack the courage to represent the citizens. Without even thinking twice about empathizing with citizen’s economic woes, they leave Washington and go on holiday. Politicians just keep giving us more reasons to mobilize and VOTE OUT THE (cowardly) BUMS.

During the past few months politicians had multiple chances to become kings but choose to stay slaves to party ideology. Instead of putting themselves in the shoes of most citizens, they chose to identify with the elitist, rich folks. Politicians don’t worry about rising costs. They’re driving, flying, eating – basically living – on our dime. “So what if voters are hurting, we’re not” is the way they act.

The vacationing politicians lack courage to do the right thing. They represent the citizens but wouldn’t stand up for them. They instead choose to allow citizens to suffer longer than necessary with higher energy prices.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, “A long march starts from the very first step.” The first step in the present oil crisis is to “drill here, drill now”.

The cowardly politicians refused to take that “first step” towards helping U. S. citizens. They refuse to stop fighting like children in middle school. They refuse to put the interest of the citizens first. They refuse to courageously stand up to their party leaders and say enough with the party politics.

Some politicians ask, “How is it that oil’s overhead goes up and so do the profits?” They actually believe that in most businesses, as overhead raises, profits fall. (Why aren’t the airlines showing huge oil industry-like profits?) To counter rising overhead, businesses will raise prices to keep the same profit margin. Politicians know something smells fishy, but are too cowardly to expose the truth. Instead they continue to play childlike power games blaming Bush.

If the Bushs (father and son) are trying to help big oil get richer, why don’t these cowardly politicians do some investigative work and prove it. They have the manpower to expose all the Bushs’ family connections to the oil companies. Politicians lack the courage to expose how corrupt the political system truly is. (google Promis Software or Inslaw Affair for real political cowardness)

Today’s politicians are inbred, courage less, jellyfish. Put them on any inner city street corner and they wouldn’t last ten minutes without calling daddy or mommy for help.

The lack of political courage is just another reason to Vote Out The Bums. A vote for any incumbent is a vote for rising energy (and living) costs.

This winter while you’re struggling to pay gasoline, food and heating costs, your cowardly lion politician will be warm and cozy spending your dime. Don’t be a sucker – VOTB!

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