The Great American Giveaway

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Corrupt politicians and blockhead, uninformed voters are playing a loser’s game – the Great American Giveaway. This game has been played by politicians for the past 50 years. Obama’s 2011 state of the union address confirms the game as he circumvented how corrupt politicians have failed to protect America – the land of opportunity.

Obama tried to conjure up a plausible vision of an America left behind after globalization changed the rules ‘overnight’. He bemoaned the loss of a blue collar lifestyle bankrolled by a decent paycheck and benefits. Sorry B.H. but globalization didn’t change the rules and it definitely didn’t happen overnight. Corrupt U.S. politicians systematically exterminated American employment opportunities and allowed societal changes while playing the Great American Giveaway game.

The bipartisan Great American Giveaway is as simple as A, B, C, to understand and reverse. Below are several key political decisions over the past 50 years that have expedited the Great American Giveaway.

A. Henry Kissinger declared in the 1970’s, ‘If you control the oil you control the country……’ Kissinger knew what he and Nixon were doing. They gave Middle East oil producing countries control over U.S. energy supply. Future politicians compounded the ‘giveaway’ by not developing oil reserves in North America. Obama is continuing in their footsteps by closing down oil drilling in the Gulf.

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Obama carried on in his speech, “The rules have changed. In a single generation, revolutions in technology have transformed the way we live, work and do business.” Then he noted that rising powers like India and China were now highly competitive. They are competitive because of the Great American Giveaway.

B. When Bill Clinton and Al Gore came to power in January 1993, the United States was at the apex of its power. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) was then a minor player on the world’s stage, both militarily and diplomatically. For the first time in American history, a U.S. administration (Bill Clinton and Al Gore) made diluting American power and strengthening her potential adversaries the centerpiece of its national-security policy.

Bill and Al opened the floodgates for our technology to flow into Asia. Now these two bozos are relaxing in their cushy retirement lifestyles, while the rest of us are in a recession.

C. For the past 50 years, immigrants, mostly illegal, and social progressives are not assimilating established American traditions. These groups are using corrupt politicians and the legal system to radically modify traditional beliefs and values. To compound matters, they are ignoring the Constitution that made America truly a land of opportunity.

Obama’s commented that “We need to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world.” Obviously, Obama does not know that immediately after World War II, the United States of America was the most innovative, educated and built up country in the world.

Obama speaks like a historical ignominious. If he really wanted to out-do the rest of the world, he would do three things. He would put a tariff on all goods coming from Asia to the U.S. He would drill for oil in North America. And he would put constitutionalists in judgeship positions at all levels of the judicial system.

He does not want a strong America, because he will not do any of those things. That’s why he and the rest of the corrupt politicians in Congress need to be voted out of office – every incumbent, every election.

VOTB – Vote Out The (America giveaway) Bums. Don’t give any politicians a chance to play the Great American Giveaway game again. Vote out every incumbent, every election. Make sure there are no more Great American Giveaways.

“Without debate, without criticism… no republic can survive” John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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