Government’s Ten Commandants

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How can politicians insert themselves into every citizens life? The Catholic Church did just that prior to the Gutenberg Revolution.

Corrupt politicians are trying to recreate the pre-Gutenberg church-state. These politicians following socialists/progressive principles have created a religion that integrates faith and state.

Corrupt politicians, also have the need to make themselves relevant. They have, by creating a religion, The Church of Government. Politicians worship at the Church of Government. And they evangelizes throughout the world.

To most politicians, government is a religion. Religion requires faith outside of one’s self. Religion requires faith in something believed more powerful than one’s self. Religion requires following a set of rules or commandments.

The Government’s Ten Commandments have been politically engineered and publicly sold with the help of today’s media. These socially, progressive believers have stamped out traditional, Judeo-Christian judgment only to formulate a new standard of contemporary judgment.

The judgment of the U.S. Church of Government carries the enforcement of the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is the most feared U.S. institution. President’s, Congress and high ranking bureaucrats use this fear to government’s advantage furthering the church’s membership.

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The following are the Ten Commandments of the Church of Government.

1. Thou shall depend on government for all your needs.
2. Thou shall irrationally support abortion on demand and redistribution of wealth.
3. Thou shall endorse climate change, gun control and strict industry regulations.
4. Thou shall preserve the ‘common good’ rationalization.
5. Thou shall favor higher taxes and disfavor Fox News and Rush Limbaugh.
6. Thou shall shun personal responsibility and capitalism.
7. Thou shall covet the rewriting of history favoring liberal philosophy.
8. Thou shall not fact-check Democrat politicians or the theory of evolution.
9. Thou shall not demand Democrat’s keep their promises.
10. Thou shall align oneself with Marxist-Leninist-Alinsky ideology.

Keep these Ten Commandments and you’re a member in good standing in the Church of Government. However, you’re still an Infidel according to Islam!

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