Definitive HATE Crimes

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American politicians take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. Corrupt politicians are breaking that oath and attacking the American Constitution with malice and forethought through underhanded legislative processes. Those that betray the ‘protect and defend’ oath should be put on trial for HATE Crimes against the American Constitution.

The most recent example of underhanded, anti-American Constitution politics was hatch up by none other than Democrat Senator Harry Reid (surprise). ‘Dingy’, as Harry is appropriately called in some circles, reemphasized corrupt politicians contempt for the American Constitution.

Typical of smoke fill room’ politics, “Democrat Senate leader Harry Reid slipped the Leahy “hate crimes” bill, as an amendment, into the $680 billion Defense Authorization Act. Leahy agreed with this avoidance of a full-scale floor debate.”

Dingy, B.H. Obama and corrupt politicians in congress HATE the American Constitution. Ironically, they want to enforce ‘thought’ crimes or PERCEIVED motivations on the part of citizens, while they attack the American Constitution with malice and forethought through underhanded legislative processes. They are all cowards and hypocrites.

The bill Dingy and his corrupt pals recently passed (the Matthew Shepard Act) punishes PERCEIVED motivation. The American Constitution simply does not give congress or the president power to punish PERCEIVED motivation.

“In a 1995 decision that overturned a federal ban on possessing guns near schools, the U.S. Supreme Court noted that “the Constitution creates a Federal Government of enumerated powers,” which do not include a general authority to fight crime.”

The PERCEIVED motivation for passing this and many bills in congress today is politician’s HATE of the American Constitution. Their bias is power motivated against God fearing, tax paying, American Citizens.


Starting with FDR, continuing with LBJ and BHO, (note all the constitutional assassins have ineffectual middle initials) the American Constitution has been hatefully mugged, stabbed and beaten.

Even the media is noticing today’s events. Noting Dingy’s latest move, a columnist wrote, “Actually, we will have moved closer to that day when lawmakers use stealthy, behind-closed-doors maneuvers to chip away at fundamental constitutional rights.”

Corrupt politicians have hatefully, with malice and forethought, been chipping away at nullifying the American Constitution.
The American Constitution is a straightforward document limiting the centralization of power at the federal level. Corrupt politicians have been on a documented power grab for the last 100 years.

Hate crimes demonstrate an emotion. Hate is the motivator. The impetus, hate, moves a person to action. Therefore, hate is responsible for the crime. Corrupt politicians on a power grab (nationalizing health care, parts of the financial and automobile industries, cap and trade, social security, Medicare/Medicaid) HATE God fearing, tax paying, American Citizens backed by the American Constitution limiting their federal power. Corrupt politicians are nothing more than control freaks motivated by HATE.

Deliberate HATE crimes are being committed against the American Constitution. Corrupt politicians fit the deliberate criminal HATE pattern perfectly. “As Western legal thinking has developed over many centuries, one could be punished only for deliberate acts against the person and property of another. The word “deliberate” does refer to a state of mind. The criminal must have intended to do harm or at least have been reckless with respect to the consequences of his action.”

God fearing, tax paying, American Citizens are being harmed. The American economy and the value of the dollar are sinking with unemployment lines getting longer and longer. Corrupt politicians will tout that unemployment numbers are stabilizing and not going up every month. They fail to mention that citizens already on unemployment are not going back to work therefore the cumulative unemployment numbers are swelling in some areas of the U.S.

30% unemployment in Michiganhttp://www.freep.com/article/20091101/OPINION01/911010444/1322/Saving-the-most-salvageable-neighborhoods


The president and congress should be on trial today for HATE crimes against for the American Constitution. “Maybe it should be a crime to show such contempt for the Constitution. The president and senators would be in the hoosegow today.”

Corrupt politicians are mugging, stabbing and beating up the American Constitution. They’re motivation is HATE. These politicians must be held accountable for their HATE crimes.

2010 elections are coming. Don’t be fooled by promises of hope. Throw every incumbent into the unemployment lines.

Note: while teachers, union workers and private industry employees are taking pay hits, corrupt politicians are still giving themselves raises!! “The average member of Congress will realize a 2.8 percent raise, bringing his or her annual salary to $174,000. The raises for congress will cost taxpayers $2.5 million during 2009.”

VOTB: Vote Out The (Hateful) Bums – every incumbent, every election.

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