Obama: A Healthcare Stooge

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B.H Obama could be a national hero if he would do four things to healthcare in the United States. One: Put all the uninsured on Medicaid. Two: Allow health insurance companies to compete nationally. Three: Cap malpractice lawsuits. Four: Mandate every member of congress show a “Basic Standard of Decency”.

The first three things have been explored in depth by the media’s talking heads. The forth is a ‘back at you’ BH.

B.H. Obama’s, “Basic Standard of Decency Allows Illegals to Be Treated”, was a media headline from this past week. Basically, BH wants part of every U.S. citizen’s taxes to pay for illegals’ healthcare. Why not pay Canada’s, Mexico’s, Russia’s and South America’s healthcare costs while you’re trying to play the ‘shame on you’ card, B.H.?

Instead, B.H. could have mandated that 25% of every congressperson’s salary (and why not his and Oprah Winfrey’s, too) contribute to fund healthcare for illegals. After all, corrupt politicians are the reason illegal immigration is out-of-control. Obviously, that would not be enough money to go around, so the death panels and rationing of high risk, experimental treatments would be mandatory. Sorry illegals, some of you may have to die to serve the ‘State of Obama’.

B.H. is becoming the ‘healthcare stooge’. Jimmy Carter and Hilary are laughing on the sidelines. Soon, Jimmy wouldn’t be labeled the worst president in recent history. And Hilarycare will be forgotten.

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BH. could have gone down as a national healthcare hero if he would have instituted the four things mentioned above. Instead, he is having a pissing contest with the American public, the conservatives and even members of his Democrat party. Someone should tell him that pissing contests are held in middle school, not in a global media arena.

B.H.’s latest mistake was attacking people saying he’s in political trouble. So as if to say, I can out piss you, he “launched a mocking counter-attack Thursday at pundits who believe the euphoric early promise of his presidency is evaporating amid bitter political warfare.” He proudly claimed, “We have been through this before, in Iowa,” Obama said, referring to the first state to hold a 2008 Democratic nominating contest, which saw him capture a come-from-behind win.

B.H. should have never mentioned Iowa. Those following the primaries know his reasoning is delusional. In Iowa, as is many other caucus states, he cheated. He cheated by having busloads of brainwashed supporters infiltrate caucus sites. They in turn bullied enough people so that B.H. could walk away with an early victory. His handler’s plan worked in Iowa and many other caucus states.

From the day the Obama Illinois buses rolled into Iowa to VOTE in the Iowa caucus the Obama campaign has been a path of vote fraud. Some of us can testify to what we saw at the DNC “rules” meeting on May 31, 2008. Texas vote fraud was also huge. At the caucuses someone would take home the signed sheets to type them, and they would be returned with far more names of people never there.”

ACORN !!!!!!!!

Obama’s campaign offered people things like I-pods and free stuff (t-shirts, clothes, shoes, and free meals) – to win caucuses. Then he claims victory after buying these ‘chumps for change’. He goes to the White House and lives the high life. His bused-in chumps go back to their neighborhoods. That’s the Chicago way – chumps!

B.H. Obama is a healthcare stooge when he could have been a national hero. As with all corrupt politicians, he made the political choice – not the right choice – for American citizens. That’s just another reason to Vote Out The (cheating) Bums.

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