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Redistribution politics stirs among corrupt politicians like the plague. As with the victims of a plague, corrupt politicians don’t know where redistribution politics came from or the final outcome. Redistribution politics simple moves money from those who have more to those who have less. The questions are where is this money going and who is it affecting?

Today’s government brand of redistribution politics reinforces parts of communism, progressivism, egalitarianism, socialism, and Marxism. They all produce the ‘robin hood effect’, corrupt politicians crave. These politicians are ‘blindly’ embraced by the poor and the rich. But the middle class is screaming bloody murder because they see future opportunities to freely grow economically coming to an end.

The apparent answer to ‘where’ the money is being redistributed and ‘who’ redistribution politics affects are the citizens of the U.S. That’s not entirely correct in the bigger picture!! This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Redistribution politics is a global idea. Corrupt politicians have swallowed it to serve their own lust for power. The current president, B.H. Obama, has made numerous speeches (Berlin 4.17.09 and 7.25.09, France 4.6.09, Egypt 6.3.09) proclaiming global citizenship “binds us together”. There lies the bigger picture.

The poor in the U.S. think by backing B.H. Obama and his style of redistribution politics that money is going to flow their way. That’s why they love B.H. Unfortunately, they are delusional. By the world’s standards, the poor in the U.S. are part of the global rich. B.H. knows that and is committed to sending U.S. tax dollars out of the country as fast as possible. After all, the U.S. poor aren’t really poor they are RICH by global citizen’s standards.

Poverty is defined in the U.S. to those making/receiving about $10,000 a year. By global standards, a person making $10,000 a year is in the top 13% of the richest people in the world. And when you earn $20,000 a year you’re in the top 11% of the richest people in the world. How rich are you by global standards? The information on the site below is B.H.’s perspective!

Close to 90% of the world’s population is poorer than anyone in the U.S. Redistribution politics is about directing money to the world’s poor.

One means of redistributing wealth is by outsourcing U.S. jobs. Outsourcing U.S. jobs began decades ago. Several outrageous examples include: Kissinger’s betrayal of U.S. citizens back in the 70’s with his Saudi oil deals; and Clinton making China an industrial power by allowing U.S. business interests access to the country’s market and labor force. Currently ‘cap and trade’ and global warming will accelerate outsourcing.

The final result for the U.S. poor of outsourcing jobs is that 99% of them are never going to have the opportunity to get out of poverty. The corrupt politicians will promise change, the ignorant poor will vote for them based on hope. In reality, any money the poor might have earned is already being shared globally. Example: $60 billion dollars is earned by illegal aliens in the U.S. each year. http://www.cairco.org/econ/econ.html

The U.S. poor are going to stay poor. They are ‘suckers’ voting to the keep redistribution politics in government. For redistribution politics to gain additional traction in the U.S., the middle and upper classes need to contribute and soon.

Union members are part of the middle class affected by redistribution politics. Union members settle for less than they are worth. They are the muscle of the American labor and politics. They are giving up individuality for group collectiveness (Sounds like communism doesn’t it?).

How many rich union members do you know? By the world’s standards, every union member making $50,000 or more is in the top 1% of the worlds rich. B.H. knows this union money needs global redistribution. Union members are mindlessly allowing it.

Unionism is a brilliant idea to keep citizens pacified. Union members can’t accumulate excessive wealth because their contracts limit how much they earn. Also, they have to pay taxes and union dues on their limited earnings. Any invested savings union members may have accumulated individually are also subjected to more taxation. The taxes corrupt politicians collect from union members and the middle class in general, allows redistribution politics to be spread globally. Union members are being played for saps. Current example is TARP money.

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D.-Ohio) said on the House floor that TARP bailout funds loaned to banks are ending up overseas. Citigroup has sent $8 billion to Dubai, Bank of America has sent $7 billion to China and JPMorgan Chase has sent $1 billion to India. “Banks are taking our tax dollars and they’re shipping them abroad.”

The upper-middle class that corrupt politicians label as rich are the prime target for redistribution politics. Let’s use lawyers as an example. Lawyers, as a group, support B.H. Obama and redistribution politics. (note: Tort reform is nowhere to be found in Obamacare.) In reality, they have redistribution targets painted on their wallets.

Lawyers in U.S have an average annual salaries from $150k-$350k. $150,000 puts a lawyer in the .33% of the richest people in the world. Why would some of the richest people in the world want to support redistribution politics? Delusions of grandeur!!

Lawyers cater to people with money. When these lawyers encourage redistribution politics by supporting B.H. Obama, they will be limiting future client pool. Future clients in a socialistic society will have less money for legal matters. Look at lawyers’ earnings in a neighboring socialistic country.

In Canada, 2002, the starting salary for a person with a law degree was around C$74,300 ($68,711 US). The average salary for all lawyers was around C$99,200 ($91,738 US). In general, lawyers are among the highest paid workers in Canada. U.S. lawyers are looking at severe pay cuts in a socialistic America made in the image of redistribution politics.

Lawyers in socialist countries work in law centers and are on salary. They are legal aid lawyers. After all, in a socialized political system that supports redistribution of wealth who can they sue? (Think Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, China, etc.) Where are the rainmakers when most of industry is nationalized? The after-effects of redistribution politics leaves the nation’s citizens poorer and less able to afford lawyers.

Redistribution politics doesn’t stop with money. It can include the transfer of property from some individuals to others.

Hawaii Housing Authority v. Midkiff, 467 U.S. 229 (1984), was a case in which the United States Supreme Court held that a state could use the eminent domain process to take land overwhelmingly concentrated in the hands of private landowners, and redistribute it to the wider population of residents.

How far will redistribution politics go? Industry – GM. Healthcare – soon to be socialized. The once proud medical profession is being relegated to hourly, HMO worker status. In reality, the groups of people supporting redistribution politics can be identified with the term ‘serfs’ – as in feudalism. They mindlessly think government is their keeper.

The link between income inequality and governmental redistribution is subject to intense research and debate. Experimenting with the most successful capitalistic system in the history of mankind is just plain stupid. In the future, nobody will call politicians of today smart or intelligent. They will just call them corrupt!

Redistribution politics is only a mirage for the delusional. Since even the lowest occupants’ income in the U.S. isn’t poor by global standards, where is the redistributed wealth going? Simply put, redistributed wealth is going around the world.

As B.H.’s global citizens, redistribution politics is a utopian scheme played on the world stage. Bottom line: B.H. Obama’s grass roots supporters (Acorn among with others) are acting as pawns for feudalism. Acorn puppets deserve serfdom and feudalism.

Samuel Adams stated: “The utopian schemes of leveling [redistribution of wealth], and a community of goods, are as visionary and impracticable as those which vest all property in the Crown. [These ideas] are arbitrary, despotic, and, in our government, unconstitutional.”

The perception that redistribution of wealth will happen within the boundaries of the U.S. will be a letdown for many of B.H.’s supporters. When they realize that their redistribution leader is funneling (their) money to the global poor, resentment will set in. When they realize they have been had and are being used as (borrowing a line from the movie ‘Blazing Saddles’) “pawns in the game of life”, what will they do? Will Acorn, anti-war, gays and other minority groups turn their mob demonstrations on their own elected officials? Or will they be bought off with a sack lunch and more promises – again?

Common sense citizens can take matters into their own hands. VOTB. Vote while you still can win. When government gets 51% of the ‘serfs’ on their payroll, voting may become ‘Iran-like’.

For now VOTB: Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election. Keep the topic of redistribution politics where it belongs, in the history books.

Go to the VOTB store and pass on the idea!

Epilogue: Corrupt politicians haven’t realized that “you can only eat the rich once”!

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