Irrational Loyalty

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The Democrat media machine has created a viciously, emotional following. These people led with their hearts. Their intentions are to win at all costs. Democrats use social issues to target people who think with their hearts and not their minds. Then in power Democrats change the economic structure of the country. (D – Stands for Destruction)

Women’s issues like voting and equality are none-starters in the real world. Confident, competent and assertive women get what they want, period. Abortion is a story of Supreme Court legislation. A small core of heated, whores continue to beat the promiscuity drums. Both issues appeal to the heart strings of the general, soap opera crowd.

Real men are holding the Democrats at bay. They are standing up for gun rights, state’s rights and the right to equal economic opportunity.

So, what are the irrationally loyal, Democrat supporters trying to win?

They are fighting for a future with less of everything except unemployment. They want expensive energy sources translating to less energy usage, less people mobility, less health care for the elderly, less food, a smaller working class, a smaller taxpaying group, less national security. Generally, irrational loyalists want less individual freedoms.

Democrat supporters act like little children. They want to be told how to live their lives. Like what to eat (no fat or soda), where to live (urban centers), how to defend themselves (no guns), what cars to drive (electric ones with limited range), and the list goes on.

Now, these misled Democrat loyalists are threatening to throw a temper tantrum. They pretend to be able to influence crowds to riot when Romney is elected President. Again, get real. The only people that are going to riot are the paid thugs from the Occupy Wall Street group.

After Romney wins this election, the Democrat media machine will retool to attack the elected Republican President. They will play to the heart strings of the susceptible with lies and mischaracterizations. They will accept style over substance.

They seem to be willing to accept less until Democrat policies of their heroes hurt their wallets. Then, they’ll call for riots like children….again! Irrational loyalty ruins lives and ultimately disappoints.

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