Who Cares!

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Who cares that the scheming, corrupt politicians are crafting meaningless, unnecessary health care and cap/trade legislation. They will only get voluntary citizens and non-citizens participation. The people of the U.S. have a history of ignoring laws made by corrupt, out of touch politicians. These same corrupt politicians are the shining examples that do-nothing, enforcement bureaucrats follow.

Law breaking is becoming a social norm. “Recent studies in the U.S. have shown that 90 percent of people today break laws frequently and without twinges of conscience.”

Two stereotypical groups illustrate the law breaking, ‘nobody cares’ people in the U.S. They are criminals and illegal aliens (who are technically criminals, too). The criminal group will become proportionally larger as corrupt politicians pass more laws. Several examples can be found with drug, motor vehicle and income tax laws.

Think about how many drug law ignoring criminals exist in the U.S. today. Many corrupt politicians are part of this group of law breaking criminals.
Barack Obama admitted cocaine use
Al Gore admitted to using marijuana
George W. Bush, Jr. and his cocaine problem
Bill Clinton “I did inhale” sound byte

Corrupt politicians passed laws banning drugs (marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, crack, ice, etc) and people ignore these laws. And like the above named corrupt politicians, they don’t get caught, but they are still criminals.

Remember prohibition? Corrupt politicians passed the 18th amendment to the Constitution outlawing the manufacturing and sale of alcohol. (The same Constitution corrupt politicians ignore today.) So many people became criminals and continued consuming alcohol that the prohibition amendment was repealed with the 21st amendment. Why, because the law created a nation of lawbreakers.

Prohibition failed because it was unenforceable.
By 1925, half a dozen states, including New York, passed laws banning local police from investigating violations.

Contrastingly, a current example of enforceable laws made unenforceable is happening in Phoenix, AZ today. Congress passed immigration laws and then realized they don’t want them enforced. Elected sheriff, Joe Arpaio, of Maricopa County is enforcing immigration law despite inference from corrupt politicians.

“Arpaio’s Washington D.C. based attorney stated that the decision to curtail the Sheriff’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agent status emanates from as high as the White House. Driscoll also says that the White House wants to eventually dissolve the 287G agreement completely with all local law enforcement agencies now assisting the federal government in the fight against the growing problem of illegal immigration into the U.S. Arpaio is outraged but not surprised by this political witch hunt and vows to continue fighting illegal immigration by enforcing all aspects of the state and federal immigration laws, despite Washington’s ploy to curtail his authority.”

Corrupt politicians can’t have it both ways.
Obey some laws and ignore others. Enforcement bureaucrats are confused. This shows that corrupt politicians only pass laws with the illusion of power. The people decide which laws are enforceable.

Everyone driving a car is required by law to have a driver’s license and automobile insurance. Anyone that has ever been hit by someone illegally driving a car quickly finds out two things. First, many people ignore driving laws. Secondly, enforcement bureaucrats either have no way or don’t give a care about tracking down and punishing these law breakers. “15% of auto accidents in the State of California involve uninsured vehicles.”

All the motor vehicle laws corrupt politicians pass mean nothing to the millions of law breaking drivers. The people decide which laws are reasonable. Then they apply ‘situational ethics’ to obeying them. So you really think health care and cap/trade legislation will be taken seriously?

You’re living in Neverland with Michael Jackson’s spirit if you think criminals or illegals obey the (non-existent, imaginary) personal income tax laws? The underground economy in the U.S. exceeds 2 trillion of dollars each year.

Enforcement bureaucrats follow the example of corrupt politicians and have become part of this underground economy. How else can you explain non-enforcement of income tax laws among the criminals (Timothy Franz Geithner) and illegals? The more tax laws corrupt politicians in Congress pass, the more people ignore these tax laws and the underground economy grows.

Enforcing law is not politically correct today. Consider how police action is hampered by ‘civil rights’ groups. If caught, mass murders and common criminals are cared for with tax dollars for years. Soon the homeless will figure out the system. Commit a crime and you get a cot, health care, food and access to an education at tax payer expense.

One can only conclude that laws passed by corrupt politicians are voluntary. Just as people decide which drug, motor vehicle, or income tax laws they will or won’t obey, final enforcement decision about health care and cap/trade legislation will be made by the people.

Congress is full of corrupt, out of touch politicians. Just reason, how can a person worth multi-millions of dollars identify with the average person making less that $50,000 a year? ‘Recently, the Center for Responsive Politics (CRP) analyzed the financial assets of US lawmakers based on required annual disclosures, and found that there are 237 (out of 538 congressional members) millionaires in the US Congress.’

Corrupt politicians can’t and don’t represent average people. What the U.S. has are millionaire politicians pretending to represent average hard working American citizens. They really represent a political financial element existing within the corporate wealthy today, as exemplified in their actions.

While the people are making up their minds which laws to obey, they will vote against the latest wave of corruption in Congress.

Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election.

Nobody in their right mind can argue that Senator Byrd ‘a living legend’ of West Virginia after 56 of living off taxpayers is representing anyone but special interest today. (Unless West Virginia has a geriatric population void of anyone under the age of 60!), He should have been elected out of office 50 years ago. Re-electing Byrd all these years only proves that voters in West Virginia have the fewest teeth per person, nationally!

VOTB: Vote Out The (out-of-touch) Bums – every incumbent, every election.

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You Never Go Back

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“Once you go black, you never go back” is a street saying referring to sex. Whatever the realities of this saying for non-blacks, “Once you go black, you never go back” will be negatively applied to black presidents. Look at the facts.

B.H. Obama is only half black. His legacy of destroying capitalism will live on long into history. B.H. isn’t his own person. He is being politically guided like a bull with a nose ring. His handlers are fulfilling an 1811 Rothschild threat, “Teach those impudent Americans a lesson. Bring them back to colonial status.”

The colonial status referred to is colonialism. Colonialism is a practice of domination, which involves the subjugation of one people to another.

After 200 years, the European Money Merchants (EMM) have lined up the political elements for revenge and aim to dominate the peoples of the Americas. Their international monetary policies are the means of re-colonizing.

EMM have used white presidents to move their colonizing agenda forward. But colonization was moving too slowly. They needed a naive puppet, with African roots to speed up the two century old threat. So, they put B.H. Obama in charge.

Because B.H. is acclaimed for the black side of his heritage, a direct connection can be made of America’s future through Africa’s colonization eyes. Only problem with B.H. speeding up colonization of the Americas is that he’s going to tarnish the “Once you go black, you never go back” saying – politically that is! VOTB!

Colonial status for the United States people means a low standard of living controlled by others. Africa is an example of economic and social chaos controlled by others. Black African leaders controlled by EMM exemplify a future model of Americans returning to colonialism (and eventually Feudalism).

Historically, black African leaders allowed white Europeans to carve Africa into arbitrary boundaries. European cartography (mapping) formed states that had nothing to do with nationalities, regional interests or common cultures. They had all to do with colonial rule that economically benefited white EMM.

America’s black leader (Obama) is setting the stage for the European mapmakers to Africanize the North American continent. This theory is easy to prove with facts. The boarder between Mexico and U.S. is nonexistent for all practical purposes. Canada is open to the ‘North American Union’ idea. The stage is set for a black leader in the (African mode) to be used again to set boundaries for colonialism. This time North America is the target.

Does any of the following sound familiar?

In Africa, ‘European cartography is a complement of other technologies of political power: literate bureaucratic agencies … the need for regular tax collection and even, at times, conscription of populations for military or public works service.’

The U.S. has a black leader whose administration is raising taxes to new heights and constantly calling for public service. In Africa, colonial “mapping” ultimately created national identities among the multiple ethnic groups (Think of the diversity movement in the U.S.) which found themselves within colonial boundaries (or had been more loosely incorporated into pre-colonial kingdoms and empires). http://fathom.lib.uchicago.edu/1/777777122619/
Dial 1 for English, anyone!

If B.H.’s handlers are allowed to “bring them (America) back to colonial status”, what’s happening in Africa today will soon happen in North America. Boundaries will become arbitrary. Real integration of resident populations into a common political community will never happen. Just as the “ongoing crises in such states as Angola, the Congo, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Somalia suggest that colonial maps have not laid out a stable basis for nationhood in Africa”, neither will they in North America.
Dial 1 for English
Dial 2 for Spanish
Dial 3 for French
Dial 4 for Russian
Dial 5 for your favorite Asian language

Interestingly, once African states gained freedom from European rule, they all became stalwart defenders of the existing boundaries. That cannot be said about enough U.S. politicians. Our black president hasn’t learned any lessons from colonial African history. Just as the external interests (buyers of easily exportable resources such as diamonds) have determined the geography of African power so will the EMM carve up North America.

B.H. Obama, a global citizen, is using African style “warlord politics” to help return America to colonial status. His party has strong-armed the media into selling colonialism to U.S. citizens through the ‘tax the rich and climate change’ messages. But, U.S. citizens are feeling the economic pinch of returning to colonialism. Question is will citizen voters wake up in time to stop B.H. and his handlers.

Africa is no more than a white EMM colonial experiment. By the time U.S. citizens realize that B.H. Obama wants the USA and Africa to be colonial brothers, the USA will be part of the North American Union. Then the saying “Once you go black, you never go back” will mean something other than sex. It will mean never going back to Capitalism, opportunity and freedom thanks to a black president!

Wake up America and VOTB: Vote Our The (colonial-loving) Bums – every incumbent, every election.

Visit the VOTB store and resist colonialism.

Recommended Reading:

Herbst, Jeffrey. States and Power in Africa: Comparative Lessons in Authority and Control (Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 2000).

Jackson, Robert H. and Carl J. Rosberg, “Sovereignty and Underdevelopment: Juridical Statehood in the African Crisis,” Journal of Modern African Studies, 24 (1986), pp. 1-31.

Reno, William. Warlord Politics and African States. Boulder, Colo.: Lynne Rienner Publishers, 1998.



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No need to worry about B.H. Obama being assassinated. He’s made friends with the same people that are in the business of assassinating presidents.

B.H. has cemented his relationship with the European Money Merchants (EMM) by allowing bailout money to continue its international flow.

B.H.’s has also filled his administration with people from the Federal Reserve, the United States arm of the EMM.

B.H. even appointed Rahm Emanuel (formerly with Bill Clinton’s White House), chief of staff. Rahm is nothing more that an extension of EMM Israel, ‘the national home for the Jewish people’ and a war pawn.

The people that killed JFK (No hit man in history has ever left evidence behind like a rifle and spent ammo) support B.H. Obama. In fact, they support any president that lets them steal $165 billion or more a year from the American taxpayers. They have a history of eliminating presidents that disagree with their controlling our nation’s money supply.

EMM have had a stake in controlling U.S. money supply and murdering people even before the Revolutionary War. In fact, the ‘Currency Act of 1764’ was motivation for the founding of the United States of America.

In 1763 the director of the Bank of England (owned by the EMM) asked Benjamin Franklin “why are the colonies so prosperous”? Ben answered, “We issue currency in proportion to the needs of our business and industries, products are easily transferred from the manufacturers to the consumers. With this method, we create our own paper currency, guarantee its purchasing power, we (the government) do not need to pay any interest to anyone.”

The ‘Currency Act’ forced the colonies to pay taxes in gold or silver. The colonies rebelled and thus began the war for independence. The EMM start to draw American blood both literally and financially.

In 1832, President Andrew Jackson had earned the undying hatred of the EMM. He stated that “Controlling our currency, receiving our public monies, and holding thousands of our citizens in dependence, would be more formidable and dangerous than a naval and military power of the enemy.” — Herman E. Kross, Documentary History of Banking and Currency in the United States, Chelsea House, pp. 26, 27.

The first of many attempts to be made against the life of a President of the United States was aimed at President Andrew Jackson.

The EMM were furious with President Jackson for opposing their Central Bank. On January 30, 1835, an assassination attempt was made against him. Miraculously, both pistols of the assailant misfired, and Jackson was spared by a quirk of fate. The would-be assassin was Richard Lawrence who either was truly insane or who pretended to be insane to escape harsh punishment. At any rate, Lawrence was found not guilty due to insanity. Later, Lawrence boasted to friends that he had been in touch with powerful people in Europe who had promised to protect him from punishment should he be caught. — G. Edward Griffin, The Creature from Jekyll Island, American Opinion Publishing, p. 357.

Before Andrew Jackson’s death he is asked what he regarded his as greatest achievement. He replies without hesitation, “I Killed The Bank.” This is in reference to the fact he banished the Rothschild’s Second Bank of the United States in 1836.

President William Henry Harrison, the 9th President of the U.S. supported an ‘Independent Treasury System’ as did President Zachary Tyler after him. Both were healthily one day and died the next. Historians debate the suspicious circumstances of their deaths. In 1991, President Taylor’s body was exhumed. Samples of his nails and hair produced traces of poison. The U.S. government quickly shut down the examination most likely to cover up an EMM trail.

The grand-daughter of the President Abraham Lincoln’s killer, Izola Forrester mentioned in her memoir, “Lincoln’s assassination is related to a mystery group from Europe. Before the assassination, Booth traveled to Europe at least once. Booth was very close with Judah Benjamin, and Judah is widely known as an agent of the Rothschild Family”.

From Booth’s trunk, a coded message was found that linked him directly to Judah P. Benjamin, the Civil War campaign manager in the South for the House of Rothschild. When the war ended, the key to the code was found in Benjamin’s possession. More traceable EMM blood.

On Lincoln’s death, Otto von Bismark, the Chancellor of Germany, commented, “The death of Lincoln was a disaster for Christendom. I fear that foreign bankers with their craftiness and tortuous tricks will entirely control the exuberant riches of America and use it systematically to corrupt modern civilization. They will not hesitate to plunge the whole of Christendom into wars and chaos in order that the earth should become their inheritance.”

President James Garfield openly declared that whoever controls the supply of currency would control the business and activities of all the people. Obviously, he was no friend of the EMM. Charles Guiteau, who had never had anything to do with politics, suddenly began hanging around the Republican National Committee’s New York City headquarters. He bought a pistol with money from “a gentleman,” and shot the President after stalking him for several days. President Garfield was shot at a railroad station on July 2, 1881 and died several months later. More EMM ‘gentleman’ blood?

In the early 1900’s, President William McKinley was known as a ‘hard money’ man, advocating a gold monetary standard. Leon Czologosz, in collaboration with Emma Goldman gunned down President McKinley on September 6, 1901.

Emma Goldman was a communist anarchist, was most likely funded by the powerful communist-supporter, Jacob Schiff, the renowned Jewish banker of Kuhn Loeb (connected to EMM), who funded the burgeoning Bolshevik movement in Russia. (another bloody EMM involvement)

John F. Kennedy really pissed off the EMM with his proposed signing of executive order 11110. His assassination by the EMM was a warning to future presidents. You won’t live to see the day when the U.S. debt is eliminated by removing the Federal Reserve’s control over the creation of money. President Clinton was the only other president close to executing 11110, but he never did. Clinton is still living. JKF (and his brother Robert) are dead. EMM strikes big-time!

It would not be until 1913 that the Rothschild’s EMM would be able to set up their third central bank in America, the Federal Reserve. And to ensure no mistakes are made, this time they will put one of their own bloodline, Jacob Schiff, in charge of the project. The same Jacob Schiff that supported Emma Goldman and Charles Guiteau!

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, clearly stated that the constitution empowered the Congress to issue currency, but did not empower the Congress to pass that right to any private bank. “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” – Thomas Jefferson

Guess who ignore Jefferson’s and Madison’s message – corrupt U.S. politicians and their ignorant progressive supporters.

You can understand why B.H. is safe from assassination. He is in bed with the EMM’s that are ‘perpetrating the most colossal theft in the history of mankind’.

Lincoln called Washington D.C. a great volcano, belching forth the lava of political corruption. Stop the lava from flowing today. B.H. Obama is surrounded by his EMM handlers. He’s hiding behind their coattails by spouting platitudes of hope. The only hope for U.S. citizens is to vote him out of office, because the EMM aren’t going to assassinate him.

VOTB: Vote Out The (EMM supported) Bums: every incumbent, every election. Get elected officials that will face down America’s only real enemy – the EMM.

Pass on the idea. Visit the VOTB store.

Epilogue: In 1849, Gutle Schnaper, Mayer Amschel Rothschild’s wife died. Before her death she would nonchalantly state, “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.”


Definitive HATE Crimes

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American politicians take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Corrupt politicians are breaking that oath and attacking the American Constitution with malice and forethought through underhanded legislative processes. Those that betray the ‘protect and defend’ oath should be put on trial for HATE Crimes against the American Constitution.

The most recent example of underhanded, anti-American Constitution politics was hatch up by none other than Democrat Senator Harry Reid (surprise). ‘Dingy’, as Harry is appropriately called in some circles, reemphasized corrupt politicians contempt for the American Constitution.

Typical of smoke fill room’ politics, “Democrat Senate leader Harry Reid slipped the Leahy “hate crimes” bill, as an amendment, into the $680 billion Defense Authorization Act. Leahy agreed with this avoidance of a full-scale floor debate.”

Dingy, B.H. Obama and corrupt politicians in congress HATE the American Constitution. Ironically, they want to enforce ‘thought’ crimes or PERCEIVED motivations on the part of citizens, while they attack the American Constitution with malice and forethought through underhanded legislative processes. They are all cowards and hypocrites.

The bill Dingy and his corrupt pals recently passed (the Matthew Shepard Act) punishes PERCEIVED motivation. The American Constitution simply does not give congress or the president power to punish PERCEIVED motivation.

“In a 1995 decision that overturned a federal ban on possessing guns near schools, the U.S. Supreme Court noted that “the Constitution creates a Federal Government of enumerated powers,” which do not include a general authority to fight crime.”

The PERCEIVED motivation for passing this and many bills in congress today is politician’s HATE of the American Constitution. Their bias is power motivated against God fearing, tax paying, American Citizens.


Starting with FDR, continuing with LBJ and BHO, (note all the constitutional assassins have ineffectual middle initials) the American Constitution has been hatefully mugged, stabbed and beaten.

Even the media is noticing today’s events. Noting Dingy’s latest move, a columnist wrote, “Actually, we will have moved closer to that day when lawmakers use stealthy, behind-closed-doors maneuvers to chip away at fundamental constitutional rights.”

Corrupt politicians have hatefully, with malice and forethought, been chipping away at nullifying the American Constitution.
The American Constitution is a straightforward document limiting the centralization of power at the federal level. Corrupt politicians have been on a documented power grab for the last 100 years.

Hate crimes demonstrate an emotion. Hate is the motivator. The impetus, hate, moves a person to action. Therefore, hate is responsible for the crime. Corrupt politicians on a power grab (nationalizing health care, parts of the financial and automobile industries, cap and trade, social security, Medicare/Medicaid) HATE God fearing, tax paying, American Citizens backed by the American Constitution limiting their federal power. Corrupt politicians are nothing more than control freaks motivated by HATE.

Deliberate HATE crimes are being committed against the American Constitution. Corrupt politicians fit the deliberate criminal HATE pattern perfectly. “As Western legal thinking has developed over many centuries, one could be punished only for deliberate acts against the person and property of another. The word “deliberate” does refer to a state of mind. The criminal must have intended to do harm or at least have been reckless with respect to the consequences of his action.”

God fearing, tax paying, American Citizens are being harmed. The American economy and the value of the dollar are sinking with unemployment lines getting longer and longer. Corrupt politicians will tout that unemployment numbers are stabilizing and not going up every month. They fail to mention that citizens already on unemployment are not going back to work therefore the cumulative unemployment numbers are swelling in some areas of the U.S.

30% unemployment in Michiganhttp://www.freep.com/article/20091101/OPINION01/911010444/1322/Saving-the-most-salvageable-neighborhoods


The president and congress should be on trial today for HATE crimes against for the American Constitution. “Maybe it should be a crime to show such contempt for the Constitution. The president and senators would be in the hoosegow today.”

Corrupt politicians are mugging, stabbing and beating up the American Constitution. They’re motivation is HATE. These politicians must be held accountable for their HATE crimes.

2010 elections are coming. Don’t be fooled by promises of hope. Throw every incumbent into the unemployment lines.

Note: while teachers, union workers and private industry employees are taking pay hits, corrupt politicians are still giving themselves raises!! “The average member of Congress will realize a 2.8 percent raise, bringing his or her annual salary to $174,000. The raises for congress will cost taxpayers $2.5 million during 2009.”

VOTB: Vote Out The (Hateful) Bums – every incumbent, every election.

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