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The Republicans are eating themselves – again. They act as if the recent primary debates are being held to prep the Democrats for the 2012 election. Instead of attacking the current destructive policies of B.H. Obama’s administration, they are picking off layers of electability from each other.

If I were in these debates, I would focus my answers on attacking Obama and lifting up my fellow Republicans. As everyone knows, when the debate moderator asks a question, the responder answers whatever fills their personal agenda. I would make sure that all my answers qualify as encouraging ABO (anybody but Obama) gets elected in 2012.

The questions that should be asked include everything wrong with the Obama. Being a decent speech presenter is Obama’s only positive. What he says is open for much debate and should be the center piece of all Republican primary debates.

Why are you better qualified that Obama to be president? Most people that have managed a business are better qualified that Obama to be president. They have accepted responsibilities of organizing, planning and carrying out a business plan. They have taken responsibility for hiring personnel. They have met the responsibilities of payrolls, of planned promotions and marketed their ideas to the general public. Most importantly, they understand the market place and the majority of people that live on main street.

Most coaches of major college and professional sports teams are better qualified to be president than Obama. These understand the game, surround themselves with winners who also understand the game and play the game within the rules. Obama’s politics are played like old-style politicians. His deals are made for him behind closed doors. His job is to sell these collectivism ideas to the public in the form of speeches. What a joke. No wonder he’s content on being a one-term president. He has no skin in the game.

I have been both a business owner and a coach. I would run the U.S. like no other, today. Just ask me to debate the real issues.

What will you do to fix the health care problem in the United States? Obamacare is not the answer that people thought it would be. Obamacare kills the delivery of medical care as we know it. The quality of health care will suffer. Its availability will diminish for Medicare recipients and the hidden taxes will take money out of the pockets of middle class Americans.

I will repeal Obamacare. I will open interstate competition for medical insurance companies. I will eliminate Medicaid fraud. These ideas are just starters.

What will be the centerpiece of your foreign policy? Obama’s policy favors the advancement of the Muslin religion.

I favor a economic leadership philosophy for the United States. The concept of individual freedom would anchor any foreign policy actions.

How would you change the divisive politics that continue to compromise unity in the United States? Jews see the destructive direction of Obama’s administration. Blacks are beginning to realize Obama is only half black. His white side is still keeping them down. Hispanics are being hurt by Obama’s economic politics so much so that illegals are returning to Mexico where the unemployment rate is under 5%.

I would eliminate class envy. I would address the entire country without regard to race, ethnicity or economic status. I would moderate a class envy seminar for my administration.

How will you create an environment for job creation in the United States? Jobs continue to leave the United States for the sake of corporate profits. Obama has no concept of how the economic structure of the United States has created a secure and profitable environment for individuals in the past. I would tax imports to levels that make U.S. goods competitive! I would also create ‘tax free zones’. (see previous post)

What philosophy would your administration take with United States foreign aid? Try “charity begins at home”!

I would debate my primary opponents on Obama’s policies. I would not debate opponents with a ‘me vs. you’ judgmental attitude. The American people deserve to know how conservative ideas are better than Obama’s.

Epilogue: One talk show host called these Republican debates entertaining. Sadly, entertainment is the only outlet for Americans watching the country crumble around them.

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