Russia: To Bribe or Not To Bride

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Russia knows how to play the ‘world chess game’. When the Bear makes a move the earth trembles. And all our politicians can do is blab meaningless platitudes.

Russia’s military dropped a hammer on the ant, Georgia. The world took note. Some responded with ‘if the U.S. can invade Iraq, what’s wrong with Russia invading Georgia?’ More important than the politics is the chess game for the illusion of world dominance. Russia made a move and the U.S. essentially folded. Georgia in turn asked China for help! Maybe the thought of China getting involved stopped the Bear. Or maybe the objective was reached before any country needed to get involved.

Note the press comments from early August. “Russia said Wednesday (08.06.08) that Iran should be granted more time to respond to a package of incentives that the United States and five other powerful nations have offered Tehran to freeze its uranium enrichment efforts, a stance that may slow U.S. and European efforts to impose U.N. sanctions on Tehran…. U.S. administration officials say Iran is buying time to advance its capacity to enrich uranium; an effort they suspect (‘what if’ politics) is intended to fuel a nuclear weapon.”

Not only is Russia (a nation with many nuclear weapons) buying time for Iran, but they have taken the invasion of Iran off the U.S. imperialistic dinner table for now. The U.S. won’t invade Iran in the near future (even with intense pressure from the AIPAC) for one main reason. Russia is throwing its support behind Iran. Even the AIPAC doesn’t want to take on Russia just to get at Iran.

Currently, Russia is helping equip Iran’s defenses. “Russia has signed a deal with Iran to sell 29 of its Tor M-1 anti-missile systems, a development that will complicate any planned pre-emptive attack on the rogue nation’s nuclear facilities, reports Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin.”

If equipping Iran isn’t enough, Russia’s army is mobilized and close enough to take on any invading force. No one wants that battle except maybe Russia. Check!

The Russian weapons making industry took a big hit a few years ago. “After orders peaked at more than $2 billion a year early in this decade, Chinese arms deals with Russia shrank to almost nothing in 2006, and no major new contracts are in the pipeline, according to Russian, Chinese and U.S. defense experts.”

So Russia has lots of weapons and is pushing to elevate its world status. The chess game continues where it left off two to four decades ago. The U.S. (England) needs to focus on the bigger picture that includes Cuba. Middle East stability will have to be put on hold in favor of world power plays.

Russia doesn’t play by the rules. Back in 2005 the Russia-Iran nuclear deal was signed over U.S. objections. This joint Russian-Iranian venture to complete the $1bn plant at Bushehr means the Bear has a stake in Iran. Russia is the “ensure security” at the plant and for Iran in general. Russia has rejected pressure from the U.S to cut nuclear ties with Iran. Checkmate!

Now politicians from the U.S. (England, too) will have to figure out a civilized way to modify their version of the ‘world chess game’. They will try to control the Bear like a parent tries to control a kid. Parent control their kids with bribes. Will Russia fall for this again?

Maybe they have already been bribed. “The joint program that facilitated these closures (of Russian plutonium-producing reactors), known as Elimination of Weapons Grade Plutonium Production (EWGPP), aims to halt Russian production of plutonium…. With the closure of Siberian Chemical Combine, located in Seversk….. The United States has donated $926 million in order to help refurbish nearby fossil fuel and wind plants to compensate for the loss of energy.”

Recently, the temperature of Al Gore’s global warming butt was elevated. Not only are U.S politicians advocating fossil fuel use in Russia but also “Congressional Republicans claimed that as Vice President Al Gore may have violated the law by keeping secret the details of a 1995 deal to restrict Moscow’s transfer of nuclear technology to Iran.”

Corrupt U.S. politicians know about bribes. They think all politicians around the world operate like that. They will talk with hollow certainty about Russia. Some will turn back the clock (McCain) and use cold war expressions. Bottom line – none of them have a clue how to play chess with the Bear if the bribes don’t work.

The time is right for new political blood. We need politicians who think beyond bribing children. VOTB: Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election.

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