Rush – All Talk, No Go

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Believe it or not, Rush gets marching orders just like the suit in the Whitehouse. If you don’t think I’m right take note. Rush gives lip service to conservative ideas. All he does is talk the talk and he collects a big fat paycheck for doing it.

He has never run for public office. He will never endorse a true conservative early in the nomination process. His excuse is that they may not be electable. Or they don’t have the organization or money. Bottom line, he gets paid off with an inflated salary just like the rest of the establishment voices for creating political polarization.

He allowed John McCain to be the republican candidate last presidential election by not speaking out before the media chose the Republican nominee. He held off endorsing anyone early because he knew the establishment wanted a loser like McCain. Once McCain was the shoe-in nominee, he immediately switched his audiences’ focus on Hilary. That was a great example of misdirection. Bottom line the establishment wanted a loser to run against Obama.

The coming presidential campaign Rush will be used in the same way. The establishment wants Romney. They definitely don’t want Newt. He’s a loose cannon in the mold of JFK, Lincoln and Reagan. They all got shot. One lived. This proves the establishment is not perfect and can be beaten!

Newt can out debate Rush. Newt is a student of history. Newt knows Washington’s power centers. Newt is willing to buck the establishment. And he knows that if elected, he won’t be protected as well as Obama. Newt is willing to risk his life for ideas that will make the United States of America great again.

Newt’s “paycheck vs. welfare” argument needs to be yelled from every street corner in the U.S. His argument is about self-esteem vs. no-esteem.

Newt is the only true leader willing to risk everything. His visions can only be matched by those of our founding fathers.

If I were running for president, I would drop out and support Newt Gingrich.