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If I were president…..

I would institute the Citizen’s Impact Statement (CIS) process. Similar to the Environmental Impact Statement process, the CIS would need to be issued before congress or the president could pass or sign any legislation into law.

If the environment is so important, how much more important are human beings? Even in a feudalistic society, humans are necessary for paying taxes and producing food/goods for the elites’ consumption.

Under U.S. Environmental Law a document is required by the National Environmental Policy Act for federal government agency actions that ‘significantly affecting the quality of the human environment.’ Using a Reagan-like public appeal, I would get congress to pass a ‘National Citizens Policy Act’. This Act would require a similar statement for all actions that ‘significantly affect the quality of human life.’

Ironically, a bill stalled in congress had a similar ring to it. H.R. 3396: Citizens Protection Act of 1998 is still buried. This bill doesn’t call for any impact statement, but it could be the beginning of a general ‘National Citizens Policy Act’. It calls for ‘ethical standards for attorneys in government.’ Now you understand why it’s stalled in committee. One could stretch those ‘ethical standards’ to include all attorneys in government – most politicians, too!

The goal of the ‘National Citizens Policy Act’ would be governmental restraint. Here’s why citizens need protection from corrupt politicians controlling today’s government.

The slightest changes in government policy can have far reaching effects on citizens. Politicians, blinded by ego and pride in their short-sided thinking, are making significant policy changes today. They actually believe they can fix anything – economy, healthcare, housing, employment, imports/exports, foreign relations, even other countries, etc. They treat everything as a stand-alone problem. They need a course in endocrinology to understand the term inter-related!

If I were President I would direct congress to place minimum academic requirements for elected politicians. (That’s another blog topic.) In the future, one of the courses all politicians would need to take is an endocrinology class for beginners. Only then will they begin to understand the inter-related ‘cause and effect’ process.

Endocrinology is the study of hormones. Hormones are produced by a variety of glands in the body. Endocrinology encompasses the inter-relationship among all these glands.

Hormones are multifunctional biochemicals that control and regulate body functions. In short, hormones affect a person’s overall health. Many disorders can result from hormone imbalance. Some of these conditions include weakening of the immune system, violent mode swings, obesity, aging, sexual dysfunctions, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, senility, Alzheiemer’s disease, premature death, etc.

Hormone imbalances can be caused by a number of self-imposed things. Through ignorance these things can be taken into the body initiating hormone imbalances. Several common things include birth control pills, chemicals from processed food or their containers or the environment, steroid use, legal or illegal drug use, etc. These things affect one body hormone causing the desired affect. But when one hormone level is changed so are other hormone levels because they are all inter-related.

Even small quantities of these things can cause hormone imbalances. Get the point?

Politicians pass a bill to save big corporations, but they don’t anticipate the unemployment they have caused. They allow social programs’ fraud and keep on spending citizens into future debt. They pass a bill to make housing affordable to illegals and they affect every law abiding citizen’s ability to own a home in the future. Politicians authorize printing billions of dollars and then funnel it to foreigners. These same politicians don’t anticipate (or care) how that adversely affects a citizen’s purchasing power. They do a ‘cash for clunkers’ program and don’t understand how that affects affordable transportation for the less financially able.

A politician’s ignorance of this cause and effect inter-relationship is adversely affecting every U.S. citizen. The cause and effect of their actions today will make future generations very angry. Why, because ignorant politicians don’t play-out the inter-relationships of their actions.

As president I would pass a ‘National Citizens Policy Act’ that requires a Citizens Impact Statement for all congressional and presidential actions ‘significantly affecting the quality of human life.’

Citizens of the U.S. call for a ‘National Citizens Policy Act’ and a Citizens’ Impact Statement before any future federal or state laws/regulations are passed. Should elected politicians refuse to comply, vote them out – VOTB

VOTB – Vote Out The Bums: every incumbent, every election. Corrupt politicians are causing many problems for U.S. citizens. The affect should be their political unemployment!

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