Do As I Say, Not As I Do

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People who live by the motto ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ deserve to be shunned and dismissed or voted out of office.

The most visible ‘Do As I Say’ people in society are politicians corrupted by power. Second in line are the conservative media talking heads. They are corrupted by money.

We have grown to expect corrupt politicians telling citizens how to live our lives. Corrupt politicians also expect citizens to obey the law when they don’t. From paying income taxes to allowing illegal immigration to abandoning the U.S. constitution, corrupt politicians live their lives above the law.

Corrupt politicians need a taste of reality. Only the law, that they flaunt, can sour their hunger for power. Historically the law has managed to restrain governmental power. Supreme Court checked FDR by invalidating key New Deal measures. Funny that Obama’s and FDR have a lot in common. They should have the ‘law blocking their power grabs’ in common too!

How can citizens give corrupt politicians a dose of the law? Pay lawyers to research and prosecute every politician on the basis they are breaking constitutional law.

The Westfall Act covers government employees’ liabilities while acting within the scope of their employment, except when breaking the constitution. Citizens know politicians are extracting more power than is granted in the constitution. They know because the conservative media talking heads say its so!

Some states are beginning to see the ‘legal’ light.

A growing number of states are telling the federal government to stop interfering in their business. “USA Today” reports legislatures in Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, Oklahoma and South Dakota have approved resolutions asserting their sovereignty under the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

Conservative media talking heads are continually exposing corrupt politicians breaking the law. They expose the problems and don’t give their audience any positive solutions. Below is a classic Limbaugh example.

“Some of these car dealerships are doing okay, and they’re being ruined by the government. Obama is forcing them to shut down. How can he do it? Well, he can’t. The whole bankruptcy deal with Chrysler is unconstitutional. There’s a contracts clause in the Fifth Amendment. But he’s doing it and getting away with it because nobody’s stopping him.”

This talking heads expose a problem with the government acting in an unconstitutional manner, but offer no solutions.

A solution would be prosecuting and convicting the politicians they are exposing.

Illegal immigration is just another slam dunk issue for which politicians can be sued. Many citizens have been harmed by illegals or by the drugs being ‘muled’ across the borders. A class-action suit should be brought on behalf of the harmed citizens against every politician for not stopping illegal immigration.

Politicians have been empowered according to the constitution to maintain a national defense. That national defense doesn’t have to be a bang-bang, shoot’em up kind of defense. How about defending the country economically and from drugs flowing through the veins of our kids?

Groups like the Heritage Foundation expose things like absentee ballot fraud or wasteful governmental spending, but do not prosecute the corrupt politicians responsible.

Whether they like it or not, conservative media talking heads are the nation’s constitutional leaders. They must take the lead to prosecute corrupt politicians breaking the constitution. They may give to charity. They may make public appearances. The big question is, ‘will they put their money where their months are’?

The talking heads should form a legal foundation dedicated to prosecuting and convicting corrupt politicians breaking the constitution. Many citizens looking for a way out of the current governmental anarchy would give millions to legal efforts resulting in convictions of corrupt politicians.

If such a foundation isn’t up and running soon the following scenarios will become reality.

The Troubled Assets Relief Program, which has not yet been used for its supposed purpose (to purchase such assets from banks), has been the instrument of the administration’s adventure in the automobile industry. TARP’s $700 billion, like much of the supposed “stimulus” money, is a slush fund the executive branch can use as it pleases. This is as lawless as it would be for Congress to say to the IRS: We need $3.5 trillion to run the government next year, so raise it however you wish — from whomever, at whatever rates you think suitable. Don’t bother us with details.


Transnationalism as explained by Jeffery Temple will cut the heart out of U.S. sovereignty. President Obama has nominated Yale professor Harold Koh – a self-described “transnationalist” – to be his top legal adviser at the State Department.

We know ‘Do As I Say, Not As I Do’ politicians won’t give up their power. Conservative media talking heads will continue exposing these lawless politicians AND maybe give citizens something to do about it.

Should the conservative media talking heads refuse to step up to the plate and put their money where their mouths are, citizens’ votes are the last line of defense for the U.S. Constitution. To get rid of these law breaking politicians, citizens must turn out in mass at elections and overwhelm voter fraud situations.

VOTB or give up your wallets and your nation’s sovereignty. Your choice.

Vote out the (lawless) bums – every incumbent, every election.

Visit the VOTB store and pass on the idea.

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