Pray, Hate, Pray

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A picture says a thousand words. What do these pictures illustrate? They seem to say, because we pray, we can hate and then pray again. Therein lays the greatest political failure of all time.

Many religions are stuck in centuries old doctrine. Some of this doctrine says kill those who don’t believe like you. One doctrine says ‘love thy neighbor’. Politicians should bring these pictures and doctrines to any Middle East peace talks. They won’t because peace talks are for political show and style points. They have nothing to do with the reality of peace.

Pray, hate, pray political leaders are faced with thousands of years of impossibilities and they don’t even know it. These impossibilities or obstacles for peace among warring religious beliefs dominate current global political activities. Today’s political leaders are so corrupted by arrogance and their personal quest for wealth that show ‘peace negations’ mock credibility.

To change centuries of impossibilities, the minds of religious leaders need to recognize and cooperate with several basic principles. Principles that have been around since the beginning of time are the foundations of religious peace. Until all religious leaders accept, support and vocalize these principles, all peace negations are doomed to fail. The following three principles of peace are the foundation of religious harmony.

Choose between right and wrong.

Change the way of thinking about other religions – love thy neighbor

Future peace is based on the first two being supported and vocalized by religious leaders

The question is ‘will politicians and religious leaders give up their power for peace among religions? Fact: politicians and religious leaders corrupt the minds of innocent believers. They pollute innocent minds with visions of hope. The ways to this promised hope are sketchy and sometimes violent. Hope is a special thing. No politician or religious leader has the right to steer followers’ hope for political or personal gains.

When the three principles of peace are the centerpiece negations between religions, then pary, hate, pray will be a thing of the past. Should 99.9% of all politicians and religious leaders recognize these fundamental peace principles, a lasting peace among religions will be possible.

Grudges are being held for centuries between religions. Corrupt politicians have no sense of this religious history or there would be peace among religions right now. Corrupt politicians only seek power over people. Peace is not part of their plans for power and wealth.

Citizens of the United States have a choice of politicians. Voting out all corrupt, especially incumbent, politicians has become a mandate. This mandate includes saving the principles and traditions that have made the United States a great country and being a player on the world stage for peace among religions.

VOTB: Vote Out The Bums – every incumbent, every election beginning this November.

Epilogue: Too bad that all the people who know how to run this country are busy driving taxis and cutting hair. – George Burns