At What Cost – Control?

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For the past century U.S. politicians have push socialism/collectivism on its citizens. The Clinton hippies were the first wave of the current constitutional crisis. Today, the Obama administration is imitating FDR’s assault on the U.S. Constitution. The goal of this assault is control. Not just control of actions but control of body, mind and soul. At what cost will the politicians go to control the USA and its citizens’ individual freedoms?

We know politicians lie, cheat and totally sell their souls to the highest bidder. The democrat party in particular sold its soul to the socialists back in the 1930s. Norman Mattoon Thomas (former Socialist party presidential candidate until the 1940’s) said, “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic party has adopted our platform.”

Jokes like – 99% of politicians give the rest a bad name OR surgeons arguing that politicians are the easiest to operate on because they have no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine, — and the head and the ass are interchangeable – are base in historical facts.

The Gulf oil crisis is a model of what the USA will look like after the Obama socialists gain complete control. Obama’s administration is making the Gulf oil leak an environmental disaster. This disaster will be so bad and irreversible; Gulf States people will depend on the government for everything from food to toilet paper for a generation or two. The Obama administration wants to control the people in the Gulf region and ultimately lock in democrat voters. Can you hear the southern democrats political campaign ads already? The republicans want to cut off aid to the Gulf States!!!

Socialists back politicians, ideological fools like Obama, aim to ruin the capitalist free-market system. They are labeling capitalism, as bad and their damage to the free-market will be irreversible just like the Gulf oil spill.

Why was help from Denmark, Belgium and Norwegian firms during the first week of the BP oil spill refused by Obama’s socialist administration? That’s simple to answer. Whatever it takes for control; to hell with the environment.

What Obama and BP chief Tony Hayward have in common in their ongoing responses to the oil spill catastrophe in the Gulf? The answer according to a Savannah newspaper, “a knack for disorganization.”

Obama and Hayward are focused on future goals. The present means little if anything to their motivation. Hayward is worried about future earnings. Obama is worried about converting free-market capitalism to socialism. They both appear to be disorganized but in reality, they are focused on the future not the present.

The free-market system made the USA a world power and gave Americans unlimited economic opportunities. The Clinton era hippies of the 1960’s rebelled against the country fostering no economic limits. The ideologues of the 2000’s will never be able to brag of offering unlimited economic opportunities to it’s citizens. They offer collectivism. Everyone is the same. “Get use to it, we control you” will be their boast.

The 2010 state and national elections will be a referendum on unlimited economic opportunities. Before the hippies took over politics and government, parents were able to give their kids a better life. Since the hippies began to rule, parents are just maintaining and their kids have to fend for themselves.

In 2010, a mandate to all non-collectivists is to get the socialist/democrats out of power.

The Vote out the Bums idea refers to all politicians. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater is mandated in politics today. The democrats are and have been socialists for a decade, when will those who don’t want to be controlled stand up a vote out these bums?

VOTE OUT THE BUMS: every incumbent, every election. Term limit the socialists and restore economic opportunity to all Americans.

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