Historic Ignorance – Lord of Organized Platitudes

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Have you noticed everything B.H. Obama does ‘seems’ to be historic in nature? Since the 2008 presidential election, the word historic has been bounced around like a beach ball in a crowded stadium.

Obama is also walking in the historic steps of his family.

Nets Tout Obama’s ‘Historic’ and ‘Transformational’ Speech in Cairo.
LI reactions to Obama’s historic trip
President Barack Obama’s nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court is “historic,” since she would be the first Hispanic on the high court.

Get the historic picture? From historic defect spending, to historic government takeovers of private industry, to historic voiding of contract law – everything is historic including a historic ignorance. Everything Obama does is historic and motivated out of ignorance.

B.H. Obama has swallowed an angry anti-capitalism ideology – hook, line and sinker. He’s surrounded himself with young, naïve intellectuals that puff-up his ego. These intellectuals are mummifying his ideology under the delusion of him being a powerful leader.

Former U.S. presidents were powerful leaders. These were given the title “Leader of the Free World”. B.H. Obama, following the dictates of his ideology, is quickly closing the door on freedom. Through his actions, he is denouncing this ‘freedom-loving’ global leadership role.

Why would anyone in their right mind want to give up the title “Leader of the Free World” for becoming just another ‘organizer’ in the world? Think of an ignorant person with a huge ego, void of any historic perspective. Think of a self-centered personality seeking ‘middle-school’ acceptance. Think of a do-gooder trying to earn favor with pseudo-intellectuals. Think of God’s gift to platitudes – B.H. Obama.

B.H. Obama is a person with a historic capacity for camouflaging dishonesty with platitudes. Like recent presidents he acts as a willing puppeteer dancing on the strings of historically wealthy and snobby intellectuals. His puppet masters have a feudalistic vision for the once-proud United States of America, whose president has been historically called the “Leader of the Free World”. B.H. Obama wants to trade this historic title for something more generic. Maybe’s he’s aiming for a title like “Lord of Organized Platitudes”!

The Taliban (who were in favor of his election) said that U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech to the Muslim world was full of “deceptive slogans” and did nothing to change relations between America and Muslims.

Who would support a person willing to give up the title “Leader of the Free World”? What kind of person wants to live in a feudalistic society? Where are the people that support B.H. Obama?

The answers lie in what Obama supporters have not learned from history. His supporters have shaken off their moral equilibrium and forsaken wisdom grounded in history. They are the kismet of the nation’s future. They are enabling B.H. Obama’s feudalism.

Some of B.H. Obama’s supporters believe the word responsibility is a curse. (These don’t pay taxes and strongly support the ‘redistribution of wealth’ philosophy) Others desire to be elevated inside the feudalistic elite social-class structure. (These have delusions of grandeur.) The wealthy supporters see B.H. Obama as a tool in their global-influence game. (The historically wealthy) All these supporters have one thing in common. They revel in the historic aspects of exchanging capitalism for feudalism.

This historic exchange began with electing a half-white president. His refusal to show his birth certificate when asked before the election was truly historic. This exposed an historic faux pas for his handlers. His historic dark-horse candidacy was marked by wealthy gamers influencing the democrat party leaders to dump the strong-willed Clinton.

The historic aspects surrounding B.H. Obama daily delight his ignorant, delusional and wealthy supporters.

Historic government spending is alarming everyone who can balance a check book. But historic government spending has no impact on B.H. Obama’s supports. They don’t know what a decimal point means as in millions, billions or trillions. They feel they deserve everything and have responsibility for nothing, not even a decimal point.

Some are looking forward to collecting unemployment per the historic expanding of unemployment benefits in B.H. Obama’s economic stimulus plan. This historic spending joke increases the length of unemployment benefits to three years. Just long enough to get him re-elected and expand unemployment further!

B.H. Obama is floating the possibility of a historic VAT (value added tax). Cigarettes already have a tax of seventeen cents per butt. How about adding another 25% on cigarettes and then alcohol? These are things the unemployed and financially strapped historically need to survive. That unemployment money will be recycled right back to the government in the form of taxes.

The historic dismantling of the U.S. Constitution is being executed with lighting speed on B.H. Obama’s watch. The ignorant have no need for contract law. The delusional say whatever it takes to for my upward movement. The wealthy needed an airhead-intellectual as president to rationalize class warfare against ‘rich’ corporations.

Historic ignorance makes the case that ‘we need to change’. One change is obvious. Czars are needed to grab power from Congress and the Supreme Court.

Paul Light of New York University, an expert on the presidency, told the Times Byrd has a legitimate constitutional concern about Obama’s use of czars. Light said the number of super aides Obama is employing means “there are so many czars in this White House, they’ll be constantly bumping in to each other.”

The historic avoidance of enforcing immigration law plays favorably with B.H. Obama’s supporters. His ignorant, delusional and wealthy supporters see illegals as contributing to a giant servant pool. U.S. citizens will increase this feudalistic pool as B.H. Obama’s economic and social policies are historically advanced – one at a time.

The wealthy supporters also need the irresponsible citizens to ‘not give a care’ about illegals migrating to the U.S. Illegals are helping to cause financial instability within the U.S. That means funneling more historic stimulus money through financial institutions – making the wealthy, wealthier.

In another historic move B.H. Obama has nominated a judge to the Supreme Court based on feelings. The ignorant and delusional supporters live in a pop-culture, feelings-driven world. They’re ecstatic about getting one of their own on the court. The wealthy supporters see B.H. Obama’s historic choice (Sonia Sotomayor) as racism under new management.

A historic scam of epic proportions is being fast tracked under B.H. Obama. The ignorant and delusional actually believe carbon dioxide is warming the planet. The delusional are even throwing their fame in support behind this global warming hoax. They may not know that every mammal exhales carbon dioxide while breathing. That means they are warming the planet, too. The wealthy supporters are licking their chops at an historic carbon tax (or the Cap and Trade initiative which ever some czar decides) directing money in their direction. Besides, socialized health care will curb some of that carbon dioxide.

B.H. Obama’s historic health care plan calls for cutting costs. “The letter (voluntarily offering to control costs) allowed Obama to hail a “historic” coming together of former antagonists on health care in a White House event emphasizing the most salable part of his health-care pitch.”

The ignorant and delusional are looking forward to ‘free’ health care. The wealthy know the way to cut health care cost is to cut services. They rationalize only needing enough peasants to provide their creature comforts. So cutting services allowing a few more peasants to die off than would have under the present system is no big deal. The ‘green’ bonus – there will be less carbon dioxide being exhaled!

B.H.Obama-care will someday be branded the worst legislation in U.S. history. Now that’s a great legacy for the “Lord of Organized Platitudes”!

The historic government takeover of the U.S. auto industry extends the ‘green’ movement’s tentacles. B.H. Obama’s ignorant supporters think they need green cars. They will get them from the new GM (Government Motors). The ignorant think this will help employ more citizens or keep some off unemployment roles. In reality, GM will outsource (probably to China) or sell off most of its manufacturing. The new GM and spin-off companies will be leaner and better managed with fewer employees.

The historic volatility of the stock market has been a cash cow for B.H. Obama’s wealthy investors.

Historic foreign policy rhetoric drips of weak ‘can’t we be friends’ syrup. Leaders from dictator countries and the Islamic world simply giggle when B.H. Obama spouts platitudes.

Gittmo prisoners are on countdown for their historic release as promised by B.H. Obama. They are anxious for make history in the name of their religion.

Being historic in nature doesn’t mean good things for people on Main Street. Russia and Germany experienced historic events that hurt millions of people in the 1900’s, even the ignorant, delusional and wealthy of that time.

The difference in being the “Leader of the Free World” and being the “Lord of Organized Platitudes” is historical ignorance. Historic ignorance is not learning from past mistakes. Historic ignorance will condemn U.S. citizens to feudalism.

B.H. Obama is marching to his puppet-master’s drum-beat and pointing the U.S. down the road to Feudalism. These puppet-masters are setting him up to be the ‘historic’ fall guy. Like Oswald, he’s just a patsy.

It’s time to vote his historic, czar-loving ass out of the White House. Change history in favor of the people.

VOTB is the strategic fix that citizen’s have available to them. Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election.

Vote Out The (historic) Bums. Then visit the VOTB store and past on the idea.

Epilogue: Watch history in the making. Click on the historic debt clock.