Demons and Demons

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The movie Angles and Demons plays to the anti-religion crowd. They continually put God into the religion box because religion is flawed. They want you to believe that God and religion are the same. Next, they replace flawed religion with science. They believe guilt accompanies religion, but science is progressive and guilt free.

The screen play for Angles and Demons asks the same question that Carl Sagan asked in his book ‘Contact’. Can religion and science co-exist? Only an alien, ignorant, pseudo-intellectual would even want to try a rouse like this.

The anti-religion crowd encourages friction between religion and science. They claim, we can touch science, but religion is about something called faith. The few exceptions are exemplified by evolution. Believing in the theory of evolution takes more faith than believing in God! The anti-religion crowd thinks they can have it both ways by calling evolution fact because it took billions and billions of years to happen. The informed know that evolution is only a theory.

A 1’9” monkey squashed to less that a millimeter thickness has been hailed as the missing link. “According to Prof. Gingerich, the fossilized remains are of a young female adapid. The skeleton was unearthed by collectors about two years ago and has been kept tightly under wraps since then, in an unusual feat of scientific secrecy.”

Why some scientists want to brag about being an ancestor of a monkey is a mystery in itself.
And why the secrecy of such a great find? Could some in the science community, with the same anti-religion crowd mentality, be trying to shape science for political purposes? Evolution can not be proven through any scientific methodology?

The anti-religion crowd will study and try to manipulate science (like the global warming myth) but won’t study God. They will pick apart religion like the screen play for Angels and Demons does using the Illuminati as their protagonists.

The anti-religion crowd believes science is guilt free. What they don’t realize is that belief in science comes at a price. That price has the goal of a ‘doing-good’ feeling. The anti-religion crowd has fallen for the ‘doing-good’ trap. This is the same trap that separates God from religion in the bible. It’s the difference between the Old Testament and the New!

Doing-good is a hedge philosophy for the anti-religion crowd. They feel that doing-good makes them superior. Therefore IF there is a God, s/he will judge them moral and worthy for eternity. But, they need to do-good about something. So, they make a religion out of mother earth.

Has mankind gone full circle with worshiping nature? Incas had Inti – sun god. Hawaiians had Pele – volcano god. Native Americans honored mother earth long before the pilgrims. Seems the anti-religion crowd is picking up where the tribal peoples left off!

Anti-religion crowd wants to set up their own universal commandments based on ‘mother earth’. These commandments are globally inclusive under the ‘save the planet’ banner. Like universal healthcare, their commandments are for all citizens. They command you to be politically correct. Some man-made commandments already exist. They include politically correct (feel-good) speech, global finance, the non-science of global warming and soon global law. Future commandments will include the self-sacrifices of a lower standard of living, less traveling and eating politically correct foods.

The anti-religion crowd is nothing more than a bunch of copycats. Their rouse is obvious. They scheme to copy the bible’s commandment format. But the joke is on them because they are creating another religion that boxes in their beliefs and commands them to act a certain way.

They are already acting like the same ‘dark ages’, organized-religion people that are criticize in the Angles and Demons screenplay. Their acceptable behavior ‘box’ turns a blind eye to truth, justice and freedom. The ‘Fairness Doctrine’ aims to restrict political speech. (Where’s the truth? Are they hiding something?) Illegal immigration is bankrupting cities and states. (Where’s the justice for U.S. citizens?) Birthing more than a kid or two brings condemnation from the ‘dark ages’ crowd. (Why the direct assault on individual freedom?)

Scientists continually discover the more they investigate nature, the more complex the details. Nature seems to have no bounds. No one can put nature in a ‘box’. Science, itself, is demonstrating that nature (mother earth included) is perfect in design, structure and function. Also, they know people are flawed, even scientists!

The anti-religion crowd is dismissing and even attacking God at the same time trying to emulate Him. That’s why they attack the helpless through abortion and (egg/sperm) stem-cell research. They want to ‘do-good’ by saving mother earth (population control) and making its inhabitants’ perfect (gene therapy).

Basically, they act as if they don’t believe God did a good job of creation and they want to fix it! In reality, they are regressing to caveman status by worshiping nature out of their perceived ‘evolutionary roots’.

Religion is man’s creation and is imperfect to the same extent as man. Carl and the screen writers of Angels and Demons question can religion and science co-exist? The answer is it depends on the century and men behind both.

The real question is “Can God and science co-exist?” The answer is of course! They are one in the same. Nature is a mirror image of God – perfect in every way. The truth be known, scientist is merely a study of God’s nature!

If anti-religion crowd concedes to God and science co-existing, does that justify saving mother earth? Can an imperfect man save a perfect God?

The anti-religion crowd of scientists are deceiving themselves. They are merely imitating what has already been done. They are creating commandments for the worship of nature like cavemen. These anti-religious cavemen (and women) think they are chasing away religious demons, but in reality demons are chasing them!

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