Conversation 3: Distractions

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This fantasy of conversations continues. People are fictional. Ideas are what they are!

Man 3: At first I thought this place would be too public for our meeting, but the Villas are discrete and tucked away from the masses.

Man 2: If we really want to move the financial capital to Dubai, the Jumeirah Beach could become our flagship hotel. When did you build it?

Man 4: Many years ago, when Dubai was just a dream. A dream just like Las Vegas was to the American gangsters back in the 50’s. Wasn’t sure about this investment at first, but the agents and fronts are impressed and entertained when we bring them in for meetings like the ‘responses to public discontent’ this past winter.

Man 1: The U.S. ‘Tea Party’ strategy backfired. Our agents didn’t infiltrate their protest with any rock throwing, loud-mouthed activists’ fronts.

Man 2: But our media fronts did a wonderful job downplaying the parties’ significance and confusing their message.

Man 3: That should cause more frustration to bubble over into public unrest. We’re seeing isolated tragedies becoming more frequent. A couple of shootings here, a few mass shootings there and riots are not far behind. Grandfather still loves to tell Russian Revolution stories his father told him. Shootings characterized the chaotic period just before the spontaneous popular revolution.

Man 4: All good for great grandfather’s coup, but the rioters were socialists. Now we have socialists in power in the U.S. and throughout most of the world. I predict legal challenges before any serious rioting. Frankly, I think training troops in the U.S. for riot control is a bit over the top.

Man 1: Blackwater has the U.S. covered. They were used after hurricane Katrina in New Orleans with orders to shot looters. The peasants didn’t blink an eye. No one complained to the ACLU.

Man 3: Our ACLU fronts would have dismissed them anyways.

Man 2: Future economics was a worry a century ago in Russia and is today for the Tea Party people.

Man 4: The Tea Parties were quite tame. None of them wore masks or covered their faces. At least my people cover up so identifying them is difficult. If these Tea people begin legal actions on public officials, how will we handle that?

Man 3: That’s covered with the Westfall Act.

Man 4: But the Westfall Act does not apply to a civil action against an employee of the Government who is sued for a violation of the Constitution of the United States. Seemingly every politician could be sued on those grounds.

Man 3: Yes, but winning the case in court is another story. We have many judges in our pockets. Hell, U.S. peasants have tried to expose that the personal income tax is illegal for years. Our legal fronts have blocked those efforts very nicely.

Man 2: In the U.S. we have the courts infiltrated with our fronts as high as the Supreme Court. If we need them, they will makeup a legal president like the ‘right of privacy’ in the Roe vs. Wade case.

Man 4: How is the politics of distraction working in the U.S.?

Man 2: The Pirate Plan experiment is over. We’re franchising that idea. Seemingly mighty nations can’t marginalize the Somalia pirates. They are on track to formalize the country’s government. Our agents are exploring other waterways to set up operations.

Man 3: I know our aim is to distract and implement, but in the U.S., Obama’s first 100 days is unnerving. ‘Distraction Politics’ has worked for our fathers and grandfathers but they never had to deal with the cable media, the Internet and twittering!! Hell, our agents even have Obama twittering!

Man 1: Overload is my concern. The economic non-crisis focused everyone. Now our agents are splintering their distractions. Torture, stress tests, new government regulations, and Janet Napolitano are occupying the U.S Congress while the rest of the world is shaking their heads.

Man 2: It’s unbelievable the peasants actually trust our corrupt politicians that broke their economy to fix it with more regulation! All that means is more control for us.

Man 3: The U.S. Congress and the American peasants are more naïve than you. Tacitus once said, “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”.

Man 2: Our agents have Obama addressing the people’s common concerns. I mean credit card, home mortgage and employment terms and contracts now open to presidential approval. We’ve got them thinking like peasants. Another couple of generations we’ll be back to feudalism. Our family history will have almost gone full circle.

Man 4: The foreign relations distractions with Cuba and Chavez are priceless. Obama should keep bowing to our Saudi king! Obama belongs in an Aladdin fantasy.

Man 3: All these Obama distractions are helping us implement universal healthcare in the U.S. When our agents have Obama wave the ‘healthcare magic wand’, the peasants shout hallelujah. This new healthcare data base will be more comprehensive than Social Security’s. Everyone needs medical attention sometime in their lives. Two generations from now all the peoples from the U.S. and the Americas will be in the system cataloged like animals.

Man 2: While some Americans are looking for the ‘mark of the beast’, they’ll be imprinted as 1s and 0s in their own healthcare data base.

Man 4: All we need is a crisis to scare the peasants into demanding implementation of nationalized healthcare and its data base.

Man 2: We’re working on the “Bird Flu”. I’ll inform our agents to have our fronts plant similarities of the deadly 1918 “Spanish flu” and our latest “Bird Flu” plague in the media.

Man 2: Soon, if any of us ever needs an organ transplant, we’ll have the American data base look for a donor.

Man 3: Impersonation and forgery will be nearly impossible with that data base. Tissue and blood types along with DNA will be the distinct identifiers.

Man 1: Throwing money at healthcare without analyzing the problem is so typically American. Chronic illnesses account for 75% of all their health care cost. Their health care payment system is antiquated. These two areas are where real progress could be made with healthcare reform. That’s too simple for their peasant minds. Keep the distractions going and no one will realize we’re building America’s all inclusive ‘peasant’ data base.

Man 2: Our IT industries are poised to absorb their billions like our financial people did! Let’s face it; we’ve started an avalanche of aimless spending in the U.S. This distraction allows us to shift their conservative culture to one with a laisser-faire social attitude.

Man 3: The gays are all revved up with the Miss USA thing. Now the gay thing is another major distraction. Talk about turning loose a bunch of screaming two-year-olds on a country of pilgrims… Our fronts are good.

Man 4: Our agents have Obama and the ‘looking forward’ distraction going well. His teleprompter readings are progressing, but we need him to look at the camera more. He reminds me of a windshield wiper on delay when he’s talking.

Man 1: Can’t understand why no one questions his knowledge or value of history. After all, history does repeat itself.

Man 2: Looking forward is a distraction in itself. It appeals to the goodness and hope in the human nature. Isn’t that right? (Glancing at Man 3)

Man 3: Looking forward is a childlike attitude void of reasoning. It covers up past mistakes. Looking forward is like investigating a fire for the first time – every time. One will get burnt over and over and over again.

Man1: Our agents are controlling U.S. enforcement officials with the threat of ‘looking forward’ to jail time. Who would have thought our fronts would get Bush to prosecute and jail those two boarder-patrol guards.

Man 4: Now the Mexican boarder is a real distraction especially for the southwest states and a free-flow for illegal migration.

Man 1: We have the CIA looking over their shoulders, too. This torture situation will allow your people to move more freely – everywhere. (Looking at Man 4) Control the “Jack Bauer’s” of the world and there’s no need for bad guys. The corrupt politicians are taking their place.

Man 3: Isn’t Obama taking the moral high ground when it comes to torture, the CIA and the terrorists?

Man 1: Yea, like he takes the moral high ground on abortion. Some 50 million babies aborted in the U.S. alone. He must be trying to keep the next ‘Jack Bauer’ from being born like Herod tried to do with Jesus over 2000 years ago!

Man 4: In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.S. to elect the President! That’s one generation.

Man 3: Some say that Obama is the Muslim president.

Man 2: That’s just a distraction. (Smiling)


Tea People

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The email ‘call to arms’ read like this. “Let’s rally to push back now against Obama’s plan to attack individual liberty and American values, double the national debt, undermine our businesses, weaken our military, embolden our enemies, tax us all into oblivion, and to turn the good ole USA into a second-rate welfare state. Get ready to have some fun! God Bless America!

Tea Party people are reasoning, rational-thinking citizens. They realize the U.S. government is filled with corrupt politicians that are fringe, fanatical and out of touch.

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House and third in line for the Presidency, dismissed the Tea Parties as NOT grass roots, but rather ‘astro turf’. – She’s definitely on the fringe! She may be an expert on astro turf from Bill Clinton’s pickup truck, but she’s still fringe.

“For all of his hopes about bipartisanship, Barack Obama has the most polarized early job approval ratings of any president in the past four decades.” Fanatical, Fanatical, Fanatical!

“Facelift, Nancy Pelosi continues: “What they want is a continuation of the failed economic policies, uh, of President George Bush. This initiative is funded by the high end.” – Out of touch! The only thing high end here is Nancy’s plastic surgeon.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

The Tea People ‘wants’ are simple as expressed by Roy Delduco, one of thousands of Tea Party attendees. He wants the Federal Reserve disbanded, the IRS “put in jail” and his taxes lowered. He complained about government spending under both Presidents Obama and Bush. “We’ve basically bankrupted the dollar, and I’m scared,” he said.

Hey Facelift, you and your fringe, fanatical, out of touch corruptors of government should be representing the people and not your own pocketbooks. By the way, start flying coach. The Tea People are tired of carrying your sorry ass around coast to coast.

It’s easy to feel for the Tea People. Corrupt politicians, some of them they voted in, are accelerating the decline of a free USA. Tea People don’t like it but it’s their own fault.

Social progressives supported by Nancy’s high end dollar people have dominated the political landscape since buying the democrat party back in the 1930’s. They’ve infiltrated the Republican Party almost completely. The actions of both Bushs on illegal immigration, raising taxes, increasing the national budget, social and corporate welfare, etc, attest to that fact.

Tea People keep voting for social progressives from both parties. Once elected these politicians trash the constitution in favor of the party line. Their actions confirm their ignorance of it. Corrupt politicians act as if they have never read the constitution. Why these corrupt politicians don’t even read the outrageous spending bills they continue to pass.

Stop! An available option is to put a halt on these fringe, fanatical and out of touch politicians with specific constitutional limitations – amendments, if you please. With state after state passing them, future politicians would have to read them.

How about a constitutional amendment that says government can only tax 10% of citizen’s earned income? After all, if 10% is fine with God, 10% is good enough for government!

How about a constitutional voter-recall amendment for politicians that tow the party line and not public will? This amendment would keep a politician’s ear tuned into main street and not wall street, lobbyists or the DC party circuit.

How about a constitutional amendment that would call for a candidate to have specific educational requirements before running for public office? U.S. citizens might get some politicians by ‘evolutionary chance’ that have some common sense and know a little about history, economics and the constitution.

How about a constitutional amendment that limits federal spending? Cut foreign aid, all congressional perks, social transfers of money and the like. Freeze spending to say 1980 limits.

How about a constitutional amendment that limits the amount of time congress spends in session? Two months is long enough.
They should spent a majority of their time with the folks that elected them. They can use the Internet ‘go-to-meeting’ for committee meetings. They need to get twittered!

The fringe, fanatical and out of touch politicians need regulation. They need guidelines like toddlers need discipline.
Constitutional amendments and the VOTB idea will severely limit government’s intrusion into the lives of citizens.

Corrupt politicians are “enemies of the state”.
The Tea People are trying to save the union of freedom and limited government. Tea People are the FRIENDS of the state. God Bless America!

Vote out the ‘fringe, fanatical and out of touch’ Bums.

VOTB: Vote out the Bums – every incumbent, every election.

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The Reincarnation of Norman Mattoon Thomas

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Norman Mattoon Thomas (1884-1968) has been reincarnated in Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama is no more than a transparent overlay of Mr. Thomas.

How many times can it be said? “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” (Ecclesiastes 1:9 NIV)

Tea party citizens are beginning to open their eyes and ears! Unfortunately, the citizens and non-citizens that elected Obama’s merry band of corrupt politicians are still mesmerized. They live for Obama’s fantasy promises. A truism like “there is nothing new under the sun” has no meaning in their contrived, naive existence.

Barrack Hussein Obama and his merry band of teleprompter writers are mirroring the ideas of Norman Mattoon Thomas. The examples speak for themselves.

Norman Mattoon Thomas had superb oratorical powers and a sarcastic wit. He applied his passionate conviction to virtually every public issue.

“In front of an audience that some estimated exceeded a 1,000 people; Obama displayed the inspirational oratory skills that have made him a popular figure in the Democratic Party.

Nothing new under the sun!

Disarmament was a passionate cause for Norman Mattoon Thomas. “President Barack Obama says the United States must lead an effort to reduce and eventually to completely eradicate nuclear weapons.”

Nothing new under the sun!

Norman Mattoon Thomas opposed intervention in the internal affairs of other countries.

President Barack Obama plans to withdraw most major combat troops from Iraq by August 2010.

Nothing new under the sun!

Norman Mattoon Thomas ran for president numerous times on the Socialist Party ticket. Thomas was an outspoken pacifist. He criticized the militarization of American foreign policy and the growing power of the military in American government.

Obama is anti-military. The Pentagon is ground-zero for Obama to re-prioritize its funding. His actions compliment Thomas’s ideas.

US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said before presenting his FY2010 budget that the event was special due to the “scope and significance of the changes”.

Obama is a harsh critic of the Iraq war. He opposed a war funding bill in 2007, when former President George W. Bush increased the tempo of military operations. Recently he stated, “What I will not do is to simply assume that more troops always result in an improved situation … There may be a point of diminishing returns.”

Thomas denounced the forced relocation and internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII. Similarly, “U.S. President Barack Obama has ordered the closure of the detention center at the American naval base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He is also moving quickly to put his own stamp on United States foreign policy, particularly regarding the Middle East.”

Obama’s CIA head is carrying out the socialist’s pacifist philosophy. “The head of the CIA moved yesterday to formalize the new Obama administration’s break with the past in its approach to national security, when he ordered the final decommissioning of secret overseas sites where the US had held, and in some cases tortured, al-Qaida prisoners.”

As the Socialist candidate for president, Norman Mattoon Thomas saw much of his philosophy absorbed in Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. Obama is revisiting FDR by way of Thomas.

Nothing new under the sun!

In sheer size, the economic measures announced by President Barack Obama to address “a crisis unlike we’ve ever known” are remarkable, rivaling and in many cases dwarfing the New Deal programs that Franklin D. Roosevelt famously created to battle the Great Depression.

Nothing new under the sun!

Norman Mattoon Thomas thought loyalties were necessary in life. “Most of us live by our group loyalties . . . but we have to rise above them to the values of humanity so that we can co-exist lest we don’t exist at all.”

“Barack Obama has told crowds in Berlin that the US and Europe have drifted apart and it is time for them to come together again.”

Same speech – “People of Berlin, people of the world, this is our moment. This is our time,” he said.

Norman Mattoon Thomas was quoted, “I’d rather see America save her soul than her face.”

Obama in his Turkish speech said that, “America, like every other nation, has made mistakes and has its flaws…”

Nothing new under the sun!

Many Socialists joined Roosevelt and the Democrat Party in the 1930’s. They incorporated the changes Thomas wanted. Today Obama is being compared to that 1930’s group.

FDR fundamentally changed the relationship between the American people and their government, and between the United States and the world, according to David Woolner, a professor of history at Marist College in nearby Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

Obama is not original. He is not change. The socialism change has already taken place with Norman Mattoon Thomas. Obama is just carrying out his marching orders.

Nothing new under the sun!

Norman Mattoon Thomas became a patriarchal figure, revered and honored. Obama will too!

Norman Mattoon Thomas died on Dec. 19, 1968. Obama will someday, too!

Nothing new under the sun!

Norman Mattoon Thomas prophetically said, “I am not the champion of lost causes, but the champion of causes not yet won.” The persistence expressed in that statement exemplifies why the U.S. is embracing socialism.

Norman Mattoon Thomas envisioned a socialistic philosophy of change for the U.S. That change isn’t Obama’s idea.

Obama is just Norman Mattoon Thomas’s lad.

Nothing new under the sun!

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Vote out the (socialist) bums: every incumbent, every election.


Joining Church and State

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Couldn’t understand why politicians are so adamant about the separation of church and state. The answer is becoming clear. Politicians don’t want any competition.

Government is bidding to be your church! An exceedingly high number of U.S. citizens are already worshiping at government’s financial feet.
• Public payrolls and Health/human services account for 40% of state’s budgets.
• One in ten persons living in the U.S is on food stamps.
• Chart below illustrates the exploding government payroll


With unemployment numbers raising daily (8.5% today), converts are jumping on board in record numbers. The Church of Government is growing.

A church is nothing more than a belief system and a dependence on a higher power.
The Catholic, Jewish and Muslin churches all exemplify that model as do many others. Government is angling to corner the church market. The Church of Government’s belief system covets common-good and the higher power is government, itself.

The ancient churches built their administrative structure on one premise. That premise shouts ‘people are ignorant or just plain dumb’. Based on that presumption they need guidance. Churches then claimed the spiritual authority over all and the way they live. Do this, don’t do that or you’re going to hell! The Church of Government has the same philosophy. People are ignorant/dumb and need guidance!

Government is morphing quickly into a church under the Obama handlers. Let’s get one thing straight. Government under the Bushes and Clinton continued laying the church foundations that Wilson and FDR started.

The Church of Government believes in the common-good. This philosophy is biblical but not meant to be governmental. (Acts 2:44 “All who believed were together and had all things in common.”)

Citizen are taking this belief to heart. “They strongly desire a government that focuses on the common good and basic decency and dignity of all Americans”. The 2006 poll continues, “68% of voters strongly agree that the “government should be committed to the common good and put the public’s interest above the privileges of the few. (85% total agree.)”

Labels for common-good in governmental terms include collectivism, socialism, communism, progressivism, etc.

As with most churches, this Church of Government extends beyond U.S. borders. This common-good belief is consistent with the idea that the ‘rich nations have the duty to make funds work for the poorer ones’.

This philosophy is restated in progressive, green terms. “The common good state would modify the traditional state’s institutions and operations, so that a higher level of civilization would be achieved to ensure continued human survival and progress.”

Converts to the Church of Government must believe in the common-good. They must have a Pope or a Rabbi or someone teaching religious beliefs. The Church of Government has all the leaders they need. They’re called politicians.


The Church of Government believes in a higher power. That higher power is government itself. Like all higher powers, they want changes in their convert’s behavior.

Churches traditionally want what they deem bad behavior to be changed into good behavior. Bad behavior is sin and requires sacrifice to the church to be absolved. The end product accepted by the higher power is a citizen who has changed behavior. Basically, the church regulates behavior. The Church of Government is no exception to this tradition.

Behavior deemed bad is associated with people enjoying the rewards for their efforts.

There are problems both at home and globally that call for behavior changes according to the Church of Government. Problems like the widening economic inequality leading to increased poverty, global warming, and an unfriendly world. The common-good belief system calls for action. Or we’re all going to hell!

Action needs money. The Church of Government needs money. Good behavior is giving up your money. But instead for asking for donations in the conventional sense, they will use taxation. ”After three decades of government starvation of necessary resources, the next president needs to champion progressive taxation with the proceeds invested in social outlays that make for a more productive economy.”

Well, we know where the money’s coming from. That’s settled. The change is higher taxes!


As times get tougher, people will increasingly look to the Church of Government for guidance. The Church is helping.

The Church has become a compensation consultant. The Church is already restricting pay at companies getting government aid (welfare). It’s been using the same ‘if I give you money, you do what I tell you to do – philosophy’ in education for decades.

Recently, Church leaders at the G-20 conference promised the “strongest regulatory reforms” in the U.S. and a crackdown on the international finance industry. The converts are cheering. Non-Church members are holding on to their wallets.

Churches need a devil. The Church of Government has taken a page out of the Communist experience. Marxists believe that the workers (unemployed or employed) must unite and free themselves from capitalist oppression. They need to create a government run by and for the working class.

In other words, the rich are devils and should be brought down to size. The rich are classified as anyone that has more than Church members have. The lazier church members get, the more encompassing the rich population becomes. Enter the current day ‘shame-factor’.

The shame-factor starts around middle school age. The lazy kids make fun of the kids trying to do their best. Even the first Queen has a shame-factor story. Michelle Obama admits her black friends used to make fun of her for speaking proper English instead of the Ebonics they spoke.

As kids grow up, class envy contributes to the shame-factor. The shame-factor from getting good grades in school to driving an expensive car to living in a big house is nothing more than self-imposed guilt. The penance is to join the Church of Government.

The Church of Government negates the ‘shame-factor’ that has been prevalent in U.S. society for years. The shame-factor is a feeling that some successful people carry.

New converts harboring the shame-factor will welcome the Church of Government. They rationalize that belonging to the Church of Government makes them liked in the neighborhood and around the world. When the Church preaches ‘green’, they do green. When the Church says support a nutty group like Acorn, the support Acorn. When the Church says sacrifice and pay taxes, they sacrifice and do their penance. All this and more will negate the shame-factor because “the way I live is Church of Government sanctioned.”

Needy Church of Government members get useful resources. The Church is like a citizen’s safety net. Church leaders daily broadcast ‘faith based initiatives’. The goal is to prevent a national nervous breakdown.

Healthcare will be revolutionized. The Church will make it accessible and affordable for all – citizens and non-citizens alike.

Automobile warranties for certain companies will be Church guaranteed. The FDIC branch of the Church guarantees bank deposits. More common-good guarantees are in the works.

The Church of Government even has a web site to guide people with their (economy produced) abuse problems. “A Life in the Community for Everyone” is the fix for all your woes. The site sooths the soul and guides one into Church approval.

Churches don’t need no stinkin’ borders! Global common-good erases all borders.

The Church of Government has arranged for China and OPEC to buy U.S. debt. They are eventually going to tell the U.S. how to run this ‘no borders’ country for the global common-good. “Whoever has the gold makes the rules”.

No church would be worth its weight in gold without sacraments. The Church of Government has several. The Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are the bedrock cornerstones. These sacraments need to be revisited regularly by Church leaders. Through them the Church gives economic direction for the country and ultimately the world.

Church of Government leaders, aka corrupt politicians, have no problem taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Like any good mobster, they take their cut off the top. “Lawrence Summers, a top economic adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama, was paid about $5.2 million by hedge fund D.E. Shaw in the past year”.

Corrupt politicians live, work and play on tax payer’s dime. They never think about donating to the Church. Recent tax evaders nominated for or on Obama’s cabinet will attest to that. “More politicians with tax-evasion problems have been appointed to the Obama Cabinet than were appointed to any previous president’s Cabinet.”

Whatever happened to separation of church and state? Church of Government leaders, the most corrupt politicians in the history of the U.S., proclaim “do as I say, not as I do”. They vote themselves a raise while telling Church members (and non-members) to sacrifice – pay more taxes.

The world need not be jealous of U.S. citizens anymore. The separation of church and state is complete. The Church of Government has no competition. A voting majority belong and continuing doing penance. So will non-members!

VOTB: vote out every incumbent, every election. Can you think of any other way to eliminate Church officials that rob citizens in the name of common-good?

Vote Out The ‘Church’ Bums

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