Idea: VOTB

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Imagine a world with a U.S. president that is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. Imagine a congress dominated by independents and libertarians. Imagine a Supreme Court only interpreting the Constitution.

Idea: Vote Out The Bums (VOTB) – every incumbent, every election – is the strategy that can make it happen.

Ideas running a muck in government today include unaccountability and corruptibility. Both ideas can be exchanged for common sense leadership with a voter rebellion. The VOTB idea is, globally, the most imperative rebellion since the 1775 – 1783 American Revolution. The U.S. is heading down a path leading to Feudalism by way of Socialism and Fascism. Eventually, the word slavery will apply to every color of people. The formal term will be serfs as the world goes back to the Old Economic Order – Feudalism!

Have any of you rebuilt an old car? The first thing you do is get rid of the rust. Then you’d rebuild the frame, engine, electrical, cooling, brake and suspension systems. Finally, you’d pretty-up the exterior and interior.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

VOTB idea is like rebuilding an old car. VOTB aims to rebuild our government in the same way. Getting rid of the old rust – incumbent politicians – is the key to the rebuilding process. New representatives are needed to rebuild the congress, executive and Supreme Court branches of government.

Time has tested the two-party system style of politics. Time is showing that both parties are bought and paid for – corrupted by money. Time has exposed politicians as impostors – whoring liars. They are like the unchecked rusting parts of a car. The exterior rusts away with the corporate money. Secretly, the ‘Federal Reserve’ corrodes the framework. Ask Lincoln, JFK, Garfield and McKinley what happens if you try to stop the Federal Reserve idea. Consider VOTB to be the idea to stop and remove the rust.

What have the last 100 years of politicians and political families brought to U.S. citizens? For starters corrupt politicians brought in the Federal Reserve System in 1913. Then came the roller coaster ride – inflation, dollar devaluation, globalization (United Nations) of resources, the CIA and “ugly American”, wars, depression, recessions, mounting national debt and crisis after crisis (oil, housing, global warming).

Corrupt politicians are acting like a group of drunken high school teenagers. They are drunk on power and money. Their attitude is ‘I’m going to take care of me and my family – to hell with the stupid, ignorant people.’

BUMS could stand for:
B – Bitches for the Federal Reserve idea
U – Undermining country’s security – open boarders, manipulated terrorists’ attacks
M – Mocking American traditions – social trends upsetting traditional values
S – Spiders weaving a web of deception (IRS with no real income tax law)

Does anyone have a better idea for REAL positive CHANGE? Many piece meal ideas are being presented. These that could help the U.S. will never see the light of day. They will be held back by corrupted, self-serving politicians with seniority – Nancy Polesi style.

VOTB will negate seniority. VOTB will bring a fresh willingness to try any idea that will keep U.S. citizens free and prosperous. VOTB will elect politicians that will help U.S. citizens and ultimately the world citizens in their quest for a more fulfilling life.

Fitting quotes for the VOTB idea could be a few borrowed lines from an Aaron Russo’s America: Freedom to Fascism.

“The government is our servant. We are government’s masters. Stop being good Republicans. Stop being good Democrats. Stop being brainwashed by the illusion of a two party system. Start being good Americans.”

In the grand scheme a country divided into Republicans and Democrats won’t focus on America’s real enemies – unaccountability and corruptibility leading to The Federal Reserve and the Internal Revenue Service monopoles.

Choose to master and conquer political corruption. Break through the ‘web of indifference’. Vote Out The Bums: every incumbent, every election.

YOU have to make up for the citizens to stupid to even consider a voter revolution! Listen to this.

Think for yourself and future generations. VOTB: every incumbent, every election.

“It has been said that politics is the second oldest profession. I have learned that it bears a striking resemblance to the first.” – Ronald Reagan

Pass on the idea. The VOTB store is open.


Black Power: A Citizen’s Subconscious

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Color power fosters sentiments of resistance, rebellion and intimidation. ‘Color power’ in this sense symbolizes movements that are rammed down citizen’s throats. Some examples are Green Power (bs-environmental push), Brown Power (making illegal’s U.S. citizens), White Power (elite Caucasianism), etc. During the 2008 presidential election ‘Black Power’ is an intimidating power dancing in the subconscious of U.S. citizens.

Black Power is Obama’s Achilles heal. Although he’s only one-half black and was a child during Black Power’s heyday, his candidacy is being politicized as a black thing. Understanding how people were intimidated through the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s by the ‘Black Power’ movement is the key to understanding intimidation is not racism.

While Black Power was a righteous movement in itself, it invoked negative emotions in many U.S. citizens. Fear and anger leading to intimidation has surfaced with Obama. Intimidation is at the root of many voters’ motivation. Some see Obama’s candidacy as ‘Black Power’ raising its ugly head anew or as a culmination of the original Black Power movement.

Racial pride fueled the Black Power movement. It grew out of the Civil Right’s movement that had steadily gained momentum through the 1950s and 1960s. The Black Power movement marked a turning point in black-white relations in the United States. Many citizens believed that an anti-American sentiment accompanied Black Power ideology.

Color is only skin deep but the perception of color penetrated the soul of Black Power leaders. Kwame Ture (then known as Stokely Carmichael) and Mukasa Dada (then known as Willie Ricks) were the first to use Black Power as social and political slogans. Malcolm X and the Nation of Islam felt that racial self-determination was a critical and neglected element of true equality.

Citizens of the 50s and the 60s remember Black Power movements. They remember Stokely Carmichael for his use of the phrase “Black Power,” which in the mid-1960’s ignited a white backlash and alarmed an older generation of civil rights leaders, including the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. They remember Martin Luther King, Jr and his “I have a dream” speech. Unfortunately, many thought that it was only a black dream. Everyone else that heard the speech shook it off as Black Power going civil.

Citizens remember being intimidated and blamed for slavery occurring earlier in U.S. and in world history. The result of Black Power getting militant caused citizens to think: “Why are you attacking me?” “Sorry, I wasn’t alive then”. “I’m just trying to make a living to support my family.”

Carmichael’s call for black power galvanized many young blacks because it sounded anti-white, provocative and violent. This struck fear into many whites. Carmichael’s speeches became more provocative. “When you talk of black power, you talk of building a movement that will smash everything Western civilization has created.”

That sounds like something Islamic terrorists say today. Is Carmichael’s Black Power resonating in the subconscious of U.S. citizens today?

Carmichael questioned, will white people overcome their racism and allow for that to happen in this country? If not, we have no choice but to say very clearly, “Move on over, or we’re going to move over you.”

If you don’t vote for Obama you’re being labeled a racist. Is this Carmichael’s intimidation?

Carmichael is not alone. Former Black Panther Party leader Kathleen Cleaver, as of 12/03 a Yale law professor, told a young audience that “we are fighting against today’s ‘neo-colonial structure’ that committed terrorist acts through both covert and overt acts. We’ve come to the legal end of white supremacy. But, quiet as it’s kept, the United States does have a neo-colonial structure.”

When Obama calls for unity and change, who do U.S. citizens hear? Some hear Carmichael calling “for black people in this country to unite,” (not as Americans by as blacks). Some hear Cleaver’s hate for ‘neo-colonial structure’ that is America. Or will they hear Walter Mosley. In 2006 he wrote: “We (blacks) are a racial minority in a country where racism is a fact of life, a country that was founded on economic and imperialist racism.”

Is Obama’s change part of the Black Power movement, “we will overcome”? On Election Day, we will find out how many U.S. citizens are still intimidated by the ‘Black Power’ movement. Or will the thought of ‘Black Power’ in itself cause a resistance to vote for even ‘one-half’ of Obama.


A Managed Economic Crisis: VOTB

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Various people and hedge fund managers (George Soros, etc…) want to control the world’s greatest nation. They will scheme anything to get it, even make more money!

The scheme of this election cycle is to cause as much economic turmoil as possible. Some people are calling this the expected “October Surprise”. Traditionally, the party in power is blamed for the nation’s economic situation. Bush, the Republicans and McCain will take the hit. This present Managed Economic Crisis will usher Obama and the socialized Democrats AND THEIR BACKERS into the white house.

What are they going to do with the U.S. if they get it? All the indicators point towards Feudalism.

Feudalism has it roots in the old world order. The ruling elite were served by tax paying minims and peasants. Those wanting to go back to the Old World Order (OWO) have been buying U.S. politicians for decades. Self-serving politicians are pushing OWO ideas right now – socialism. Socialism is a giant step in the direction of Feudalism. In order for the U.S. citizens to accept socialism, a crisis is needed. Enter the Managed Economic Crisis scheme.

The Manage Economic Crisis is about “selling short”. The SEC knows this and recently temporally banned the “selling short” of securities. The ban was lifted on October 2, 2008. Is it a coincidence the DOW was down on each day following October 3, 6, 7 and 8 a total of 1200 points.

The SEC’s emergency order, pursuant to its authority in Section 12(k)(2) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, will be immediately effective and will terminate at 11:59 p.m. ET on Oct. 2, 2008.

The essence of the ban (“short selling”) is that the SEC has placed a hold on “short selling” in 799 financial institutions until October 2, 2008, in tandem with the FSA, which is the British counterpart of the SEC.”

Historically, hedge fund managers have proven they could cause financial turmoil in a country or region and still make money. The 1997 economic crisis in East Asia was just like the current one in the U.S. The hedge fund gamblers are playing on a global stage today. In an attempt to cover their tracks, a study was done at Yale (a politician’s higher education gateway).

Yale tested the hypothesis that hedge funds were responsible for the crash in the Asian currencies in late 1997. They claim that fluctuations in long or short positions were not associated with moves in the exchange rate. “The estimated net positions of the major funds were not unusual during the crash period, nor were the profits of the funds during the crisis. In sum, we find no empirical evidence to support the hypothesis that George Soros, or any other hedge fund manager was responsible for the crisis.”
That’s double speak for “they did it”!

Others think differently then the Yales. In August 1997, the business week “The Rich Get a Little Richer,” revealed that ”hedge funds made big profits from speculative attacks on Southeast Asian currencies in July 1997. According to Business Week, in the first half of this year, the hedge funds performed poorly. But in July (the month when the Thai baht went into crisis and when other currencies began to come under attack) they “rebounded with a vengeance” and that most types of funds posted “sharp gains.” The magazine says that a key contributing factor for the hedge funds’ excellent July performance was “the funds’ speculative plays on the Thai baht and other struggling Asian currencies, such as the Malaysian ringgit and the Philippine peso. As a whole, the hedge funds made only 10.3 percent net profits (after fees) on average for the period January to June 1997. But their average profit rate jumped to 19.1 percent for January-July 1997.” The inclusion of one additional month was the difference!

History repeats itself. The current Managed Economic Crisis mimics this historical event. One could substitute the U.S. in for the other countries and the East Asia crisis was just like the 2008 economic crisis.

“The build-up of short-term debts was becoming alarming. What transformed this into crisis for Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea was the sharp and sudden depreciation of their currencies, coupled with the reduction of their foreign reserves in anti-speculation attempts. When the currencies depreciated, the burden of debt servicing rose correspondingly in terms of the local- currency amount required for loan repayment. That much of the loans were short-term was an additional problem. Foreign reserves also fell in attempts to ward off speculative attacks. The short- term foreign funds started pulling out sharply, causing reserves to fall further. When reserves fell to dangerously low levels, or to levels that could not allow the meeting of foreign debt obligations, Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea sought IMF help.”

Socialism comes to the rescue in East Asia. Can anyone stay $700 B bailout bill?

“The Central Bank however retained a key control: private companies wanting to borrow foreign-currency loans exceeding RM5 million must obtain the Bank’s approval. Companies are also not allowed to raise external borrowing to finance the purchase of properties in the country. Thus there was a policy of ‘limiting private sector external loans to corporations and individuals with foreign exchange earnings’ which according to Bank Negara ‘has enabled Malaysia to meet its external obligations from export earnings.’ According to a private-sector leader, this ruling saved Malaysia from the kind of excessive short-term priavte-sector borrowing that led the other three countries into a debt crisis.” http://www.ifg.org/khor.html
Question: Why was the SEC ruling banning short selling lifted so soon?

Some think money from outside the U.S. is trying to influence the elections and maybe do more damage. In 1997 the East Asia markets were attacked. Before 9/11 oversees money was ‘shorting’ in the U.S.

“Joe Besecker of Emerald Asset Management Company stated in an article dated 9.26.08 that the vast majority of the financial short selling the past week or so were being done overseas. It appears that the lion’s share of shorting was coming out of overseas bourses such as London and Dubai. ……. Then there is another coincidence: The huge increase in shorting of the financials occurred on the anniversary of 9/11. And on top of that, the same institutions attacked on 9/11/01 were the ones suffering in recent days.”

Politicians are so bought and paid for that they would never acknowledge a Managed Economic Crisis. Politicians do not deserve our support. Just as the hedge fund managers are causing chaos in the financial markets, so should the voters in the political arena.

VOTB: Vote Out The (scheming) Bums

The VOTB strategy aims to shake up things in every political institution in the U.S. U.S. citizens need to wrestle control of our nation back from entrenched, egocentric politicians.

VOTB – vote out the bums: every incumbent, every election.

Pass on the VOTB idea.


Nip/Tuck Politicians: VOTB

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Today’s voters are substituting information for action. They are getting information from all sorts of media outlets. The political pundits are exposing corrupt politicians everyday. Do enough voters care? No, because political pundits are chasing voters away in groves. They make attacking and changing the political process seemly impossible. So voters choose entertainment.

Relating corrupt politicians to a popular T.V. series may help some voters see the current political creepshow. The popular television series Nip/Tuck pushes the envelope towards creepy, crude and insane. Politicians ridiculously do the same, everyday.

The latest politician induced creepshow happened during the faux financial crisis. First the house votes down the $700 B bailout bill. Then the Senate adds ‘porky pig’ to it. They and the house pass it without any discussion or public input (insane). That’s on par with the woman on Nip/Tuck who got breast implants with her lover’s cremated ashes in them. She may have wanted implants, but the lover’s ashes (like porky pig) were pushing on the insane.

Financial institutions before the bailout acted like blackmailers. If you don’t give us the bailout money, we won’t give out any loans and we’ll tell why we gave out the bad loans in the first place. That’s like Nip/Tuck criminal, Escobar, blackmailing Sean and Christian. Escobar tells Sean and Christian to perform breast implant removals (that contain heroin) or he would expose that Sean and Christian tie pieces of ham to a body, and left it in a swamp, to be devoured by alligators. Get real. Banks make their living off giving credit to anyone with a pulse – even to alligators and walking breast implants.

Politicians are acting like Julia with her secret about Matt’s father being Christian. Julia’s secret finally came to light as the series unfolded. The Republicans and Democrats have secretly fathered the events leading up to the current economic crisis. That congress mandated affordable loans is the secret that is finally being aired. In response, Julia and the congress began to act out of guilt with crude reasoning. Julia started sleeping around with midgets and women. Congress, sleeping with financial institutions that are contributing back to their campaigns, passed the crudely assembled bailout ‘porky pig’ bill.

Christian’s addiction to girls was insanely displayed by having him screwing a woman with a bag over her head. The Republicans and Democrats are screwing us with our own heads covered with ignorance bags. They are screwing us while ushering in Feudalism by socializing the government. The ironical part of this is that the ‘bag’ woman wanted Christian’s attentions even if she couldn’t see him. ‘Bag’ voters must organmicize when their slim-ball politicians seemingly pay attention to them.

Citizens addicted to voting for the lesser of two evils, put bags over their heads when choosing a president. Sean playing with a plastic Kimber doll wasn’t really screwing. The ‘lesser of two evils’ bag voters aren’t really voting. Bag-headed voters might as well be like creepy Matt masturbating outside Ava’s window. It may feel good, but nothing changes.

Befitting Halloween, Congress is a national creepshow. Nip/Tuck is a fantasy. Politicians in Congress are real and their actions touch every citizen, eventually. Christian and Sean try to win Matt’s affection with a Porsche. Politicians are trying to get voter affection with the $700 B bailout ‘porky pig’ bill.

Unfortunately, the voting and non-voting citizens are only interested in the next insane episode of Nip/Tuck or any other drama. Nip/Tuck politicians and their creepy, crude and insane ways are easy to understand and predictable. Voters are just substituting Nip/Tuck type information for political action and letting politicians slid into insanity.

U.S. citizens need new representation. When we have politicians laughing all the way to their ‘financial institution enhanced’ campaign bank accounts, things are Nip/Tuck bizarre. That should be creepy, crude and insane enough to make every U.S. citizen – VOTB.

VOTB – Vote Out The (creepy) Bums: every incumbent, every election.

Pass on the VOTB idea. VOTB store is open.


$700 B Haste and New Financial Order: VOTB

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Haste makes waste. Haste will fill politician’s campaign coffers. Haste is establishing a New Financial Order. Remember what Mayer Amschel Rothschild said, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

Politicians bought and paid for by the bailout institutes pathetically say this bailout is for the American people. The truth is this bailout helps build politician’s campaign coffers. The haste is because many politicians are depending on contributions for this year’s and future elections. This is not an American people’s economic crisis. It is a politician’s campaign contributions crisis.

Politicians see more campaign money on the horizon. Mid-level banking institutions are now being gobbled up by huge hedge funds. Hedge funds have lots more money to throw at politicians. Control of this nation’s money is being consolidated in the hands of fewer and fewer people – hedge fund administrators and the treasury secretary.

The media pundits are missing the big picture. They need to follow the money instead of playing the blame game.

“Maplight.org and the Center for Responsive Politics examine political-contribution data. The conclusion of both groups is that Republican and Democratic members of the House who voted yes on the bailout bill received substantially more donations from finance, real estate, insurance, banking, and securities firms than did members who voted no.”


The flow of campaign cash is a measure of how open-fisted banks and other financial institutions have been to politicians of both parties. Concern is rising that “no matter who the Democratic nominee is and who wins in November, Wall Street will have a friend in the White House,” said Massie Ritsch of the nonprofit Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks campaign donations. “The door will be open to these big banks.”

“In 2000 Republican George W. Bush went on to win the White House after collecting nearly $4 million from the (finance) industry versus Democrat Al Gore’s $1.4 million. In 2004, Bush received $8.8 million, twice what Democratic Sen. John Kerry collected.


“Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the most powerful companies in the country, and literally controlled the Congress,” said Peter Wallison, a senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. “Congress would not do anything they did not want Congress to do – and that came through some very sophisticated political activities and public relations that made it very difficult to challenge them.”


Bailout Backers (Politicians) Got More Bank Donations


Finally, the New Financial Order is being set up – in haste. The Federal Reserve System (made up of a bunch of private for-profit bankers) was set up in haste back in 1913. History records the rollercoaster economic situations the U.S. has endured since then. Will the New Financial Order usher in Feudalism by way of socialism? The ignorant voting public deserves whatever the future brings for not Voting Out The Bums – VOTB. Read what one smart person has to say.

“One man who knows much about the new emerging financial order is James G. Rickards. He works at the McLean, Va.-based market intelligence firm Omnis Inc., but he’s best-known as the former general counsel of Long Term Capital Management, the hedge fund whose late-1990s implosion sparked fears of a market wide meltdown similar to the one happening now. That disaster was averted by the intervention of the large Wall Street players at the behest of the government. But Rickards learned a lot about meltdowns in the aftermath.”

“What Rickards sees now is a financial order that has been turned on its head. The irony, he says, is that the investment banks generally nurtured and encouraged the hedge fund sector’s emergence and came to largely depend on the fees that the hedge funds paid for their heavy trading activity.”

“This is like people who think baby tigers are cute,” he explained. “And then one day they grow up and eat you.”

The world as Rickards sees it now is this: “The classic investment bank has gone away, and hedge funds are increasingly taking on the functions of the investment banks. Except they are unregulated.”

“At the end, it was the hedge funds whose aggressive short selling killed off the investment banks. They profited in the demise of their predecessors.”


This $700 B hasty hoax and the ushering in of the New Financial Order will be a historical event. American citizens have corrupt politicians to thank for enslaving their grand kids.

VOTB: Vote out every incumbent, every election if you want to save future generations from the tyranny of politicians corrupted by financial institutions.

Pass on the VOTB idea. The VOTB store is open.