My Foreign Policy

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My foreign policy would get to the root of the world’s problem. Some of the world acts civilized and some of it does not act civilized. My foreign policy philosophy would be to spread civilized behavior before talking about spreading democracy. There can be no democracy without civilized behavior.

I believe that in a civilized society, peaceful solutions to problems can be established, like rules for a game. The most difficult part of playing any game is enforcing the rules. Rules enforcement is another issue. First, the need for worldwide, civilized rules of behavior must be made and agreed upon by all. As of today, no such rules have been agreed upon.

Religion or lack of it seems to be today’s biggest threat to peace. In civilized societies, the forcing of ones religion upon an entire population does not make for peace among people. Each person has the right to his or her own spiritual beliefs. That is as long as those beliefs do not infringe upon another person’s rights.

With that in mind, I would encourage comparative religious studies be established in appropriate learning centers in the United States and around the world. I feel that the knowledge gained from such centers would lead to understanding and respect. I know that respect for individual freedom of choice is the basis for interpersonal and international respect.

In civilized societies, each human being has the same rights as every other human being. Societies that do not allow for such equal rights are, by definition, uncivilized.

I feel that private rights organizations should call worldwide attention to human rights issues and abuses. Several organizations come to mind.

Women’s rights are of no importance within some cultures and religions. The National Organization for Women should evolve into the World Organization for Women. They should attack such everyday practices as polygamy, forced pregnancies, forced dress codes, spousal assault, pedophilia, sex-slave trade and a host of other abuses against women worldwide.

Zero population information has kept the birth rates down within civilized societies. However, some cultures proudly advocate taking over a countries population through higher birth rates. Where are the zero population advocates? They believe that the world’s resources are finite. If so, when the uncivilized win the population war, what do they win? They take over a world without natural resources. Sounds like a recipe for going back to the dark ages.

The National Woman’s Suffrage Association should be a worldwide organization. In many uncivilized cultures, women do not have the right to vote.

Cultures with a class system, do not afford equal opportunities for all their people. The opportunity to better ones-self is basic to intellectual human growth. There can be only despondency within entire population groups without the possibility for individual advancement within one’s culture. This hopelessness leads to generational poverty and/or creates a pool of potential terrorists.

I advocate a worldwide culture of civilized rights for all people. Those peoples oppressed by force or by religion make up the uncivilized world. This uncivilized world is destroying peaceful existence among the peoples of the world. One of my jobs as president of the United States will be to usher in a climate of civilized behavior throughout the world.