Economy Part 1: Tax Free Zones

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If I were elected President of the United States, my first priority would be the economic security for all American citizens. Part of my economic security plan revolves around private sector, job creation.

I believe economic security is earned, not given. For all to have economic security all people must be willing to work. My plan will create employment environments through out the United States.

I propose creating experimental ‘Tax Free Zones’ (TFZ) for increasing employment. If these TFZ prove successful, they could be placed in as many locations as needed.

Within these ‘zones’ there would be no federal income tax for employers and employees. Employers would be encouraged to build facilities that employ a minimum of 1500 U.S. citizens. The land for these facilities would be leased from the federal or state government for $1 per year for up to 100 years. The size of the land would vary depending on accessibility and proximity to resources.

States wishing to participate would file an application with my TFZ office. Applications would be due within six (6) weeks of my announcement to be considered for the initial experiment. States would be put on a priority list based on specific criteria as stated in the application process. Twelve (12) states would be initially chosen. Any state chosen that immediately faces any legal challenges would be replaced by the next state on the priority list.

The states will have to agree to a freeze of all home and land values to the 2010 level for surrounding 100 miles. Also they would have to freeze all state taxes to 2010 level.

Employers would go through a four (4) week application process. The criteria would be spelled out on the application. They must be willing to build their own facility without taxpayer dollars. Depending on the size of the TFZ, more than one employer may be considered.

The major qualifications for these TFZ employers would include no unions, comparable wages to the surrounding area, provide employees with medical and dental coverage, offer a 401K plan with 3% matching funds by employer.

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This idea is not borrowed from the Chinese. They have experimented with ‘employment zones’ that incorporate self-contained towns. That means there are stores and housing within the Chinese ‘zones’. I feel that the area surrounding my TFZ should be open to capitalist non-speculative private business endeavors. The Chinese do not operate this way.

The Chinese have proposed placing ‘employment zones’ on U.S. soil. I am not in favor of this colonizing scheme. Note the following articles:





The Chinese are taking a page out of Great Britain’s colonizing history. To allow any foreign nation access to U.S. soil for any reason would be an assault on American freedoms. Has anybody read the story about a Trojan horse? Needless to say I would be against any foreign country trying to establish an international law environment on U.S. soil.

Economic security for all American citizens is achievable. American citizens have always been willing to work. My plan, the ‘Tax Free Zones’ idea, will create an environment for employment through out the United States and the start of economic security for all.

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