Compromise, The Art

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If I am elected President of the United States, I will be the most compromising president in history. Compromising is an art complete with grace, wisdom and discernment.

A Starting Position

Each side of the potential compromise must have a starting position. This is a position based on an ideology or philosophy. The boundaries of this position are based on a moral code of ethics. The position ideology and moral code must be made obvious by the bill’s presenters. The need for any bill must consider all citizens, not only special interest groups.

Today’s political parties call for compromise without even proposing a plan. This silly tactic plays to the ignorant electorate but not to me. I would demand a plan. I would compare it with my plan. The opposition’s rational must be honest and truthful before even considering a compromising position.

The Process

With respect to all concerned, ideas are emotionally void entities. The process should be approached logically and unemotionally. Hysterical, doomsday chatter is unacceptable.

While discussing ideas I would view their potential effect on the citizens of the U.S. Juries engage this process when weighing the merits of a courtroom case. While this could be time consuming, the thoroughness of this process explores every aspect of the case. Every compromise must be examined as if this were a matter of life or death.

Today’s politician views the effects of their actions through the eyes of special interest groups. A fantastic example happened recently in California.

“This new law covers private funding; governor signals he may also favor expanding public Cal Grants eligibility” (to illegals).
This means that Captain Moonbeam, Jerry Brown, is setting up a competitive atmosphere between U.S. citizens and illegals for educational funds. Not surprisingly, even illegals have their own special interest group. “For Brown, signing Cedillo’s bill was a gesture of goodwill toward Latino voters, who helped elect him in large numbers last fall.”
The Results

Compromise is a gray area. Nobody is ecstatic and nobody is suicidal. Life goes on. Everyday citizens must be the beneficiaries of any legislation.

Let me give you some examples where no compromise was employed.

Abortion is an issue that figuratively went from 0 to 160 mph in a blink of time. Only the Supreme Court postured for the abortion issue. The general public was caught flatfooted. This is an example of a no compromise situation. Abortion should have been a states rights issue and debated at length. Instead since 1973, we have over 50 million less tax payers and many millions of depressed post-abortion individuals.

Obamacare was rushed through the majority Democrat congress without significant debate or compromise. Every Republican compromise to make the bill better was ignored and dismissed. No compromise!!

The Democrats comically do not want to compromise on Obamacare, abortion or any of their bills, however they want significant compromises to Republican bills like deficit reduction or a balance budget amendment

The art of compromise begins with base positioning. It continues with informed bargaining, unemotionally and rationally. Finally, the compromise is a give and take for both sides.

As president I would lead with the following characteristics. Researching, understanding with common sense and educating the public. Only then after listening for the needs of our citizens would I be in a position to exercise my ‘art of compromise’.


In Control

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Obama is threatening to hold up social security checks if he does not get his way with the debt limit issue. This sounds like he is taking a page out of the Wisconsin Democrat playbook. He is telling the fiscally responsible Republicans he will not play and that he is taking his ball home. This stance is very immature and very childish for the supposed leader of the free world.

As president, I would never make such a claim. In fact, if there were any questions along those lines with social security, I would throw the full weight of the Presidency behind guaranteeing that those checks will go out on time.

Obama is out of control. Or better stated Obama has lost control. He is claiming to be a victim of the mean Republicans. Be definition all victims’ loose control of their circumstances. That is why they are victims.

Obama is playing the blame game and that cements his victim status. He is nothing more than a victim of the Republicans. They will not raise taxes on Americans. Take notice that the Republicans are still in town, not like the Wisconsin Democrats.

As President I would never claim victim status. I would maintain control over the economy, especially the spending part. During these debt limit talks, I would simply recommend a 10% reduction in spending to all government functions. When the agencies grumble, I would tell them that there is more then 10% waste presently in their agencies so go out and fine it.

Take your mind off the irrational and get fictionalized with the 1 Law 4 All series. Politicians’ secret lives exposed as you can only imagine.

I would never play the blame game aimed at scaring old folks with loss of social security. Scaring senior citizens is just another form of hate speech. Obama and the Democrats HATE the Republicans so much that they will lie to the n’th degree to get their way. To me that sounds like they have lost control not only of the economy but of their civility.