TSA and Progressive Feudalism

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Progressive feudalism finds the cracks in free societies to gradually enslave people. The current crack is airline travel safety. To our rescue ride the corrupt politicians from the government.

Those who believe in progressive feudalistic-governing concepts see airport security as an opportunity for more control over the peasants. Using the transportation security administration (TSA), the political/financial aristocracy is tightening control on the peasants and their travel. TSA and progressive feudalism are about controlling peasant travel.

Alert citizens have been angered at being treated like potential terrorists. They know about the 4th amendment. ‘The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized’.

There is NO PROBABLE CAUSE to pat-down anyone but muslins. They are the only ones targeting planes for terrorism.

In the name of public safety, government aristocracy has devised the most cumbersome, intrusive methods aligning to progressive feudalistic principles. Instead of pre-screening like other nations, or issuing a fly list with fingerprints and/or retina scans for added security, they instead opted for making all law-abiding citizens potential criminals. The real criminals are the corrupt politicians overseeing this mess. Needless to say, these government aristocrats’ do not have TSA in their pants. Right Nancy!! They use tax-payer funded private jets or skip airport security altogether.

Fast-forward the affects of the new government guidelines for airport security. Like the frog in the pot of water getting hotter and hotter, so has the progressive feudalistic concept of controlling peasant movement progressed deeper into airline travel. In the name of public safety and through TSA’s authority, the aristocracy is clamping down on peasant movement, voluntarily or through intimation.

Citizens have been curtailing traveling plans. ‘Gate Rape’ charges are becoming common place. Rational thinkers reason, why travel by plane? Let’s drive! Of course the aristocracy has got that angle covered. Government motors (GM) is making expensive electric cars that will go a whopping 40 miles on a single electrical charge.

TSA’s negative publicity will cause citizens to rethink the value of traveling by airplane. Some will choose to travel by car, motorcycle, train or bus. Others will choose not to travel at all. Limiting citizen mobility is a characteristic of a feudalistic society.

Anger and disputes in the screening areas will only allow the government to flex its muscle against citizens. When TSA offenders are prosecuted, they will be treated as terrorists should be treated. They will receive maximum sentences and harsh punishments. The state driven media will exaggerate TSA offenders and attack their characters. All in all, monkeys will be placed higher on the evolutionary chart than TSA offenders.

Average citizens know that airport security in the U.S. is one step behind terrorists. Aristocratic politicians know this. It is the same game they play with the law, most of them being lawyers. They are always exploiting the law for their benefit. Rangel’s family investments, Water’s husband’s bank, Pelosi’s husband’s business, Reid’s property dealings, and the list goes on. All play the ‘one-step’ ahead of the law game. Too bad these corrupt politicians can not figure out how to stay one step ahead of airline terrorists and only worry about getting richer themselves.

This type of corrupt politician knows how to follow the lobbying money. USA Today reports that the companies with the biggest government contracts for body-scanners doubled their lobbying cash over the last five years.

Between the lobbying monies and lack of accountability, corrupt politicians are following the progressive feudalism plan. Lack of citizen mobility is a characteristic of a feudalistic society. What began as casual airport screenings has morphed into intrusions of private body parts.

Taking the step towards ‘touching private parts’ has put TSA in a bad light with citizens. Next thing you know, perverts will scramble to become TSA’s front-line screeners. “Misdemeanor offenses of harassing and stalking” do not disqualify a person from being hired by TSA.

The goal is less mobility for citizens. Lack of mobility is the characteristic of feudalism that keeps the peasants in a hopeless, benign state of mind. The end goal is for all the peasants to be dependent on the aristocracy of government.

VOTB: Vote Out The Bums backing the all invasive TSA. Bring common sense into the travel/terrorism security mix.

VOTB: vote out every incumbent, every election. Incumbents are part of the aristocracy that needs to be tumbled. Voting them out of office every election limits government from patting-down every citizen, every day.

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Epilogue: Put TSA agents on the border with Mexico.

Aristocracy of government in action. Check this out!

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