Demons and Demons

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The movie Angles and Demons plays to the anti-religion crowd. They continually put God into the religion box because religion is flawed. They want you to believe that God and religion are the same. Next, they replace flawed religion with science. They believe guilt accompanies religion, but science is progressive and guilt free.

The screen play for Angles and Demons asks the same question that Carl Sagan asked in his book ‘Contact’. Can religion and science co-exist? Only an alien, ignorant, pseudo-intellectual would even want to try a rouse like this.

The anti-religion crowd encourages friction between religion and science. They claim, we can touch science, but religion is about something called faith. The few exceptions are exemplified by evolution. Believing in the theory of evolution takes more faith than believing in God! The anti-religion crowd thinks they can have it both ways by calling evolution fact because it took billions and billions of years to happen. The informed know that evolution is only a theory.

A 1’9” monkey squashed to less that a millimeter thickness has been hailed as the missing link. “According to Prof. Gingerich, the fossilized remains are of a young female adapid. The skeleton was unearthed by collectors about two years ago and has been kept tightly under wraps since then, in an unusual feat of scientific secrecy.”

Why some scientists want to brag about being an ancestor of a monkey is a mystery in itself.
And why the secrecy of such a great find? Could some in the science community, with the same anti-religion crowd mentality, be trying to shape science for political purposes? Evolution can not be proven through any scientific methodology?

The anti-religion crowd will study and try to manipulate science (like the global warming myth) but won’t study God. They will pick apart religion like the screen play for Angels and Demons does using the Illuminati as their protagonists.

The anti-religion crowd believes science is guilt free. What they don’t realize is that belief in science comes at a price. That price has the goal of a ‘doing-good’ feeling. The anti-religion crowd has fallen for the ‘doing-good’ trap. This is the same trap that separates God from religion in the bible. It’s the difference between the Old Testament and the New!

Doing-good is a hedge philosophy for the anti-religion crowd. They feel that doing-good makes them superior. Therefore IF there is a God, s/he will judge them moral and worthy for eternity. But, they need to do-good about something. So, they make a religion out of mother earth.

Has mankind gone full circle with worshiping nature? Incas had Inti – sun god. Hawaiians had Pele – volcano god. Native Americans honored mother earth long before the pilgrims. Seems the anti-religion crowd is picking up where the tribal peoples left off!

Anti-religion crowd wants to set up their own universal commandments based on ‘mother earth’. These commandments are globally inclusive under the ‘save the planet’ banner. Like universal healthcare, their commandments are for all citizens. They command you to be politically correct. Some man-made commandments already exist. They include politically correct (feel-good) speech, global finance, the non-science of global warming and soon global law. Future commandments will include the self-sacrifices of a lower standard of living, less traveling and eating politically correct foods.

The anti-religion crowd is nothing more than a bunch of copycats. Their rouse is obvious. They scheme to copy the bible’s commandment format. But the joke is on them because they are creating another religion that boxes in their beliefs and commands them to act a certain way.

They are already acting like the same ‘dark ages’, organized-religion people that are criticize in the Angles and Demons screenplay. Their acceptable behavior ‘box’ turns a blind eye to truth, justice and freedom. The ‘Fairness Doctrine’ aims to restrict political speech. (Where’s the truth? Are they hiding something?) Illegal immigration is bankrupting cities and states. (Where’s the justice for U.S. citizens?) Birthing more than a kid or two brings condemnation from the ‘dark ages’ crowd. (Why the direct assault on individual freedom?)

Scientists continually discover the more they investigate nature, the more complex the details. Nature seems to have no bounds. No one can put nature in a ‘box’. Science, itself, is demonstrating that nature (mother earth included) is perfect in design, structure and function. Also, they know people are flawed, even scientists!

The anti-religion crowd is dismissing and even attacking God at the same time trying to emulate Him. That’s why they attack the helpless through abortion and (egg/sperm) stem-cell research. They want to ‘do-good’ by saving mother earth (population control) and making its inhabitants’ perfect (gene therapy).

Basically, they act as if they don’t believe God did a good job of creation and they want to fix it! In reality, they are regressing to caveman status by worshiping nature out of their perceived ‘evolutionary roots’.

Religion is man’s creation and is imperfect to the same extent as man. Carl and the screen writers of Angels and Demons question can religion and science co-exist? The answer is it depends on the century and men behind both.

The real question is “Can God and science co-exist?” The answer is of course! They are one in the same. Nature is a mirror image of God – perfect in every way. The truth be known, scientist is merely a study of God’s nature!

If anti-religion crowd concedes to God and science co-existing, does that justify saving mother earth? Can an imperfect man save a perfect God?

The anti-religion crowd of scientists are deceiving themselves. They are merely imitating what has already been done. They are creating commandments for the worship of nature like cavemen. These anti-religious cavemen (and women) think they are chasing away religious demons, but in reality demons are chasing them!


Do As I Say, Not As I Do

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People who live by the motto ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ deserve to be shunned and dismissed or voted out of office.

The most visible ‘Do As I Say’ people in society are politicians corrupted by power. Second in line are the conservative media talking heads. They are corrupted by money.

We have grown to expect corrupt politicians telling citizens how to live our lives. Corrupt politicians also expect citizens to obey the law when they don’t. From paying income taxes to allowing illegal immigration to abandoning the U.S. constitution, corrupt politicians live their lives above the law.

Corrupt politicians need a taste of reality. Only the law, that they flaunt, can sour their hunger for power. Historically the law has managed to restrain governmental power. Supreme Court checked FDR by invalidating key New Deal measures. Funny that Obama’s and FDR have a lot in common. They should have the ‘law blocking their power grabs’ in common too!

How can citizens give corrupt politicians a dose of the law? Pay lawyers to research and prosecute every politician on the basis they are breaking constitutional law.

The Westfall Act covers government employees’ liabilities while acting within the scope of their employment, except when breaking the constitution. Citizens know politicians are extracting more power than is granted in the constitution. They know because the conservative media talking heads say its so!

Some states are beginning to see the ‘legal’ light.

A growing number of states are telling the federal government to stop interfering in their business. “USA Today” reports legislatures in Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota have approved resolutions asserting their sovereignty under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Conservative media talking heads are continually exposing corrupt politicians breaking the law. They expose the problems and don’t give their audience any positive solutions. Below is a classic Limbaugh example.

“Some of these car dealerships are doing okay, and they’re being ruined by the government. Obama is forcing them to shut down. How can he do it? Well, he can’t. The whole bankruptcy deal with Chrysler is unconstitutional. There’s a contracts clause in the Fifth Amendment. But he’s doing it and getting away with it because nobody’s stopping him.”

This talking heads expose a problem with the government acting in an unconstitutional manner, but offer no solutions.

A solution would be prosecuting and convicting the politicians they are exposing.

Illegal immigration is just another slam dunk issue for which politicians can be sued. Many citizens have been harmed by illegals or by the drugs being ‘muled’ across the borders. A class-action suit should be brought on behalf of the harmed citizens against every politician for not stopping illegal immigration.

Politicians have been empowered according to the constitution to maintain a national defense. That national defense doesn’t have to be a bang-bang, shoot’em up kind of defense. How about defending the country economically and from drugs flowing through the veins of our kids?

Groups like the Heritage Foundation expose things like absentee ballot fraud or wasteful governmental spending, but do not prosecute the corrupt politicians responsible.

Whether they like it or not, conservative media talking heads are the nation’s constitutional leaders. They must take the lead to prosecute corrupt politicians breaking the constitution. They may give to charity. They may make public appearances. The big question is, ‘will they put their money where their months are’?

The talking heads should form a legal foundation dedicated to prosecuting and convicting corrupt politicians breaking the constitution. Many citizens looking for a way out of the current governmental anarchy would give millions to legal efforts resulting in convictions of corrupt politicians.

If such a foundation isn’t up and running soon the following scenarios will become reality.

The Troubled Assets Relief Program, which has not yet been used for its supposed purpose (to purchase such assets from banks), has been the instrument of the administration’s adventure in the automobile industry. TARP’s $700 billion, like much of the supposed “stimulus” money, is a slush fund the executive branch can use as it pleases. This is as lawless as it would be for Congress to say to the IRS: We need $3.5 trillion to run the government next year, so raise it however you wish — from whomever, at whatever rates you think suitable. Don’t bother us with details.


Transnationalism as explained by Jeffery Temple will cut the heart out of U.S. sovereignty. President Obama has nominated Yale professor Harold Koh – a self-described “transnationalist” – to be his top legal adviser at the State Department.

We know ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ politicians won’t give up their power. Conservative media talking heads will continue exposing these lawless politicians AND maybe give citizens something to do about it.

Should the conservative media talking heads refuse to step up to the plate and put their money where their mouths are, citizens’ votes are the last line of defense for the U.S. Constitution. To get rid of these law breaking politicians, citizens must turn out in mass at elections and overwhelm voter fraud situations.

VOTB or give up your wallets and your nation’s sovereignty. Your choice.

Vote out the (lawless) bums – every incumbent, every election.

Visit the VOTB store and pass on the idea.


Cataloging Peasants: 1s and 0s

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Today many citizens believe that corrupt politicians in government are capable of nationwide (even global) conspiracies. That’s sad

They believe government can cause economic instability or a flu pandemic. These conspiracies could be catastrophic, especially if a deadlier wave of the Swine flu is coming this fall as predicted. Others believe the obvious. The government is conspiring to make Universal Healthcare available to all citizens and non-citizens alike. The goal of Universal Healthcare is to catalog the peasants. All that’s very sad.

Emails circulating these days about the coming economic collapse and the deadlier wave of the Swine flu this fall include ideas such as:

6900 series of protocols or how the U.S. Treasury would handle an economic collapse.
Hormel Foods, which makes Spam, announced that in the last six months there
have been record sales of Spam in the United States. Spam is the survivalists’ food of choice.

• Foreign troops being trained on U.S. soil for riot control.
FEMA ordered caskets over a year ago.
DHS – FEMA began telling counties to plan for mass graves months ago.
The super wealthy knew that new strains of flu would strike.
The military has been buying up all the ammunition.
The government admits flu virus was “lost” from its bio-weapons lab.
The world is suddenly seeing an outbreak of a new, highly contagious and very deadly flu.
Johns-Hopkins doctors say the U.S. strain, 4-part flu is very unusual and may be man made.
Model Emergency Health Powers Act (MEHPA) was formed under the auspices of the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
MEHPA can require any individual to be tested and/or vaccinated. Refusal constitutes a crime and will result in quarantine. (Where are the ACLU cowards? They were there for the gays and the AID virus!)

The problem with these conspiracy theories is two fold. Arrogant politicians can not control an economy or a virus (especially any possible mutations). Some can’t even control their own bowl movements because they are SOOOOO old! Also, they and/or many of their love-ones are all targets. The economy and viruses don’t discriminate. All are susceptible.

The corrupt politicians are conspiring to make Universal Healthcare available to all citizens and non-citizens alike. Current and future viral pandemics paint a perfect backdrop for corrupt politicians justifying and conspiring for Universal Healthcare and a computerized National Healthcare Data Base. The National Healthcare Data Base is already an Obama plan. Their underlying goal is to get a census of all people for economic and social planning purposes.

Every person in the U.S. will eventually be cataloged through socialized Universal Healthcare. Healthcare will be the vehicle to eventually complete a world census in the future.

While governments have use a variety of surveillance means to observe and spy on people, none has been all inclusive. Even with banks accounts and credit cards there still is an underground cash economy. With illegal immigration, people come and go across the boarders at will. There is no keeping track of them. Social Security has cataloged many especially the senior citizens. But none of these cataloging attempts is 100% inclusive.

Universal Healthcare is the answer. Everyone wants free healthcare. The underground and shadow types have no say in the matter. They can’t buy their way out of socialized Universal Healthcare and its Data Base. Everyone needs a doctor at some point in their lives especially during pandemic flu seasons. A Universal Healthcare Data Base, as being implemented by Obama’s handlers will account for all the bodies in the U.S.

Illegals often come to the U.S. and have babies. The illegal immigration advocates would have you believe that these babies are U.S. citizens. And that the illegally immigrated parents can’t be sent home because they would just leave their babies in the U.S. Therefore make them all U.S. citizens and put them into the Healthcare Data Base.

These illegal immigration advocates claim the moral high ground of family values. These same advocates own the moral ‘abortion on demand’ low ground. To be true to their values, illegal immigration advocates should demand all illegals have abortions!

Attacking the underground economy is difficult for corrupt politicians. They are part of it.

The government got Al Capone and his underground economy on tax evasion, but that took vase government resources. Al’s defense should have been that there are no laws allowing the government to tax personal income. He could have won that case back in the 30’s. The courts weren’t political pawns as they are today.

Side Bar: With the announced retirement of Supreme Court Justice David H. Souter, President Obama said today that he would seek a replacement with “a sharp and independent mind.” Obama is indirectly saying, ‘to hell with constitutional integrity’.

Drug money people and ‘under the table’ payments for labor are still eluding the federal and state taxes. Obama’s control freaks want every nickel of this underground economy.

All those using this underground economy will eventually surface in a Universal Healthcare Data Base. Everyone gets sick. Simple investigative work by the IRS will corner these underground people. Headline for the peasants: ‘Universal Healthcare catches RICH tax dodgers’.

Imagine this conspiracy, of which corrupt politicians are capable. Organ donors could be found, instantaneously. A high ranking government person needs an organ transplant. A donor is located in the Universal Healthcare Data Base that catalogs every one’s DNA, tissue and blood types. The donor has an unfortunate accident and the high ranking person lives on. Many believe this is not beyond the corruptibility of today’s politicians.

Corrupt politicians will deny all of this. But they all have a proven track-record of lying. That’s extremely sad!

Corrupt politicians are too stupid to create an economic collapse or flu pandemic. They think they’re smart by using these situations to their advantage and calling them a crisis.

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste,” Obama’s White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel has said. “Never waste a good crisis” is how Secretary of State Hillary Clinton put it before a European audience last week.

Today’s crisis is the flu epidemic. Corrupt politicians are using their media lap-boys to plant stories equating today’s flu with the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic to hype the crisis impact.

“The influenza pandemic of 1918-1919 killed more people than the Great War, known today as World War I, at somewhere between 20 and 40 million people. It has been cited as the most devastating epidemic in recorded world history. More people died of influenza in a single year than in four-years of the Black Death Bubonic Plague from 1347 to 1351. Known as ‘Spanish Flu’ or ‘La Grippe’ the influenza of 1918-1919 was a global disaster.”

The article ‘How deadly is the swine flu?’ has this quote: “During the 1918-19 Spanish flu epidemic – considered the worst of all time – about 40 million people worldwide died.”

The fears that prompted the mass vaccination were due to the ghost of the 1918 Spanish Flu, which killed at least 50 million worldwide.

“Bird Flu” Similar to Deadly 1918 Flu, Gene Study Finds

But to get a more useful perspective on a flu epidemic’s potential impact, you have to go back to the mother of all pandemics: the “Spanish flu” of 1918.

Corrupt politicians are creating a crisis mentality to further incite public demand for Universal Healthcare. They’ll get a Healthcare Data Base along with a promise of being insured. What corrupt politicians don’t tell citizens is that having health insurance and being treated are two different things. All the health insurance in the world isn’t going to help anyone if they can’t get treatment!

When Universal Healthcare passes, a Healthcare Data Base cataloging people into 1s and 0s will begin. Then the Healthcare Data Base conspiracy becomes reality.

Nearly half the voting population is united about wanting Obama’s handlers and their fascist Healthcare philosophy out of office. Vote them all out and make them very sad!

VOTB – Vote Out The (conspirator) Bums: Every incumbent, every election.

Visit the VOTB store and help stop the Healthcare conspiracy.