The Most Extreme Protest

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Extreme protests differ from regular protests in absurdity, energy and boldness. Regular, everyday variety protests tamely target a situation some group judges to be wrong. This oxymoron involves a judgment call from the non-judgmental – ‘you’re not going to put your morals on me’ – crowd.

Examples of regular protests include PETA (animal’s rights), Gay groups (genital rights), ACLU (anti-religious rights), NOW (woman’s rights), environmentalists (nature’s rights) and the always-present anti-war groups (enemy’s rights – like Jane Fonda polishing the helmets of North Vietnamese generals).

These pseudo organizations hide behind ideas for political gains. The dedication of these groups only extends to their political convictions. They are laughable outside the U.S.

Outside the U.S. the stupidity of their protests are crushed into oblivion. Has a chapter of NOW ever protested in Iran, China or the Philippines? Where are the Middle East or African demonstrations from environmentalists? Have you seen any ACLU chapter or affiliate protest for separation of church and state in India, Palestine or South Africa? No, because the ACLU holds no ‘cred’ outside the U.S. Inside the U.S. they fight childish court battles like that over what Florida license plates say.

The next step in the evolution of protests is the ‘extreme protest”. Extreme protests call for the politically charged masses to judge an unjust situation within exceptionally absurd circumstances. A planned present day protest comes to mind as an example.

Several million illegals are planning to protest for amnesty immediately after Obama is inaugurated. They claim it’s payback time. They voted for Obama and now they want to be legal U.S. citizens.

Let’s analyze this situation. Illegals have tainted the election process. Illegals have admitted to election fraud. They can’t legally vote. Where is the outcry? Where are the arrests?

This extreme protest should be met with hundreds of INS buses and thousands of U.S. Marshalls, INS officers and National Guardsmen. Every illegal showing up for this protest should be put on a bus and ultimately sent back to their country of origin.

The spiritual world is the backdrop for the most extreme protest. The most extreme protest will be the unborn marching into the heads of abortion advocates and their enablers. The right to be born is more than equal to animal, genital, anti-religious, woman’s, nature’s and enemy’s rights. The problem is that the unborn have no political clout – at least in this world.

Abortion is an unjust situation for the unborn person. Yes, we can use the word ‘person’. Every medical school in the world concedes the end product of a human pregnancy is a human being – a person. Approximately 1.3 million unborn persons are killed every year in the U.S. alone. Many more unborn persons are killed around the world.

The most extreme protest is going to take place in the spiritual world. Spirits of the unborn millions are going to demonstrate around the Supreme Court and Washington D.C. endlessly – after all they are in eternity already!

Most of them are now haunting their moms. Their moms were tricked like Eve. They were told the Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal. The lie the moms bought is that legal doesn’t make abortion moral or just. The spirits of the unborn will turn their attentions from their moms to abortion advocates, especially politicians, judges and their surrogates.

Their most extreme protest will cause nightmares in the judges who invented and are defending a woman’s right to privacy. Unborn spirits will focus their attentions on politicians who have advocated their death and are advocating the death of those joining their ranks, daily. The unborn spirits will concentrate their intense supernatural powers on those wanting to kill babies in the birth canal, minutes from being born alive.

If there is a God, everyone who favors abortion will have to justify that position after they die. Roe vs. Wade decision is not biblical, moral or just. Those like Edward Kennedy, a pillar of political corruption, will stand naked before the Almighty. Can you imagine Kennedy calling for his Chappaquiddick lawyers to get him out of this mess?

The Most Extreme Protest imaginable will be the spirits of the unborn haunting the dreams of abortion advocates, especially political leaders with the power to stop the killing. That is going to be the Most Extreme Protest of all and a lot of us are cheering for the spirits!

P.s. Every person born after 1973 in the U.S. could have been legally aborted. Just ask these potential abortion survivors if their abortion would have been moral or just!!!

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