Marxism vs. the Wheel

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Ideas formed in the middle 1800’s are guiding today’s economic politics. Specifically, Marx’s idea of capitalism has captured the minds of those ‘pulling the strings’ or influencing U.S. politicians. Only a greedy, ignorant, corrupt politician would fall for an idea formulated over 150 years ago by Karl Marx, the author of the Communist Manifesto. The emphasis is on ignorant because today’s corrupt politicians are only motivated by greed for themselves and their families.

Marx had the idea that capitalism is like the ripples made by a pebble when dropped into a still pool of water. The ripples move outward in an ever-increasing size. Marx saw capitalism as a system that needed to continually grow at an ever-increasing rate.

Can anyone say GNP? The Gross National Product (national income and output measurement) is an economist’s ‘wet dream’ for a nation’s growth. U.S. politicians freeze up (because of their ignorance) when they hear that the GNP is stagnant or declining. The GNP worriers proves that they really bought into this mid-1800’s Marxist idea.

They also bought into Kissinger’s idea that Marx’s continual growth could be funded by foreign nations buying U.S. debt. That’s government debt brought about by spending to grow the economy. Kissinger is another issue.

The only way the U.S. will continue to be the shinning light of freedom is to reject Marxist-capitalism and go back to Nationalist-capitalism. “Nationalism was the most successful political force of the 19th century.” When it was coupled with Capitalism, the U.S. had a stable economy and became a dominating world power.

Nationalist-capitalism is an idea like the wheel. Its shape needs no improvement. It rolls no matter how big or small. The wheel doesn’t need to continue growing to move. When it changes shapes, it is not a wheel anymore. More importantly, slight changes in shape marginalize its efficiency.

The same goes for Nationalist-capitalism. Nationalist-capitalism focuses on the nation and its citizens. Loose that focus and a country morphs into something less freedom efficient.

Nationalist-capitalism brought the U.S. to its feet through the 1800s. It ran circles around all other political philosophies or systems. Obviously, people like Marx became envious of a system that was making a startup nation into a world power. His misguided theory was swallowed hook, line and sinker just like Darwin’s theory of evolution. Both theories are from the dark ages. Both were formulated with antiquated technology. Current technology shows the misguided ignorance and total lack of future prediction for both. Ignorant, lazy people still believe in both. Most of them are in politics or are those manipulating politicians.

What happened in the 1900s to bring the U.S. to its knees? Nationalist-capitalism morphed into a hybrid of Marxist-capitalism and socially engineered collectivism. The Federal Reserve Act (December 23, 1913), the International Monetary Fund (December 27, 1945), the ongoing Central Bank concept, political correctness and special interests (environmentalists, feminists, ACLU types, etc) combined to squeeze Nationalism out.

The fruitcake “social engineers” rely on the courts to divide citizens into groups. They have successfully fractured the concept of Nationalism. The “money changers” have been a catastrophe for Nationalism and freedom. They are the root of U.S. declining and the rise of globalism according to Marx’s capitalism.

Marxist theorized that capitalism has an ever-expanding monetary appetite. This appetite would and did lead the U.S into expanding globally to continue growing, like the water ripples.

Economic changes were made during the 1900s to accommodate this ever-expanding monetary appetite. They have been a complete failure causing multiple financial crises (some include – 1929, mid 1960s, 1973-74, 1985, 1987, 1997-99 (Asia), 2000 – Do your homework!).


Corrupt, lazy politicians refuse to study the historical content of the economic crisis from 1900 on. They keep allowing others to adjust the economic system to no avail. This week we have capitalism. Next week we have socialism. The following week we have hybrid capitalism/communism. Some claim under Bush it was fascism. We even have royal families to help continue the ignorance. (Kennedys, Bushs, Clintons, etc.) and even dictators (Nixon, Roosevelt, and soon Obama).

The simple-minded politicians do what the ‘money changers’ tell them. We need a voter’s revolution to re-orientate the politicians’ perspective. Vote Out The Bums (VOTB) will eventually take the ignorance out of politics and replace it with common sense. Nationalist-capitalism is common sense. We don’t need Marxist ideas from the 1800’s guiding the U.S today. We need ideas like the ‘wheel’ and Nationalism.

The U.S. is made up of many nationalities. The innate pioneer spirit is the common bond among all U.S. citizens. Fostering that bond is a simple matter of common sense economics.

Get an intelligent economist to develop a formula equating products made in the U.S with those made outside the U.S. Apply that formula to ‘foreign’ products and add an import tax to the importer. Give citizens a choice between a vacuum cleaner made in China and one made in the U.S., both costing the same. Common sense tells you that new (environmentally friendly, made in the USA) vacuum cleaner factories will spring up in the U.S. employing citizens.

Of course, the idiot politicians and their profiteer influences will come up with a storyline like “it will cost more”, or “we need the competition” or “we need to prevent another World War”.

In their ignorance, politicians and their puppeteers forget that citizens will have more money to spend because the jobs and the dollars stay in the U.S. Competition forces will always affect consumer choices. If a better product for the same price is made in Korea, the U.S. pioneer spirit will kick into high gear. U.S. ingenuity will design a superior product. U.S. ingenuity will negate the competition factor. As for preventing wars, only uncivilized people go to war. How about working on educating all peoples and not just bribing them with low paying jobs?

Nationalist-capitalism has buoyed the U.S. economy for 150 years. Why exchange it for Marxist-capitalism? The U.S doesn’t need to grow its or the world’s economy. The wheel and Nationalist-capitalism have proven to be sound, stable ideas!

VOTB – Vote out the (greedy, ignorant politicians and their puppeteer) Bums that have been clinging to outdated Marx’s ideas. Global ideas about trade and currency exchanges can be negated by the ‘wheel’ idea using Nationalist-capitalism. The pioneer spirit of U.S. citizens is the wheel that is freedom – everywhere.

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Homework (Got to love the use of the word FOLLY.):

Robinson, William. “Marxism, the Crisis of Global Capitalism, and the Folly of Conventional Marxist Thinking on It”


The Conversation

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This fantasy conservation among four extremely wealthy men takes place in a Swiss Alps chalet. These men are generationally wealthy. Bill Gates and George Soros type money relates to a small fraction of their wealth. They are the current-day movers of cultures and the molders of kingdoms. This conversation takes place in a musty, smoking room. Each is smoking his favorite cigar and sipping his brandy of choice. The servants have left the room.

Man 1: The time seems right. Shall we pull the plug on the world’s economy?

Man 2: (sitting across from #1): The set-up has been marvelous. We’ve even made money while the rest are looking for scraps. I think I’m ready to pull the trigger.

Man 3: (Sitting to the left of #1): My favorite part of the set-up was watching people as the governments kept throwing money our way, as if the debt they owe us is real. They actually bought our media’s hype.

Man 4: (sitting to the right of #1): Can you blame them? After all, their leaders bought our debt/credit scheme decades ago thanks to my man in Washington. Now they actually believe our financial crisis scenario. This is the 6th or 7th time we’ve used the crisis strategy. How many times can we repeat it? How many times can we use the same crisis?

Man 3: As many times as necessary to keep the game going. Just watching the sincerity on the faces of their politicians is worth the price of admission. I do miss Reagan. Now he was a REAL actor!

Man 1: Our plans have worked to perfection. (Looking at Man 2) Your greed rational for the debt/credit scheme was pure genius. What made you so sure we could take down the richest nation in history based on individual greed?

Man 2: Human nature! We’ve nipped the greed momentum in Europe with socialism and taxes. Communism and dictatorships have kept greedy leaders in check around the rest of the world. We just needed to bring the Unites States to their financial knees. They were getting (pause) uppity.

Man 2: – continues: Even my genius didn’t see the American government reinventing Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’. And now the peasants will be working for their own money.

Man 3: What do you mean? I must have been off on a Polo trip and missed this idea.

Man 2: Well, government is people. Specifically, the U.S. government has no power but what the people give to their representatives. So, the government’s money could be the people’s money, except for the grandfatherly (central bank) help we got in the past.

Our economists have told U.S. politicians that they need more money in circulation to fix this crisis. (‘Stimulate the economy’ – is the talking-point). Instead of the government just printing and giving people money, they will make them work for it by giving out ‘New old-Deal’ jobs. The peasants will gratefully work for their own money. These suckers will even pay higher taxes on their own money. After all, they have to pay interest on their national debt – to us! (Pause and a gratifying sigh) Genius – pure genius!

Man 4: Have we gone too far – too fast? It’s clear we can still have fun adding to our wealth. After all we’re still not sure all the gold we control will be valuable after the collapse. Sure the masses of humanity in urban areas will need something to barter with. But in the rural areas, labor would be the more marketable than gold.

Man 3: I always knew you were a Marxist at heart. (Eyeballing Man 4) Workers Unite!!

Man 2: My concern isn’t the speed but the taxability angle. I want to make things happen but I like making money too. When we finally pull the plug, how are we going to keep our taxation game going with the peasants eating ‘stone soup’?

Man 1: How much wealth do we really need? (The other three shook their heads and smiled.) I can only watch people grovel so much, ignoring their disbelief.

Man 2: Once the collapse happens we’ll need to implement the population thinning process.

Man 3: We’ve already seen how to handle specific population groupings during the 40’s. We can do the same now. We’ve given the people enough entertainment and political distractions that they haven’t noticed our advanced arrangements right in their back yard. We have foreign troops, detention camps and equipment ready to go.

Man 4: Brilliant idea (Looking at Man 3.) to use foreign troops for riot control and people processing. They won’t hesitate shooting (ugly) Americans that they’ve learn to hate over the decades thanks to CIA imperialism. My concern is our Muslim friends. We’ve promised them victory. When they figure out they’ve been had, what do we do with them?

Man 2: They don’t pay any taxes and are always asking for cash anyways. Without money they’ll go back to their roots and wait for the next jihad.

Man 4: Watch it. Jihad is very real to some of us. Besides there are stockpiled weapons in the U.S.

Man 3: They will still need money and will try to get places to use the weapons. Funny that the Americans wouldn’t racial profile, but there’s nothing stopping us from doing it when the time is right. For now, the cells across America are in place thanks to our friends at the ACLU.

Man 2: As the personal finances of the Americans dwindle, we’ll need the Muslims to turn up the heat and cause civil unrest.

Man 3: Yes, another crisis – smiling!

Man 2: The Americans will welcome troops in their neighborhoods, even if they’re from Russia, Central/South America or China! They will have forgotten about the economy.

Man 4: – (grinning): After all – it’s a crisis! This is too much fun. My vote – let the games continue!

Man 3: You’re right. This is fun. Let’s meet again in 3 months. This crisis making is as challenging as a good polo match.

Man 1: OK, everyone continue with your assignments. (Nodding at Man 2) Your place!

Man 2: Sure, I like my home in South America; we have so many friends there!


Fairness Doctrine Unites

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Citizens of the U.S. need the Fairness Doctrine (FD). Adopted as an FCC rule in 1949, the FD intended media outlets to “ensure that all coverage of controversial issues by a broadcast station be balanced and fair.”

In 1987 the FD was repealed by Ronald Reagan’s deregulation crew. (This same crew deregulated the banking industry!) Since then the media has wondered to the right and left of political ideological extremes. The media has made even inconsequential issues controversial and can’t seem to decide on a fair and balanced approach. This media chaos has hurt citizen’s pocket book like the present financial crisis. The only difference being that the media attacks citizen’s pocketbooks indirectly though socialistic, capitalistic or feudalistic ideas.

Since the repeal of the FD, politics has become a source of entertainment. Talk radio has become more entertaining than most other media sources. A dark side, encouraged by political entertainers, has evolved post-repealed FD. U.S. citizens are becoming divided by media labels.

The liberal or conservative labels are the dark side of political entertainers. They inflame people without giving any logical or realistic solutions. They divide people into liberal and conservative ideological camps. Most political entertainers live ‘out of touch’ lifestyles, like the corrupt politicians they seemingly ‘expose’. Creating divisive ideological camps and a dark political atmosphere serves only one purpose – to put money into the pockets of the political entertainers and their sponsors.

Most mass media today is arguably liberal-leftist in their slant on news. (The hippies knew back in the ‘60s that all news was controlled, censored and bias even with the FD. But that’s a topic for another time!) Talk radio and selected TV programming are the exception. Some political entertainers say they are the balance to liberal-leftist media. Why not let the FD be the balance for all media?

Obama’s administration will reinstate the FD. Why not ride the FD wave expand it to the nation’s universities? That would be a logical extension of the FD that even political entertainers wouldn’t object too. Implement the FD in universities that receive federal funding. How would professors react if they had to teach both sides of controversial issues instead of indoctrinating from the right or left? Maybe they would have to do some research on opposing viewpoints! Maybe, Yale, Harvard and Cal would have to hire some new facility!

With the FD we had the likes of Ike, Nixon and Reagan. After repealing the FD we got the Clintons, The Bushs and now Obama. History will show which group did more damage to the U.S. economy and the American Dream. Chances are most of us already know the answer because we’re feeling it right now!

Repealing the FD has divided the nation. Media’s political entertainers have stirred the pot. They are giving the citizens a false sense of security. Citizens assume because it’s in the media that someone has to do something to correct the situation. The opposite is true.

Citizens think political entertainers expose the truth about corrupt politicians and their unconstitutional policies. They think all citizens know and care about the truth. Whether they do or don’t isn’t the reason the FD should be reenacted. Political entertainers have set up a scenario of good vs. evil. Generally, political entertainers continually reemphasize the conservative and liberal labels. That divides citizens and the country.

Politicians that play the class envy and racial cards are also dividing the country. A country divided is conquerable. It is conquerable not by invading armies but with a plague of Feudalistic ideas. A divided country can’t focus on its problems. The ideological bickering (fostered by a liberal and conservative media) keeps any common resolve from materializing.

Political entertainers moderate meaningless trivia. If the media’s political entertainers really wanted to inform and move people in a positive direction for the country they would unite not divide. They would discuss topics that touch all Citizens.

Here’s a short list.

Voter fraud should be eliminated. We have the technology to end voter fraud. Voting could be as simple as logging into a secure voting website and entering one’s social security number. Citizens could log in at home or at polling places. The national data base verifies the number and up pops your ballot.

Every legal citizen has a valid social security number. With the unions paving the way to end secret ballots, this is totally logical! The added bonus for the government would be that they would have accurate addresses for all social security recipients. Heaven forbid the government might actually save some money that’s going to fraudulent social security recipients.

The differences between conservation, littering and global warming should be discussed.

Why protocols like “The 6900 Series of Treasury Rules” exist in a free society? This type of protocol would fast-track serfdom for all living in the U.S.

Political entertainers should connect Kissinger’s crowd to the world debt problem. They would expose the ideas that hava put the U.S. and world economy into dire financial straits.

What deals did Kissinger make in the 70s’ with oil producing countries or Clinton in the 90’s with China to finance our growing, debtor’s society? And consequently, why the U.S. will never tap its oil reserves or be labor intensive producers again.

How rapidly escalating costs of higher education are limiting access to colleges and universities?

Will the politicians stand in line for universal health care or will they have access to special health care services? Universal health care displays the feudalistic mindset.

Where is universal dental care? If one can’t chew food, one can’t stay healthy!

Who is David Walker, US Comptroller General and chief of the GAO, and what is his role in the U.S. economy?

Why are politicians talking behind closed doors about raising the income tax rates as much as 65% to service the national debt?

Is legalizing millions of illegal aliens about broadening the tax base for more federal revenue? How many illegals will stay in the U.S. knowing they will have to pay taxes instead of getting paid ‘under the table’?

What about the possibilities of another Gold Confiscation Order of April 5, 1933?

Identify the forces and the people behind equalizing the standard of living throughout the world.

Does FEMA have the power: a) to restrict citizens’ ability to hoard food and fuel. b) to restrict citizens’ ability to have guns and ammunition. c) to forced citizens to reveal food, fuel stocks and guns they have. And why???

A virtual plethora of unifying topics awaits the political entertainers. Maybe the FD would encourage their discussion.

Interesting that the press reported recently of President-elect Obama’s eating spam musubi in Hawaii. Spam has a shelf life of about 50 years. It is the food of choice for those doomsayers hording food because of the theory of an impending economic collapse.

Political entertainers have already been somewhat gagged. Political correctness has censored how and what real people think and say in the media. Because of political correctness, political entertainers are not exposing solutions to political corruption and the nation’s problems.

Some think that the Fairness Doctrine is already in effect at the ‘fair and balanced’ Fox network. The liberal media hate Fox for that very reason. Now that same liberal media who worship Obama’s political regime will have to start looking and sounding more like Fox.

Obama’s regime will reinstate the Fairness Doctrine sometime after the inauguration. Imagine citizens calling for a fair and balanced NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC and the rest. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

What’s wrong with the liberal media being made to present a conservative point of view?

Epilogue: First year law students are told that every issue has two sides. And that each side has many facets. Even with the FD – control will only be an illusion!

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