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Obama is a confused man. He’s torn between two faiths, brought up with a ghetto mentality and preached full of racism. Confused men are putty in the hands of their managers. Their goal is to defeat the U.S. the only way possible. They are attacking the dollar and using a confused Obama to that end.

By the world’s standards, everyone in the U.S. is rich! ‘The Rich’ is defined by politicians as taxing every, hard working Americans. Here’s your proof. Obama wants to eliminate the Bush tax cuts. The group hardest hit will be the people making the least amount of money. Their tax rate will go up 50%. The highest earners’ rate will go up less than 40%.

‘Facebook’ Obama is spending more time fund-raising than leading the country. The U.S. dollar is tanking. The congress is playing the blame game with the budget and deficit. They are lining up to point fingers at each other. And the leader of the free world is off socializing like a prostitute whoring for money.

Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate
Can’t figure out why people in power don’t care about this. This is just another reason people around the world are laughing at the people of the U.S.

‘Drill baby drill’ is a meaningless statement. The current spike in oil prices is not an aberration. It is not because of events in Libya, or Syria or Bahrain or Egypt. It results from the built-in pricing problems of the market itself.

Oklahoma will win the NBA championship. The league will do everything possible to stop the Heat. The league wants to curb any thoughts of independence by players trying to form super teams like James, Bosh and Wade did.

24 Signs of Economic Decline in America

VOTB – vote out the bums is the battle cry for 2012

Happy Easter – He IS Alive!