Second-hand Expectations – Survival Needs

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The materialistic American Dream was for the taking during the ‘Middle class – Glory Years’ – the 50’s through the early 2000’s. Political corruption has made that middle class up swing vanish along with the ‘American Dream’. Why, because all citizens, including the middle class, have accepted political corruption as a way of life. Consequently, a life of ‘second-hand expectations’ (survival needs) leading to Feudalism is in the future.

Corrupt governors go wild! How and why are these guys even elected?

Second-hand expectations are about renting, not owning a house. Second-hand expectations are about buying a older, used car or riding a bike. Second-hand expectations are about tempering materialistic dreams with reality based cash. Gone are the excesses in traveling, health care, relocating and vacationing to distant lands.

Enter class envy for real! The only people with money will be politicians, entertainers and those from the dark side!

Sure citizens will continue to buy I-pods, cell phones and entertainment equipment for a while. The big-ticket items requiring bank loans will be out of reach for more and more citizens. Conditions like these materialized because corrupt, ignorant and self-serving politicians have tampered with financial institutions, sound lending policies/regulations and generally sold their loyalties to the highest bidder.

Citizens know, but what are they doing about corruption?

Corruption has been woven into societal fabric. Citizens dreaming for a return to the ‘Glory Years’ voted for change. They elected a President from Al Capone’s town. Chicago is a town internationally known for its corruption. Citizens living on Chicago’s Southside know about ‘second-hand expectations’. They live in the projects where Darwin’s ’survival of the fittest’ is tested daily!

“Most cities have one overriding claim to fame. Say Los Angeles and you think about the movies; say Paris, you think art; Detroit, cars. But when people, the world over, say Chicago, they think of something less marketable: Organized Crime. It is a stain that no amount of accomplishment or image-boosting will ever wipe clean”.
Quote from the book, When Corruption Was King by Robert Cooley

Corruption has smashed the materialistic American Dream to pieces. Citizens chasing it have rationalized public corruption out of personal greed. They thought that unlimited credit is what makes their world go around. “Give me credit and I’ll accept your corruption”, one can almost hear them say! Second-hand expectations will gradually downgrade the American Dream to Maslow’s lowest need’s level. “Give me a warm cot and three squares a day and I’ll be happy.”

Or are second-hand expectations among us already?

By the time citizens realize the ‘Glory Years’ are over and the materialistic American Dream is gone for all but the select few, political corruption will have a strangle hold on the last truly free country in the world. Second-hand expectations will become the norm in the U.S. as it has around the world.

“31.5 percent of (American) families in this country make a total income of less than $35,000″. How fast will this percentage rise?

Have you ever asked yourself why most politicians are lawyers? Or better yet, what are lawyers paid to do for their clients? Lawyers are paid to know the law and how to bend it to their advantage. The easiest way to get rid of most corrupt politicians is to band all lawyers from public office!

Once they are in office, impeachment is a little harder!

Short of a lawyer band, “Voting out the Bums” every incumbent, every election (VOTB) is the only credible corruption clean-up methodology available to everyday citizens. Or you can kiss the “American Dream” goodbye forever! And say hello to second-hand expectations and eventually, Feudalism.

If you’d like to hear from an expert, check out what George has to say. Note the applause at the end and the final comment. “You have to be asleep to believe in the American Dream!”

Second-hand expectations or VOTB – your choice!

Pass on the word. Visit the VOTB store.

Epilogue: Here’s proof that corruption is accepted around the world. Second-hand expectations are the norm thanks to their politicians. Global citizens take note – transparency.org is a global coalition against corruption. It wasn’t founded by Al Capone or is it housed in Chicago!

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