Stimulating a Rebellion

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Stimulating rebellion is a byproduct of government. The process is like being stung by a thousand bees – one at a time. How much government corruption can a freedom-loving, tax-paying citizen take? That’s the question corrupt politicians aren’t asking themselves. That’s obvious because corrupt politicians keep invading every citizen’s financial space – one bee sting at a time.

The goal of Obama’s administration is to frustrate and punish the 49% of citizens that didn’t vote for democrats. This 49% is the nation’s freedom-loving, tax-paying base. They are the working, common sense part of the U.S. population. They are getting more irate and hostile every time Obama opens his articulate mouth. They believe that this is the first time in history the White House War Room is targeting America’s middle-class – fulltime.

Middle-class financial assets are at stake. They have been under assault since the late 1900s. The Bush and previous administrations betrayed citizens by allowing fast and easy credit policies. Some blame the democrats in Congress like Barney (orally-challenged) Frank and others. The reality is Bush and others rarely whispered a concern. They should have broadcasted loud and clear warnings. Nice-guy Bush never signed any executive orders to help protect middle-class assets.

These assets were accumulated post WWII. Freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens made lots of money. Despite the economic ‘boom-bust’ Federal Reserve guidance, the middle-class used the system. They parlayed borrowed money into moderate financial gains. They established businesses. Some developed into money making machines. Just working for some of these cash cows make employees rich. Assets from these middle-class efforts are tucked away in the housing and financial markets.

Government can’t have a financially independent freedom-loving middle class. These citizens want to keep what they earn. Obama’s administration is actively assaulting these middle-class earnings and ultimately their assets. Obama’s attack is so vicious that it is stimulating rebellion among freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens.

Handlers for Obama scheme to divide citizens into financial groups. The government handout group (GHG) is dependent on government for everything financial. Some even pay income taxes. The other group is composed of independent freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens. They rely on themselves for their financial security. The GHG’s think this group is selfish.

The scheme calls for assaulting middle-class assets one bee sting at a time. Some call this incrementalism and it’s systemically stimulating freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens to rebellion. The methodology is clear. Politicians and the courts have been and are using small moves that collectively cram restrictive, controlling financial policy down America’s capitalistic throat.

Appointing a tax evader for secretary of treasury raised a rebellious red flag. Freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens were appalled when corrupt politicians confirmed Gietner. We pay our taxes, they said. This confirmation frustrated all “below the law” citizens. This corrupt political move was an ‘in your face’ bee sting!

Passing the $787B stimulus package was like multiple bee stings. It was an election kick-back. It made freedom-loving, tax-paying citizen grumble out loud. They know that majority of this stimulus package goes into the pockets of the electioneers and Obama voters. Check out where this money is going.
Ouch, those bee stings will hurt into future generations!

This and future stimulus packages will ensure that the middle class never again be able to accumulate financial assets. Because the next step to paying off the stimulus debt is inflation and higher taxes for future generations.

Obama’s handlers are rubbing freedom-loving, tax-paying citizen’s noses in government and Federal Reserve failures. They are bailing out corporate crooks and in some cases the unions their companies employ. They are bailing out the financial institutions that are no more than companies with poor leadership. They are bailing out the mortgage holders that flunked math in the public schools. Those bailout bee stings hurt.

Illegal immigration (and their cash economy) is the blame for many of the economic problems at the state and federal levels. California is currently modeling how to incorporate illegal immigrants into American society. California’s corrupt politicians have recently raised taxes making the illegals feel more financially secure. California’s corrupt politicians are cutting public services so illegals will feel more at home. (Third world countries don’t have U.S.-like public services.) Freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens know the illegal situation is draining U.S. financially and they don’t like it. Some are even leaving California (like many the film industry made rich) to avoid the Governator’s bee stings.

Reinstituting the fairness doctrine will really tweak millions of AM radio listeners. Can you blame them? Freedom of speech protects American Flag burners. Shouldn’t freedom of speech protect political entertainers and the pocketbooks they line too? Big bee sting to the right ear!

The Hillary sideshow is calling for better relations with China.

This should come as no surprise. The Clinton’s benefited ‘largely’ from china during Bill’s run as president. Even money says that the Clinton’s bank account will double while Hillary is Secretary of State. Freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens don’t marvel at the Clinton’s ‘magical money machine’. To them the Clinton’s are just a continuous series of bee stings.

If you thought Bush was a fascist, Obama’s regime is taking fascism to new heights. Under his leadership, the U.S. is cracking down on overseas banking accounts.

The fascist attack from an articulate president won’t affect the nation’s freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens. But it does indicate the radically restrictive direction U.S. financial policy is taking. Multiple bee stings for tax evaders!

The end game of all these bee stings is rebellion. The puppet in the White House is articulating economic vomit sometimes even with humor. Corrupt politicians are blindly following without any thought of consequences, except those that affect their pocketbooks. Middle-class assets are dwelling. Every freedom-loving, tax-paying citizen is getting nauseated to the point of rebellion.

A Spirit of ’76 rebellion isn’t practical. An electoral rebellion pushing politicians to the soup line is. Unemployment needs to hit the corrupt, political-elite ruling class. Until it does, no politician will be able to identify with freedom-loving, tax-paying citizens.

VOTB – Vote Out The Bums: every incumbent, every election.

Thanks Obama for stimulating a VOTB rebellion. Now, more people will visit the VOTB store.

Epilogue: A rebellion always begins in the heart and is stirred by circumstances.

Signs of Rebellion

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