Battered Citizen Syndrome

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The battered spouse (whether physical or verbal) sticks around for one key reason. They crave the attention. A contributing factor is of course a low self-esteem. They perceive their battering as better than a future of nothingness.

Citizens accept being battered by corrupt politicians for the same reason. They love the attention politicians give them claiming to “feel their pain” while shouting ‘change’ and eating Spam. These citizens’ ‘sense of hopelessness’ is equivalent to a low self-esteem. They revel in the entertaining aspects of politics while the country is being transformed into a Feudalistic society.

Citizens see themselves as meaningless political ‘serfs’. In the dark ages, serfs knelt in fear before lords and kings. Citizens fond over politicians in this way. Citizens give politicians entertainment-type celebrity status. True to form, politicians act out their roles and the serfs marvel at their performances. It doesn’t matter that their political performance calls for behind the scenes. Treason, murder, bribery, and a general corruption are just the tip of the continual ‘search for money’ iceberg.

All citizens are battered with political corruption. A voting majority accepts corruption as an everyday fact of life. These are in denial about corruption because they keep reelecting the same corrupt politicians. They must secretly admire these politicians. These ‘paycheck to paycheck’ citizen-serfs must live vicariously through the fame, money and privilege afforded a politician’s, entertainer-like life-style.

A current example is the Clinton library/foundation list of contributors. Instead of outrage over the donors and the huge dollar amounts, citizen-surfs must be drooling with envy. They have no concept of what these contributions cost in political favors. These favors took from all American citizens have negated a once strong country.

Do you really think Bill Clinton cares that Saudi Arabia supports the world’s most radical terrorists? Do any citizen-surfs care that China is a world power because of the technology Bill allowed to be exported to them? Do any citizen-serf union-types care about all the production jobs being exported out of the country? Now Mrs. Clinton is to become the next Secretary of State. How much more can the citizen-serfs give up to continuing funding the Clinton library/foundation? Does anyone feel battered yet?

Let’s slap all citizens in the face again. Let’s make Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg a senator. Why not? This airhead will join the long list of airheads like Pelosi, McCain, Obama, Reid, Frank……..

Of course Mrs. Schlossberg does have the political pedigree. Her grandfather was a thief not unlike President Bush’s. Her father, JFK, authorized more CIA (ugly American) ops (coups, assassinations and the sort) in two years than any president in office did in eight years. President Bush’s dad was the head of the CIA overseeing many years of ugly American tactics. Caroline is a true silver spoon kid like most ‘royal family’ politicians. No wonder the citizen-serfs are in awe. The criminal in a pedigree brings out the best celebrity ‘special effects’ from politicians.

Caroline’s dad, as her granddad before him, kept the door open to occasional extra marital affairs. Caroline’s mom and Hillary have probably needed more than one shot of penicillin in their time. Their spouses have sowed the seeds of manhood in many an adoring female citizen-serf. It’s fitting that Caroline will be taking over Hillary’s seat. She will continue to remind the subconscious of citizen-serfs to get laid and often. Battered citizen-serfs need to anoint Caroline as a Senator and Hillary Secretary of State. They need the love!

Along with Caroline’s pedigree is an uncle as guilty as OJ.

Hillary’s past includes a mysterious body count trail.

These two political entertainers are nothing more then shadows for Feudalist ideas. The pomp and circumstance that surrounds them comes from adoring citizen-serfs. Some intellectuals see them as a instrument for advancing ideologies. Others see them as airheads.

Battered citizen-serfs must be tantalized by the soap opera surrounding political corruption. Hillary and soon Caroline have and will entertain not only their district’s citizen-serfs but also the worlds.

Caroline has no idea how 99 % of the U.S. citizens think accept that they treat her like royalty. Citizen-surfs worship politicians and celebrities because they feel so inferior. A few of us like ‘Joe the Plumber’ and Jesse Ventura think most politicians act like airheads and say stupid things. Airhead Caroline was quoted in an interview as saying that “Christmas is very special to many people”. How would she know? She has silver spoons sticking out of every body orifice!

Citizen-serfs love the battering. They love attention even if it means being lied too. They love paying taxes because they think politicians will give them something for nothing. They live to bow before a politician’s words. They love the life of serfdom especially if it comes from the likes of Caroline and the Clintons.

How much battering can the U.S. citizens take? VOTB

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