The GOP Needs…..

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The GOP needs traits from all four primary candidates. That person would have 70% of the country marking election day as America’s newest Independence Day.

These are the abilities I would bring to the table.

The ability to shame Obama in a national debate. This ability would carry over into exposing the lies Obama and his administration are telling on a daily basis. (Newt Gingrich)

The ability to curb America’s moral decay. This ability comes from one concept, ‘treat others as you want them to treat you’. (Rick Santorum)

The ability to manage America’s business. This ability wisely chooses business friendly policies and eliminates government’s minority policies from the likes of EPA (environmentalists), PETA, NOW, ACLU, etc. (Mitt Romney)

The ability to speak to the country with the reassurance of a wise grandfather. This ability comes from years of experience and a basic knowledge of human nature. (Ron Paul)

These abilities come complete with repelling obamacare, strengthening while modernizing our military and cutting national spending including foreign aid, size and scope of government’s bureaucracy and revising the tax code.

These are the abilities the GOP needs to make Obama a one term president and to right the once proud USA.


Health Care Election

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The money establishment was on both sides of World War II. They didn’t care wither Hitler or the Allies won. They had both sides covered.
The same money establishment has had the Democrat party in their pocket since the early 1900’s. Not until the late 1900’s have they made inroads into the Republican party.
This year’s presidential election is about Health Care. The money establishment has invested boat-loads of cash into getting Health Care nationalized. They went through the Chicago machine to get their Health Care patsy, Obama, elected. Obama did his job now they want to make sure Obamacare stays the law of the land.
The money establishment wants either Obama or Romney to win the presidency. They don’t care which it is. They are backing both.
The proof is in the attack dogs that took out all of Romney’s opponents. The latest attach dogs recipient is Newt. If or when Newt falls, Romney wins.
No matter what Romney says, he will not abolish Obamacare. The money establishment will send him the memo as to what his talking points will be. The media establishment will back him up. The Democrats will praise him as a hero among cowardly Republicans for keeping Obamacare.
Bottom line: Nationalize Health Care wins no matter if Obama or Romney is elected president.
The money establishment will have the last laugh. With nationalized Health Care, they will own what’s left of the American economy.