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Obama is threatening to hold up social security checks if he does not get his way with the debt limit issue. This sounds like he is taking a page out of the Wisconsin Democrat playbook. He is telling the fiscally responsible Republicans he will not play and that he is taking his ball home. This stance is very immature and very childish for the supposed leader of the free world.

As president, I would never make such a claim. In fact, if there were any questions along those lines with social security, I would throw the full weight of the Presidency behind guaranteeing that those checks will go out on time.

Obama is out of control. Or better stated Obama has lost control. He is claiming to be a victim of the mean Republicans. Be definition all victims’ loose control of their circumstances. That is why they are victims.

Obama is playing the blame game and that cements his victim status. He is nothing more than a victim of the Republicans. They will not raise taxes on Americans. Take notice that the Republicans are still in town, not like the Wisconsin Democrats.

As President I would never claim victim status. I would maintain control over the economy, especially the spending part. During these debt limit talks, I would simply recommend a 10% reduction in spending to all government functions. When the agencies grumble, I would tell them that there is more then 10% waste presently in their agencies so go out and fine it.

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I would never play the blame game aimed at scaring old folks with loss of social security. Scaring senior citizens is just another form of hate speech. Obama and the Democrats HATE the Republicans so much that they will lie to the n’th degree to get their way. To me that sounds like they have lost control not only of the economy but of their civility.



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