Batman vs. Superman

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Running for the Presidency of the United States is on par with running for high school, student body president. The person with the best personality and perceived demeanor, wins. The person could be a pervert, baby killer but no one cares. The election results are based on style, not substance.

Obama’s reelection has slumped to subterranean levels to get the student body vote. Case in point: Obama uses the movie, Batman, to convey his reelection message.

Obama believes the American public is so dumb that they will actually equate a comic book character’s plight against evil to him battling Mitt Romney. The President of the United States is Batman. Give me an intellectual break! Doesn’t Obama know that Batman’s civilian character is a billionaire, capitalist. Obviously, the gushing media writing this nonsense haven’t vetted Obama’s delusions.

If Mitt Romney played the same game, he would call himself the mild-mannered Clark Kent. Kent is Superman’s humble, hard working, civilian disguise. Then as Superman he would fight Lex Luthor, the guy trying to take over the world. King Obama could relate.

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Maybe Obama makes a striking, comic book point. The Democrats have managed to centralized education to Washington’s one size fits all. Education, the foundation for America’s freedom, has declined over the past half-century. Today’s public schools are no more than a series of holding tanks for tomorrow’s socialists. And if Obama gets his Democrat-way, higher education will be unaffordable for many not willing to sell their collective souls to government service.

Expect Batman Obama to play the ‘I’m more likable than he is,’ high school, reelection game. Obama will NOT talk substance. The reason why is because his economic and social policies sentence future generations to the slavery of taxation.

Obama will play the likeable, cool guy, billionaire capitalist, Batman. When Batman runs up against Superman this November, we’ll find out how many mindless products of socialized public education will vote for him.

Vote Out This Bum – for this nation’s future