Roberts: No Hero For Freedom

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The Obamacare Supreme Court decision proves one thing. The socialist left is more intimating than the freedom loving right. Justice Roberts decided with the left because any post-decision harassment from the right would affect his quality of life less. The socialist left promised to make the rest of his life a living nightmare if Obamacare didn’t pass. The socialist left has the money and the idiots to follow through on their threat.

The socialistic left is committed to individual slavery through taxation. Taxes are the socialistic means of completely controlling vast numbers of people. Socialists do this by selling the ‘greater good’ concept.

The democrat party was taken over by socialists during the early 1900s. (see blog dated 4.12.09 – The Reincarnation of Norman Mattoon Thomas)
NOTE the last line: The democrat party has adopted our platform

Someday the democrats will come out of the closet like their gay friends. They will call themselves what they really are – socialists democrats.

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Obamacare passed with the individual penalty deem a tax. The tax idea was Roberts clever way of leaving the repeal door open. He considers the freedom loving right to be smarter than the intimidating socialist left.

However, Roberts did NOT put his life on the line for freedom like the signers of the Declaration of Independence did. Roberts may live out the rest of his live intimidation free. But history will never call him a Hero for Freedom!