Singing for Dinner: VOTB

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September’s Presidential debate was classic hot air politics. Obama and McCain were singing for dinner – every night in the White House. Here’s a sample of their hot air nothingness.

The question is: Do you want dinner tonight?

McCain: As a prisoner of war for many years, I would dream of dinner. With my extensive war record, dinner was always an afterthought. I couldn’t help but to recall all those mush dinners as a POW. Some nights I would sing for my dinner over Vietnam radio. I am proud of my nickname ‘Songbird’.
Senator Obama doesn’t have a nickname from proudly serving America, does he?

Obama breaks in: Now John, I do have a holy card from a little boy. He doesn’t want to get shot in his neighborhood while walking to the store to buy dinner for his family. This holy card reminds me that nicknames like ‘Songbird’ don’t mean anything while dodging inner city bullets. Nicknames also serve no purpose making prospective dinner reservations with President Bush, as I have said on numerous occasions with no real meaning.

McCain continues: My affairs (thinking of Cindy and her money while married to Carol), let me clarify, that is my foreign affair trips to the Middle East always included dinner with the troops. Then unlike my opponent, Senator Obama, I went to have dinner with the wounded troops in that German hospital. Senator Obama policies would starve our wounded soldiers and put dinner at risk for all Americans. Senator Obama would take the food out of elderly Jewish grandmother’s mouths because he doesn’t have the experience of being shot down while flying illegal freedom missions over Vietnam, Cambodia or Laos.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

McCain continues: Dinner victory is within our grasp if only we spend another 102 trillion dollars conquering the world. Senator Obama still wouldn’t admit the surge worked in Iraq. He doesn’t know the difference between strategy and tactics.

Obama breaks in: Now Senator McCain, I do know the difference. You have voted to go to war with Bush on numerous, multiple and many occasions. I voted present. Now my vote was a tactic. My strategy is to stay out of wars that kill innocent people. But let me make this crystal clear, we should be fighting in Afghanistan not Iraq.

McCain interrupts with a huff: With my expensive military connections and with the military industrial complex behind me, I will ram democracy down the throats of every civilization on earth. Only then will I eat dinner comfortably, without clenching my jaws. Only when everyone can eat dinner in a democratically elected country, then will I eat dinner, my fellow Americans.

Senator Obama your turn to answer the question. Do you want dinner tonight?

Obama: As I said before, and I want to say again, my position on dinner has not changed. I want to make perfectly clear that I think soup lines are unacceptable in America today. My organizing experiences have brought me closer to the bread lines caused by the irresponsible Bush economic policies. Senator McCain has dinner with Bush often and would vote to eat the same entrée almost 100 percent of the time.

McCain break in: I’m a maverick, with more war experiences than you or President Bush. I only agree with the President’s choice of entrées 93.5674 percent of the time.

Obama continues: We need a menu change. Steak and potatoes is far to rich a diet for most Americans. Besides PETA is calling for a band of using cow’s milk in ice cream in favor of using mother’s milk. I have often stated my belief that mother’s milk is good for every American. I also recall asserting many times; Americans need a low cholesterol diet of rice and/or beans. What’s good for the citizens of the world is good for us. Again let me be clear about one thing, I will not let Senator McCain distort my position on dinner. Meat will clog your arties and fish fill of mercury will poison you.

McCain shouts: In my experience powered eggs will keep an army in dinners for weeks. The eggs from chickens in our POW camp gave the guards elevated blood pressure. Between the eggs and worry about the next napalm strike, those guards would not have voted for the liberal policies of Senator Obama’s party.

Obama continues: Eggs aside or sunny side up as my mama use to make for me, let me make another thing clear. Like my experienced, well-traveled VP says, we should all be patriotic and pay taxes. Rich people making $150,000 or more are presently having lavish nightly dinners. These rich people need to pay more taxes. (The crowd chants, let them eat beans.)

Obama smiles from the left side of his mouth and continues: There are lots of projects the Bush administration didn’t fund that will provide dinners for pre-schoolers and the elderly in Florida and Ohio. In conclusion, I want to make this perfectly clear that dinner is a family affair, especially in Pennsylvania. My esteem colleague, Senator McCain, is welcomed to have dinner with our family anytime. Of course he must bring his trophy VP along with his rich, trophy wife. Maybe his trophy VP can bring a moose she shot.

The two party system smells like last week’s dinner full of rotting food. Either, Bob Barr and Ron Paul would have had both ‘candidates’ for dinner. They would have chopped them up with specifics like an Iron Chef. They would have told the American citizens the truth about dinners. We need to take dinners away from the special interest people. We need to take dinners away from the environmental groups holding up energy expansion. We need to put Wall Street back on the same post-depression regulations that worked for many years. Finally, we need to take away dinners from all the Kissinger types that think America should be supported by foreign money.

McCain and Obama were comical. If they are the best and brightest America has for offer its citizens and the world as leaders, a voter revolution wouldn’t do any more damage than either will do as President.

The citizens of the U.S. need to realize that the quality of their future dinners ride on every vote. Maybe when all the voters are regularly eating rice and/or beans for dinner they’ll wonder why the elite political class and the wealthy are eating steak. Only then will the voters get hungry for real leaders.

VOTB: Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election. True – without Barney (Dick Mouth) Frank, Nancy (Say Something Stupid) Pelosi and Harry (Catch Me If You Can) Reed – U.S. soap opera politics would be less entertaining — and less nauseating, less pathetic and less damaging to the American heritage. Personally, I would rather watch a good sporting event with my dinner.

Vote Out The (hot air) Bums – Every Incumbent, Every Election.

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Math Challenged Politicians: VOTB

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The real tragedy of the current financial crisis is that politicians don’t understand economics. They want power and money and above all control. The funny part of the current economic crisis is that politicians don’t even understand what they are trying to control or regulate.

Most politicians on T.V. (especially McCain or Obama), will talk about regulating Wall Street. The T.V. hosts never ask the magic question ‘How do they plan to regulate?’ in specifics or everyday terms. The fact of this coming election is that Ron Paul or Bob Barr can make some sense of the financial mess. McCain admitted several months ago that he doesn’t understand economics. Obama is q-card clueless.

Incumbent politicians only understand how to secure their personal wealth and monies for their friends. National or global economics is as foreign to them as a talking tree. Otherwise they wouldn’t have repealed the ‘Glass-Steagall Act of 1933’. “That act separated investment banking from commercial banking to insure that investment bank speculation would not again destabilize commercial banks as it did during the Great Depression leading to the loss of America’s savings. However, in 1999, the US Congress (full of incumbent politicians) repealed the Glass-Steagall Act and America was once again vulnerable to the highly leveraged shenanigans of Wall Street.”

The fact is that Wall Street Wiz Kids have out-smarted everyone, including ignorant politicians. Ask any incumbent politician what a CDS is. Ask them how the overnight institutional lending works (the means private investors make millions of dollars with only a promise of collateral funding). The best question for them would be ‘Why did the Glass-Steagall Act work?’ and “Why did they vote to repeal it?”

Economics is not a requirement for a law degree as our incumbent politician’s ignorance of the subject is attesting. So, Wall Street people have run amuck. Politicians are calling for regulation (code for increasing control or socialism).

The answer to this financial crisis is based on the same subject matter our politicians don’t understand – economics. Economics is simply math. The easiest way monitor this mess includes numbers. Numbers don’t lie like politicians. Numbers are solid and without political bias, not like incumbent politicians. Numbers are a transparent as glass. They give black and white answers unlike politicians.

U.S. economic growth is currently based on the function of borrow and spend. Let some egghead economist put a number value on national borrowing and spending. Than put a number value on what the nation should be doing, saving and producing. Then divide the borrow/spend number by the saving/producing number. If the answer is more than 1, something is wrong.

Newly elected politicians with some economic background would be better suited to try a new common sense economic indicator. Fresh politicians would work more efficiently and more intelligently with a greater sense of responsibility than incumbent politicians. That’s why we need to Vote Out The (incumbent) Bums. VOTB


We have McCain responding this week by playing Donald Trump’s “you’re fired”. The New York Times’ Paul Krugman noted recently that, in a moment of candor, John McCain admitted economics isn’t his thing. http://thinkprogress.org/2008/01/18/mccain-economy/

Obama is waiting for his script. He has supported tax hikes in the past and now is sounding like an economic conservative.

Only an ignorant populist would vote for either of these guys at the national level. Voters need to display courage. They need to look elsewhere for a one term politician in their local elections – ones that know numbers. VOTB

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Maverick Politicians: VOTB

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Mavericks pride themselves in going against conventional wisdom. So when conventional wisdom says we don’t go to war, a maverick will say go to war. When conventional wisdom says we don’t use the nuclear option in war, a maverick will use the nuclear option. You can see where this rebellious maverick thing is going. When politicians use catchy phrases such as ‘maverick’, voters beware. Being a rebellious maverick is not a qualification for public service.

Mavericks see situations in black and white. That is the equivalent to being an on/off switch. Black and white is not the way to influence people and get things done in a democracy. Only dictators, fascist or communists can get things done in a black and white manner.

Enter McCain and Palin on a faux stage right. The mavericks McCain and Palin are part of the election process this year. Obama and Biden are their gray counterparts. While gray is lukewarm throw up material, it is not threatening. Gray is slow to move without majority approval. For example, Obama and Biden are slow to see that McCain is distracting attention off himself and on to Palin.

Mavericks are dangerous for U.S politics. McCain and Palin are delusional if they think a rebellious, maverick approach to foreign policy or cutting the size of government is realistic. If elected, these mavericks will only separate common from sense.

Look at the two definitions of maverick to put things into perspective. Both definitions are scary when applied to politicians, especially the President or Vice President of the U.S.

The noun, maverick is “one that refuses to abide by the dictates of or resists adherence to a group; a dissenter.” As an adjective, a maverick is a person “being independent in thought and action or exhibiting such independence:”

A person exhibiting one or both of these definitions could be characterized as stubborn, rebellious and/or pigheaded. Such a person, if elected president, has no need for a chief of staff, a cabinet, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, a congress, a vice-president or a Supreme Court. Such a person thinks of himself as a strongman (a powerful political figure who rules by the exercise of force or violence). If the maverick shoe fits wear it. In 2006 some of McCain’s colleagues call him a tyrant (a ruler who exercises power cruelly and unjustly). http://nielsenhayden.com/makinglight/archives/008288.html

One has to admit that McCain, the maverick, has diverted attention off himself and on to Palin. Not so great a strategy if Hillary were the presidential candidate. Clinton Inc., experts at diverting attention, would barbeque McCain.

Two books expose what maverick McCain is trying to hide by adding Sarah Palin to the ticket.


Masked Presidential Bandits: VOTB

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Who are these masked bandits running for the U.S. presidency. Everyone in the world but the U.S. voting public seems to know that McCain and Obama, presidential candidates, will say anything to get elected. Let’s start to unmask McCain and Obama.

McCain is a pit bull (without lipstick). He’s mean (In high school they called him “McNasty.”) calculating and egocentric. John McCain is no war hero. (http://www.usvetdsp.com/mcianhro.htm)

McCain is a war opportunist whose nickname in the prisoner camps was “songbird”.

Is this masked bandit a Manchurian Candidate? “Republican Senator Thad Cochrane has openly said he trembles at the thought of an unstable McCain in the Oval Office with his finger on the nuclear trigger.” The Vietnamese radio propagandists made good use of McCain. He was on the air so often that, on June 4, 1969, a U.S. wire service headlined a story entitled “PW Songbird Is Pilot Son of Admiral”.

Politically, McCain attacks his opponents with mean, calculating ads. He showed this side of his personality during the Republican primaries especially with attacks on Romeny. Now he’s attacking Obama. These ads are designed to take his opponent off message. (He’s taking lessons from the Clintons.) These ads supply no substance to the debate of ideas. (Where is that debate anyways?)

McCain is calculating with his choices of women. He dumps his former beauty queen wife when she gets fat. One month after that divorce is final, he marries a rich beer heiress to finance his run for public office.

Now he’s counting on another woman, his vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, to carry him to the presidency. He reminds us of the bully that runs home to hide behind his mommy’s skirt when being chased or threatened.

Men like McCain consider women as trophies. Great example was at the 911 salute with Obama at the twin towers site. Obama shows up alone acting like a lost statesman. McCain brings his trophy wife. McCain likes to show off his woman like the starting quarterback shows off his cheerleader trophy.

Anyone who uses women for boosting his egocentric ambitions is calculating beyond the ordinary. McCain’s personality traits align well with that main character in the movie American Psycho.

Obama is a Good Samaritan. Some might call him a Mother Teresa type. He is a young idealist, honestly following his convictions while connecting with the younger generations. He believes the stuff taught at the political, networking ivy-league universities. Anyone coming from his background could be brainwashed into an elitist mindset as he is. All those ivory tower thinkers believe us peasants need their ideas for guidance.

Obama is fighting a two front war to get elected. One front is obvious – the mud slinging, hawk McCain. The other is Hillary. She is having her minions say outrageous things to make Obama look petty and stupid. Remember she helped found several ultra left web sites like Media Matters. That site is much more congenial to McCain lately.

One of the latest attacks about Palin and her anti-abortion stance came from a southern Democrat governor. A friend of Hillary’s?? How about Biden, Hillary’s long time friend, saying Hillary would be a better VP candidate than he? Between McCain and Hillary, Obama will need a verbal flack jacket and the scriptwriters from SNL to get out of this election process alive.

Obama doesn’t know how to fight a two-front war. Ignoring McCain’s trophy VP pick (the pit bull with lipstick) would be a good start. Unfortunately, his party is on the wrong side of many issues average U.S. citizens care about like illegal immigration (Palin’s Achilles heal), taxes, and abortion.

To really grab the hearts and minds of the U.S. citizens, Obama has to talk about the causes of our economic and energy meltdowns. He must educate himself to speak convincingly (without cheat sheets and “ah”ing) on how to fix them. (Obama could take speaking lessons from Newt!) Only then will he be able to talk about real “positive” change.

For McCain to win, he has to let the women take charge and do his talking! Most people are tired of his war stories. (Leave the real war stories to Oliver North.) McCain may think the new 73 is 53, but his mind doesn’t. He’s stuck in the teens with raging hormones! (This puts his character with the likes of Clinton and JFK.)

Only sensible citizens will unmask these two bandits. Of McCain, U.S. Congressmen Bill Hendon (R-NC) and John LeBoutillier (R-NY) said in the August 16, 2008 edition of the U.S. Veteran Dispatch, “As Senator he (John McCain) abandoned American POWs trapped in Indochina; as President he’ll abandon you”.

Of Obama, are the boomers ruling the country. Obama found the point of Marijuana. Now what, lets all inhale!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpBzQI_7ez8

Since most informed citizens won’t find the point of continuing this absurd charade in government, we need a revolutionary strategy for cleaning it up.

Vote out every incumbent, every election at the local and state levels this year – VOTB. Look for an alternative candidate in this year’s presidential election. Vote out the (masked) bums (by not voting them in).

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Faux Conventions and Politicians: VOTB

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Sarah knows a good way to score in basketball is to use fakes. Politicians have known for centuries that a good way to get elected is to fake out the public about themselves and their ideas. These past two “faux conventions” can be illustrated by a little girl asking her mommy, do all fairy tales begin with “once upon a time?” The wise mom answers, no. Some fairy tales begin with “When elected, I promise…..”

The politicians use conventions to say “when elected, I promise….” Truth be known, conventions are political plays that run off Broadway for four days. On or off Broadway, a four-day play is called a flop. In the world of politics, these four-day plays are part of the faux buy-in process staged for the American citizens. Politicians want to give the impression that their fairy tales have massive public buy-in.

Buy-in is a simple trick used in education by principals to install a controversial idea in their school. The technique involves the principal getting a few kiss-up teachers in favor of their idea. These teachers circulate among the staff pushing the idea’s “talking points”. Committees are formed headed by these kiss-ups. In committee the idea is bantered about. The final version is close to the original. The idea is voted upon at some large meeting and passes. The principal has faked out the teachers. They have bought into the principal’s idea.

In the political process, the ‘principals’ calling the shots are the influential and rich with wealthy puppeteers pulling their strings and nodding approval. The wealthy distribute money to expand their financial base and to bribe for idea approval among the rich. The influential and rich in turn bribe the political kiss-ups to show approval for political ideas that eventually help them and wealthy make more money.

For the Republicans, McCain “the hawk, philander, traitor” is supported by the military industrial complex while the wealthy are getting the North American Union (NAU) idea solidly entrenched. Sarah, the hawk’s “barracuda”, governs a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants. While she might attack corruption, she wouldn’t fight against illegal immigration. We know McCain is for amnesty and so are the wealthy. The flood of illegal immigration enhances NAU plausibility.

For the Democrats, Obama “the social worker” wants to help everyone. The people that support him have communist’s leanings. These are pointing the U.S. into feudalism. They want to help people while increasing control over them. This makes collecting taxes easier for the wealthy in the form of buying down the national debt. Obama is in favor of raising taxes to buy down the national debt.

Obama’s running mate, Biden, is chairman of the U.S. Senate Committee of Foreign Relations. Biden’s range of influence includes arms sales for national allies (helps the military industrial complex) to important international treaties and legislation (NAFTA for the NAU). NAFTA contains the “North American Agreement on Labor Cooperation (NAALC)” which is one of the reasons why we have uncontrolled illegal immigration. “It supplements NAFTA and endeavors to create a foundation for cooperation among the three countries for the resolution of labor problems as well as to promote greater cooperation among trade unions and social organizations in order to fight for improved labor conditions.”
All that means is if there’s no work in Mexico go to the U.S. or Canada, illegally. We’ll fix the illegally part soon!

The political conventions are attended by the kiss-ups thinking they are choosing a presidential candidate. In reality, they are kissing up to the party leaders (controlled by money) and at the same time giving television audiences a faux buy-in illusion. Conventions are bad Broadway plays on steroids.

“When elected, I promise…..” after elected is followed with “but I can’t now because…..” Faux conventions with faux politicians and faux promises are just another reason to vote out the bums (VOTB). Let the politicians have their four-day plays. Then let them know that even Sarah can’t fake us out. Vote out every incumbent, every election.

If no incumbent is running, look for the candidate with the least amount of money. Chances are s/he will match the way they govern with their core beliefs. They won’t (at least initially) be faux.

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