Good for LaBron, Wade and Bosh

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The time has come for professional players to take back their sports. Garnett and Allen joining Pierce and the Celts was the start. Other players are getting the itch to win ‘on the playground’ again. The spirit of Ernie Banks, Willie Mays and Stan Musial is back and coming to professional basketball.

Basketball players grew up on Americas’ playgrounds. They would pick the best players for their teams in order to hold court as long as possible. Holding court for 2 or 3 hours was like playing bball in heaven. Eventually, the competition fades and today’s games are over. Going home after holding court is the most satisfying tired of all.

Professional athletes like those on the Celts and now the ‘New Heat’ are going for the satisfying tired. They are taking destiny into their own hands. And more importantly, they are taking the game back from the officials.

The NBA’s Tim Doheny scandal exposed something all of us in basketball know – the officials control the outcomes of games. True that control extends to letting the players decide the game’s outcome – sometimes. But in the Entertainment Basketball Association (the real name of the NBA) officials make sure that the home team is ‘in’ the game for the sake of the fans and home attendance.

When you think between the lines, officials help the outcomes of many basketball games. Shaq was quoted as saying “sometimes its my turn, other nights it’s another guys turn”, when talking about fouling out of games. Tim Doheny says in his book that the NBA’s ‘go to guy’ is Dick Bavetta. A recent comment on ESPN radio rings so true. “Everyone knows that the teams with the biggest TV ratings get the calls”. Enough said about the EBA.

Like with corrupt politicians, the general public blindly accepts whatever professional sports give them. But now enter LaBron and the New Heat. They have taken a giant step towards making professional basketball one extended pickup game. They are saying, “to hell with the officials”.

Most professional owners and GMs are clueless. They approach sports with a business model. They forget they are paying kids in big peoples’ bodies. These kids have won the pick up games when they were younger. They will soon realize that now is time for the players to get paid for playing ‘pick up’ games.

Some owners have tried to put multiple ‘franchise players’ together. The Lakers have teamed up Gasohol and Artest with Kobe. These guys don’t have that I want to play with you ‘playground mentality’ – for the fun of winning. They needed a Derek Fisher to hold them together.

The little kid in some professional players is finally coming out. Now we’ll see if LaBron, Wade and Bosh and the ‘New Heat” can hold court!

After all, how many cars, houses and TVs do you REALLY need! The inner satisfaction beats them all. Just ask Ernie Banks – “It’s a beautiful day for a ballgame… Let’s play two!”

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