Tax the Wealthy, not the Rich

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If I were president, I would triple the public treasury with one stroke of the pen. I would make Social Security and Medicare solvent. I would provide health care for all U.S. citizens. I would lower the tax burden for all but the wealthy.

Corrupt politicians are making fools of the American people again. They pretend to be European-style socialists and continue to play the class-envy game, ‘tax the rich’. Behind this game-playing smoke screen, corrupt politicians are exempting their friends and in some cases, family, from taxation. Through these exemptions, corrupt politicians are allowing the wealthy to rob the public treasury of billions of tax dollars. A true socialist wouldn’t let that happen, but a corrupt politician would!

The tax-exempt foundation is an IRS loophole the wealthy use to rob the public treasury and shift the entire U.S. tax burden to hardworking, tax paying, middle class fools. Through the years the wealthy haven’t paid taxes on trillions of dollars.

If you are wondering why the U.S. deficit is on its way to bankrupting the United States of America (besides the ‘Keystone Cops’ in Congress), look at tax-exempt foundations. B.H. Obama, the current Congressional groupies and their predecessors are gutless wonders for not taking on the wealthy and their tax-exempt foundation status. They could become true American heroes if the did. They could pay for Social Security, Medicare and health care for all. Will they? Not with the cowardly lion in the White House and straw men and women in Congress.

The rub on corrupt politicians is that these tax-exempt foundations are essentially saying, ‘we can spend the money wiser than you politicians’. In reality, these foundations are funneling huge sums of money to anti-American and anti-capitalist groups, while giving pitons to ‘worthy’ causes. Bottom line: they are cheating the American taxpayers of billions of dollars.

Tax-exempt foundations have been around since Benjamin Franklin’s time. “Before 1900, there were only 18 foundations; from 1910-19, there were 76; during the 1920’s, 173; the 1930’s, 288; the 1940’s, 1,638; and during the 1950’s, there were 2,839 foundations. United Press International (UPI) reported on July 19, 1969, that the top 596 foundations had an income that was twice the net earnings of the country’s 50 largest commercial banking institutions. According to Rep. Wright Patman, in a report to the 87th Congress, it is because of the existence of foundations that “only one-third of the income of the nation is actually taxed.

Along with the Gates, Soros, and the Buffet Foundations, the list below names some of the larger tax-evading foundations. Combined they have avoided paying hundreds of millions of dollars in taxes each year.
• Rockefeller Foundation (Standard Oil)
• Ford Foundation (Ford Motor Co.)
• Duke Endowment (Duke family fortune)
• John A. Hartford Foundation (Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea)
• W.K. Kellog Foundation (Kellogg Cereals)
• Carnegie Corporation (Carnegie Steel)
• Alfred P. Sloan Foundation (General Motors)
• Moody Foundation (W. L. Moody’s oil, realty, newspapers, and bank holdings)
• Lilly Endowment (Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals)
• Pew Memorial Trust (Sun Oil Co. or Sunoco)
• Danforth Foundation (Purina Cereals)

Not only have these tax-evading foundations robbed the public treasury of billions of tax dollars, but their influence reads like a historical conspiracy theory. “Forty years later, it’s clear that Wormser’s concerns over foundations were not misplaced. They still wield enormous political and cultural power. It’s also clear that Congress should have worried more about the ‘U.S. Secret State’ than about Communism (back in the 50s). The connections between intelligence elites, and the international programs funded by major foundations such as Carnegie, Ford, and Rockefeller, are quite amazing and deserve their own book.”

The tax-exempt foundations laugh in the faces of taxpayers. “On September 7, 2000, the Internal Revenue Service approved a new non-profit educational foundation named the BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Foundation as a tax-exempt organization.” (no joke!)

If corrupt politicians really wanted to shore up Social Security, Medicare and provide health care for all American citizens they would revoke tax exempt status of these foundations. Corrupt politicians are stupid cowards. They refuse to correct a historical wrong. They refuse to tax the wealthy.

B.H. Obama and the Congressional groupies are taxing all American citizens under the disguise of ‘taxing the rich’. They should be taxing the wealthy where the money really is. Why do you think that is? It is because these tax-exempt foundations are the largest source of funding for many un-American and anti-capitalist organizations. The philosophy of these foundations fuels the likes of B.H. Obama.

Follow the money that is attacking the basic structure of the U.S. Constitution and our American heritage. Follow the tax-exempt money and weep! These discoveries read like the ultimate conspiracy theory.

Courageous future politicians are on the sidelines waiting for a ‘call to freedom’. The only way tax paying, U.S. citizens will fix this massive tax-exempt foundation travesty is to vote me in as president. That would take a miracle. A non-miracle way to answer the ‘call to freedom’ would be to VOTB.

Vote Out The Bums: Every Incumbent, Every Election.

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