U.S. Politicians: Stereotyping, Dehumanizing

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The Dehumanizing of the American Peoples

Stereotyping functions as a myth. Stereotyping myths attempt to explain certain behaviors and categorize large groups of peoples. Stereotypes can be constructive (profiling at airports) or harmful, but they are forever dehumanizing. Stereotypes condense whole groups of people into a single, generally imprecise, characterization.

Corrupt politicians are dehumanizing everyone living in the United States. Today they are stereotyping all people as disadvantaged and craving health insurance. Tomorrow they will stereotype them as energy hungry, wasteful humans. These corrupt politicians are dehumanizing voters and non-voters for their own and party benefit. Corrupt politicians go well with the list below.

Anti-immigrant rage Dehumanizes the undocumented. Hamas Dehumanizes the Palestinians. Abortions Dehumanizes health care professionals. Airport security is a big government Dehumanizing bureaucracy. Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen accused B.H. Obama of condoning a man who “Dehumanizes” homosexuals. Warehousing Dehumanizes our seniors. War Dehumanizes everyone.

Get the picture. Corrupt politicians are Dehumanizing all of us, especially today with their outrageous 2000 plus page health care scheme.

Dehumanizing stereotypes contribute to political prejudices and biases. Today’s politicians are condoning stereotypes. They are responsible for the dehumanizing of the American peoples.

The stereotype that all American people need health care insurance is not true. Does anyone really think that the homeless and gang members want health care insurance? Obviously, the Amish and similar religious groups don’t. They have opted out of any nationalized health care plan BEFORE it has begun.

The false stereotype that everyone needs health care insurance will continue the collapse of the American Dream and economic opportunity for all.

Some will say this article is stereotyping. Calling all incumbent politicians ‘Bums’ is stereotyping. All politicians are ‘Bums’ based on their various levels of corruption. A newly elected politician may be only 15% corrupt. Politicians like Polesi, Reid, Frank and their willing accomplice B.H. Obama are closer to 100% corrupt.

The point is the longer politicians are in office, the more corrupt politicians become. Deception, perception and stereotyping are the way they play the game. They pretend to stand by their voters by throwing economic crumbs back to their states. That perception covers up their party’s ideological goals. In reality, they are political whores for a grand scheme of ideas to bring stereotypical Americans to their economic knees. The scheme is working because voters reelect incumbents.

Break the dehumanizing, stereotyping of incumbent corrupt politicians. VOTB!!!!!!

VOTB: Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election. YES! Throw out the baby with the bathwater! Stereotyping dehumanizes all it touches.

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Epilogue: Corrupt politicians are living a myth.

“Though he (corrupt politicians, my take) heap up silver like dust and store away mounds of clothing, what he has stored the just man shall wear, and the innocent shall divide the silver.” Job 27: 16, 17

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