Michelle, the Drunken Sailor

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Michelle reminds me of a pimp or drug dealer with newfound wealth. The first thing these types do is ‘wear’ or show off their newfound money. This type of status-spending displays a sorry self-image based on the person’s circumstances. Inside Michelle, the hollowness of her life circumstances grind awayany semblance of common sense.

Wives know their husbands better than anyone, mistresses included. The most important gift a wife can give her husband is respect. When a husband loses his wife’s respect, she begins to display a loss of respectful common sense. An example of this can be made with Michelle taking an extremely extravagant vacation away from her husband. Common sense for the first lady of the country would be to keep her vacations ‘local’ with realities of 20 – 28% unemployment in parts of the U.S. Not Michelle, she has lost respect for her husband and wants to exploit his position.

Even people not married to B.H. Obama know he is an empty suit. He is a pseudo-intellectual blinded by the illusion of greatness as told to him by his handlers.

Can you imagine Michelle’s dilemma? She knows he is full of shit. Besides knowing that he is all talk, she questions his Muslin loyalties. Michelle is a civilized American. The conflict between Muslin and civilized law as it relates to women must be troubling to Michelle. If B.H. ever tried to beat her, she would probably open a can of whoop-asson him.

At the end of the day, Michelle has lost respect for B.H. But, the perks of being the first lady are worth the masquerade. Hilary can empathize.

Mincing at Michelle’s soul is the idea to maximize being the first lady. That includes spending money like a drunken sailor. If you think her spending is outrageous now, wait until after the mid-term elections. When the writing on the wall says, your husband is going to be a one-term president; Michelle’s thirst to spend will increase exponentially.

The American people deserve better. They deserve to have a first lady that respects her husband and the office he holds. They deserve a president worthy of respecting, not a bull-shit artist.

Vote Out The Bums: every incumbent, every election is a strategy that will open the door for respect in the White House. We need new blood in congress. And the new congress needs to earn the voters’ respect.

Get ready to respectfully ‘vote out all incumbents’ in 2010 and 2012. Politics needs a lesson in good house cleaning – every election.

Pass on the VOTB idea. Visit the VOTB store.

Epilogue: Sailors – please don’t take offense! Stay safe.