Joining Church and State

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Couldn’t understand why politicians are so adamant about the separation of church and state. The answer is becoming clear. Politicians don’t want any competition.

Government is bidding to be your church! An exceedingly high number of U.S. citizens are already worshiping at government’s financial feet.
• Public payrolls and Health/human services account for 40% of state’s budgets.
• One in ten persons living in the U.S is on food stamps.
• Chart below illustrates the exploding government payroll


With unemployment numbers raising daily (8.5% today), converts are jumping on board in record numbers. The Church of Government is growing.

A church is nothing more than a belief system and a dependence on a higher power.
The Catholic, Jewish and Muslin churches all exemplify that model as do many others. Government is angling to corner the church market. The Church of Government’s belief system covets common-good and the higher power is government, itself.

The ancient churches built their administrative structure on one premise. That premise shouts ‘people are ignorant or just plain dumb’. Based on that presumption they need guidance. Churches then claimed the spiritual authority over all and the way they live. Do this, don’t do that or you’re going to hell! The Church of Government has the same philosophy. People are ignorant/dumb and need guidance!

Government is morphing quickly into a church under the Obama handlers. Let’s get one thing straight. Government under the Bushes and Clinton continued laying the church foundations that Wilson and FDR started.

The Church of Government believes in the common-good. This philosophy is biblical but not meant to be governmental. (Acts 2:44 “All who believed were together and had all things in common.”)

Citizen are taking this belief to heart. “They strongly desire a government that focuses on the common good and basic decency and dignity of all Americans”. The 2006 poll continues, “68% of voters strongly agree that the “government should be committed to the common good and put the public’s interest above the privileges of the few. (85% total agree.)”

Labels for common-good in governmental terms include collectivism, socialism, communism, progressivism, etc.

As with most churches, this Church of Government extends beyond U.S. borders. This common-good belief is consistent with the idea that the ‘rich nations have the duty to make funds work for the poorer ones’.

This philosophy is restated in progressive, green terms. “The common good state would modify the traditional state’s institutions and operations, so that a higher level of civilization would be achieved to ensure continued human survival and progress.”

Converts to the Church of Government must believe in the common-good. They must have a Pope or a Rabbi or someone teaching religious beliefs. The Church of Government has all the leaders they need. They’re called politicians.


The Church of Government believes in a higher power. That higher power is government itself. Like all higher powers, they want changes in their convert’s behavior.

Churches traditionally want what they deem bad behavior to be changed into good behavior. Bad behavior is sin and requires sacrifice to the church to be absolved. The end product accepted by the higher power is a citizen who has changed behavior. Basically, the church regulates behavior. The Church of Government is no exception to this tradition.

Behavior deemed bad is associated with people enjoying the rewards for their efforts.

There are problems both at home and globally that call for behavior changes according to the Church of Government. Problems like the widening economic inequality leading to increased poverty, global warming, and an unfriendly world. The common-good belief system calls for action. Or we’re all going to hell!

Action needs money. The Church of Government needs money. Good behavior is giving up your money. But instead for asking for donations in the conventional sense, they will use taxation. ”After three decades of government starvation of necessary resources, the next president needs to champion progressive taxation with the proceeds invested in social outlays that make for a more productive economy.”

Well, we know where the money’s coming from. That’s settled. The change is higher taxes!


As times get tougher, people will increasingly look to the Church of Government for guidance. The Church is helping.

The Church has become a compensation consultant. The Church is already restricting pay at companies getting government aid (welfare). It’s been using the same ‘if I give you money, you do what I tell you to do – philosophy’ in education for decades.

Recently, Church leaders at the G-20 conference promised the “strongest regulatory reforms” in the U.S. and a crackdown on the international finance industry. The converts are cheering. Non-Church members are holding on to their wallets.

Churches need a devil. The Church of Government has taken a page out of the Communist experience. Marxists believe that the workers (unemployed or employed) must unite and free themselves from capitalist oppression. They need to create a government run by and for the working class.

In other words, the rich are devils and should be brought down to size. The rich are classified as anyone that has more than Church members have. The lazier church members get, the more encompassing the rich population becomes. Enter the current day ‘shame-factor’.

The shame-factor starts around middle school age. The lazy kids make fun of the kids trying to do their best. Even the first Queen has a shame-factor story. Michelle Obama admits her black friends used to make fun of her for speaking proper English instead of the Ebonics they spoke.

As kids grow up, class envy contributes to the shame-factor. The shame-factor from getting good grades in school to driving an expensive car to living in a big house is nothing more than self-imposed guilt. The penance is to join the Church of Government.

The Church of Government negates the ‘shame-factor’ that has been prevalent in U.S. society for years. The shame-factor is a feeling that some successful people carry.

New converts harboring the shame-factor will welcome the Church of Government. They rationalize that belonging to the Church of Government makes them liked in the neighborhood and around the world. When the Church preaches ‘green’, they do green. When the Church says support a nutty group like Acorn, the support Acorn. When the Church says sacrifice and pay taxes, they sacrifice and do their penance. All this and more will negate the shame-factor because “the way I live is Church of Government sanctioned.”

Needy Church of Government members get useful resources. The Church is like a citizen’s safety net. Church leaders daily broadcast ‘faith based initiatives’. The goal is to prevent a national nervous breakdown.

Healthcare will be revolutionized. The Church will make it accessible and affordable for all – citizens and non-citizens alike.

Automobile warranties for certain companies will be Church guaranteed. The FDIC branch of the Church guarantees bank deposits. More common-good guarantees are in the works.

The Church of Government even has a web site to guide people with their (economy produced) abuse problems. “A Life in the Community for Everyone” is the fix for all your woes. The site sooths the soul and guides one into Church approval.

Churches don’t need no stinkin’ borders! Global common-good erases all borders.

The Church of Government has arranged for China and OPEC to buy U.S. debt. They are eventually going to tell the U.S. how to run this ‘no borders’ country for the global common-good. “Whoever has the gold makes the rules”.

No church would be worth its weight in gold without sacraments. The Church of Government has several. The Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank are the bedrock cornerstones. These sacraments need to be revisited regularly by Church leaders. Through them the Church gives economic direction for the country and ultimately the world.

Church of Government leaders, aka corrupt politicians, have no problem taking from the rich and giving to the poor. Like any good mobster, they take their cut off the top. “Lawrence Summers, a top economic adviser to U.S. President Barack Obama, was paid about $5.2 million by hedge fund D.E. Shaw in the past year”.

Corrupt politicians live, work and play on tax payer’s dime. They never think about donating to the Church. Recent tax evaders nominated for or on Obama’s cabinet will attest to that. “More politicians with tax-evasion problems have been appointed to the Obama Cabinet than were appointed to any previous president’s Cabinet.”

Whatever happened to separation of church and state? Church of Government leaders, the most corrupt politicians in the history of the U.S., proclaim “do as I say, not as I do”. They vote themselves a raise while telling Church members (and non-members) to sacrifice – pay more taxes.

The world need not be jealous of U.S. citizens anymore. The separation of church and state is complete. The Church of Government has no competition. A voting majority belong and continuing doing penance. So will non-members!

VOTB: vote out every incumbent, every election. Can you think of any other way to eliminate Church officials that rob citizens in the name of common-good?

Vote Out The ‘Church’ Bums

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    April 8, 2009 at 8:27 pm

    “We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.”
    Sen. Hillary Clinton, (D-NY), on raising taxes, quoted by The Associated Press, 6/28/04

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